The Worst 80s Movies, Movies Beginning with V

I want the absolute worst movies from the 80s, and please tell me why you thought they were the worst movies. Of course, some movies are so bad their good. I don't agree with all the suggestions here. This page goes against what I really believe in, but I think everyone needs to vent a little.

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Vamp / 1986
This was the dumbest horror movie ever. It wasn't even scary. Not even Grace Jones was believable as a vampire. Get real!
Videodrome / 1983
This lousy excuse for a horror film was directed by David Cronenberg, who directed a lot of crap that shouldn't have been green-lighted ("Scanners", "The Fly", etc.) This stinker involves James Woods as the president of a sleazy cable channel who discovers an S & M show that's also a snuff film. (He actually sticks the videotape in his guts!!!) No need to go into details here, but movie and the movie within the movie (if viewers aren't confused enough) also stars Deborah Harry (ex-Blondie) as one of the actors killed. What made it worse was that Cronenberg said in an interview that women were actually tortured and killed in the video, but that was proven as B.S., quite like this monstrosity.
I know it's a Bond movie, but out of all the Bond movies it sucked bad!! Roger Moore should have ended the Bond role before he made this one. He got to old for the ladies. Bad acting, plus they had Christopher Walken as the bad guy that looks ugly anyway. Bad plot, bad/corny gadgets, ugly Bond girls, bad cars, bad clothes, bad everything.

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