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I want the absolute worst movies from the 80s, and please tell me why you thought they were the worst movies. Of course, some movies are so bad their good. I don't agree with all the suggestions here. This page goes against what I really believe in, but I think everyone needs to vent a little.

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Labyrinth / 1986
Aside from being a Jum Henson production & having legendary musician David Bowie, this movie is a snooze fest & Bowie's outfit looks plain stupid, even by '80's standards. Not to mention the intoduction of Jennifer Connelly, who's IMO one of the worst/overrated actresses of all time. Plus, the songs are so bad that it makes "De Lovely" (the current movie about Cole Porter starring Kevin Kline) look cool. (Though I strongly loathe musicals.)
Ladyhawke / 1985
This is a perfect example of a film that was ruined by bad music and bad casting. As I watched the film, I wanted it to be good so much that the synth rock and Matthew Broderick's cheeseball acting made me squirm in embarrassment. Rutger Hauer plays well in his type, Michelle Pfeiffer is hot as a boiling pot, and John Wood is creepy as all get out. But sweet God, that music and Matthew Broderick suck.
Actually, this movie wasn't bad. But it was a really cheesy low budget movie. I mean this movie was straight up awful. The first scene when the all was snorting artifical sweetener instead of cocaine. All this movie was about a guy who was in love with his best friend girl and at the end he didn't get her.
I cant believe Im the first person to list this worthless turd on here. This is a movie about a black kid named leroy (as in bruce lee-roy...ugh) and goes on a quest to find the "Glow"...a mystical power where if you master it you actually glow and cant be defeated. The worst acting...the worst script...the worst writing. How the hell this ever got made is a mystery. I mean it has vanity in it...that alone should be enough of a warning that its going to suck. They even have the nerve to show clips from old bruce lee movies in it as if its an homage...its actually a freakin discrace. This movie sucks on so many levels its disturbing. Avoid this waste of time unless you plan on sticking your head in the microwave right after its over.
When this movie came out, I was fifteen years old. It was good when I first saw it. I recently bought it on DVD, and this movie was cheesy and just plain stupid. The acting was bad. It can't believe that this movie is a cult classic.
Legend / 1985
Tom Cruise at the beginning of his career in a role that pins him against the devil because the devil has killed the last unicorn and taken it's horn. That's right. There was no typo in there. That's what the movie was really about. It just doesn't get much worst than that folks. Tom Cruise is forced to go in to the depths of hell and rescue his girl from the Devil before she is forced to wed him. Why bother? This movie just keeps circling it's way around and it leaves you waiting for the moment that it's finally flushed down the damn toilet. Definetly a movie that would make Tom Cruise cry for having starred in. Next time anyone out there sees him tell him how much you loved him in Legend and see what kind of reaction you get.
The Legend Of Billie Jean / 1985
This movie was about a modern day Joan of Arc. This movie was awful from being to end.
Leonard Part 6 / 198?
Bill Cosby chasing the bad guys on the back of an osterige. Need I say more?
Leonard Part VI / 1987
Poor Bill Cosby! What a terrible movie - my brother and I saw it in the theater one afternoon. All I remember (besides thinking it was terrible) was an outrageous scene where Bill wards off evil, predatory lobsters using BUTTER.
This was based on a really great book that I read as a teenager, and when it came out I was so excited. But wouldn't you know it? The infamous Andrew McCarthy and Jamie Gertz (a winning combo), along with a young Robert Downey Jr. star in this piece of crap. LA teens on drugs? Drugs ruining Robert Downey Jr.'s life (hmmm...). The movie lost all of the flavor and genius of the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, and the only good thing about it is 'Hazy Shade of Winter' by The Bangles.
Leviatan / 198?
Typical 80's horror theme plot. Bad acting and even worst cast
License To Drive / 1988
Whenever I come within an inch of this movie in ANY form(VHS,HBO,etc.), I have these horrible flashbacks of being subjected to the damn thing for weeks on end when my sisters chipped in and got it on video!!!! All because they were MADLY in love with future burnout has-beens Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Not even the sight of future Hollywood IT girl Heather Graham as the cliche'd love interest who comes between them can save this washout teen stinker. I hated it 15 years ago-and I hate it now.
License to Drive / 1988
Ok, so I saw this film in September 2001, and assumed that it would be as good as "Dream a Little Dream" was (I've seen it 4 times!). While it wasn't the worst film I've seen, it certainly wasn't the greatest. Corey Haim plays a dorky 16 year old who goes to take his driver's test, but fails the written part. He gets so mad he accidentally pulls the plug out of the wall, causing all the computers to fail, so his score wouldn't be saved. His sister passes hers, so the DMV allows him to go when they can't find his score. He passes the road test perfectly, and when he goes to have his picture taken, he is informed that they found his score, and FAILED!!! LOL. His goal was to be licensed so he could take his dream girl, Mercedes (a very young Heather Grahmn) on a date. Oh well, tough luck. So, he steals his grandpa's 1973 Cadillac and joyrides. Corey Feldman plays his buddy, and he is such a dork in every scene. The ending was moronic, and the highlight was the dancable Billy Ocean tune "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car." Yuck, I lost some respect for Corey Feldman after seeing this film (I had alot of respect for him in "The Goonies.") Not the best, but certainly not the worst. Just bad.
Light Of Day / 1985
Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett play brother and sister in this terrible excuse for a movie. Two kids trying to "make it" in the music industry, enter alcholic mother and depressing family life, add plenty of hairspray and leather pants, you've got this movie.
Liquid Sky / 1982
Actually, I love this movie, but it's really bad. Basically, Anne Carlisle plays both a sneering male and a beautiful bisexual model who is being followed by tiny aliens (their ship is the size of a dinner plate) who must survive from the chemicals produced in the brain when we use heroin or have an orgasm (the latter happens more often). Hence, Carlisle has sex with lots of people, and they all either die or disappear as as soon as they climax. I should also mention that the whole soundtrack is a horrible screeching techno score.
A gigantic, plastic, smartass talking venus fly trap with any annoying voice eats people...COME ON! Rick Moranis is a MORON!
It was sooooo, FAKE. And Timothy Dalton was a terrible James Bond.
Loose Screws / 1985
From the opening scene that showed the high school as "Beaver High" I knew this movie was going to be bad. Although it starts off with some hint of a plot, all is lost about 15 minutes into the movie. My friend told me we had to watch the movie because it was so bad. It does have to be seen to be believed that something like this could be made.
The premise was dumb, a single mother & her 2 teenage sons move to a small town which just happens to be swarming with vampires. No one in the town seems to notice, though people keep ending up dead. With Keiffer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, Jason Patrick, and Cory Haim. Plus Cory Feldman as a vampire hunter. This movie totally sucked, however if you see it on USA or FX you might want to sneak a peek at the great special effects. NOT!
Loverboy / 1989
Well this movie tried to be funny, it didn't work. It tried to be dramatic, and it still did not work. This is a classic example of an 80s movie starring an actor (Patrick Dempsey) that some Hollywood studio is trying to give a sweetheart image too. But alas, this does not work, and the only image that the viewer gets is off a teenage gigallo who is sleeping around with women to be with his girlfriend. Nobody should waste the hour and fourty-five minutes to see this! Nobody!

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