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I want the absolute worst movies from the 80s, and please tell me why you thought they were the worst movies. Of course, some movies are so bad their good. I don't agree with all the suggestions here. This page goes against what I really believe in, but I think everyone needs to vent a little.

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I Was A Teenage Zombie / 1987
This could qualify as one of the worst movies of all time. It gives cult classic movies a terrible name. You have to watch this movie to understand how horrible it actually is. God help you if you decide to though.
This movie would have been better...correction, because Lily Tomlin was in it, this movie should have been better. This film was a crazy knock-off of films where people shrink down to nothing. Tomlin's talents are wasted as the housewife who shrinks after being exposed to chemicals in her daily life. It was also a look at the crazy world of commercialism, hocking fake products, like Sexpot Perfume, Galaxy Glue, and other strange and unusual things. Also, the best characters Tomlin plays, like Ernestine and Judy Beasley make it somewhat worthwhile to view. I don't really recommend seeing this, unless you're a huge Lily Tomlin fan, like I am. It rarely airs on TV, but if you're lucky, it'll be on in an edited version on TNT. Your best bet is to check the 5-night rental rack at your local video store. But, please take my advice, you'll have to be VERY desparate to see this.
I'm sorry, there was nothing incredible about this film. I really only watched it because I am a Lily Tomlin fan, and this was AWFUL!! Mostly, it was a send-up of commercialism in the US. It was also about a woman who shrinks when exposed to everyday elements, hence the title. The specal effects are a little pathetic, and the costuming is a little bizarre, and the acting left something to be desired. The only cool things were Tomlin shrinking and Tomlin as the main character AND Judith Beasley AND Ernestine. Otherwise, this is a real stinker. It rarely shows on TV, and I could see why. However, I taped this off of TNT last year. I don't know where my tape is, but I refuse to watch it if I find the tape. Truly awful film. Sorry I bashed it, even though I'm a Tomlin fan.
The Incubus / 1981
More like "The Ick-ubus". A teenager dreams of young women being brutally murdered by an unknown creature. Guess what happens next? You probably should have known how this was going to turn out when John Cassavetes was cast as the "hero". The climax somehow would fit better with a Heinz ketchup commercial.
Bad? Yes it was. Cheesy? Of course. Usually I don't mind, as a big of the Sleepaway Camp trilogy if you know what I mean. It's just this film was directed by Tobe Hooper who brought us The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist. Whatever happened? I don't know. Maybe I should watch it a second time. If you like cheesy horror films I suggest you watch Slaughter High (It's bad I know but at least it's entertaining!)instead of wasting money and time with Invaders from Mars. I usually don't say it out loud, but it definitely sucks!
Invasion USA / 1985
A laughable Chuck Norris film. The inconsistencies are endless. I wish I had the time to list them.
Ishtar / 1987
Hands down, one of the biggest flops of the decade. A confused plot, poor acting, and big star power are a really poor mix of ingrediants. The whole thing just drags on. I've never seen people leave a theater before shouting "This sucks" until I had seen this (and yes, I was one of a dozen people who saw it in a theater). This was the Yugo of the 80s movie scene.

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