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I want the absolute worst movies from the 80s, and please tell me why you thought they were the worst movies. Of course, some movies are so bad their good. I don't agree with all the suggestions here. This page goes against what I really believe in, but I think everyone needs to vent a little.

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RAD / 1988
O, who goes to there highschool dance and dances with a girl on there bicycle? The idiot from rad. Rad is an awful movie in which a boy wants to be in a bicycle competition and of course his mother says it conflicts with his SAT's. Rent this awful movie you'll have a laugh riot.
Clive Cussler's excellent novel is transformed into a movie that just cannot float (pun intended). This bomb was directed by Jerry Jameson, who brought you such hits as Airport '77 and Starflight One. The basic plot centers around a top-secret defense system developed by the Americans that requires a highly radioactive mineral, byzanium, to power it. Byzanium? Doesn't even sound real. Unfortunately for the Americans, the mineral they are searching for is located in only one known spot: Soviet Russia. And unfortunately for the world, the only known stash of byzanium just happens to be in the cargo hold of the RMS Titanic, which rests two and a half miles under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The solution? Bring the Titanic up (intact, no less!) and open the hold. The man to do the job? None other than (da da DA!) Dirk Pitt!, a cross between James Bond and Jaques Cousteau. While the movie had a reasonable plot, what made it so bad was the forced acting, cheesy dialogue ("I am a good fisherperson. I just can't get the wormy on the hooky!"), and obvious goofs in the film. And Clive Cussler himself had a cameo in all of this?! About the only thing that saves this movie from being buried as far down as the real Titanic is the rousing musical score by John Barry (mostly known for his James Bond scores) that accompanies that shot of the Titanic resurfacing. Unfortunately, it seems like more people are interested in seeing the boat go down than come up. Let's hope Cussler's novel Sahara makes a more graceful transition to the screen in 2003.
Rambo: First Blood 2 / 1985
Okay, it didn't make sense. It was boring.
Where do I start? The acting of Stallone, the incredibly bad accent of Co Bao, the ludicrous script, inanely stupid action sequences, the jingoistic nature of the film. Of all the bad movies of the 80's, this is the only one I remember walking out on (with two of my friends). To this day, I have never seen the entire movie.
Rappin' / 1985
This was during the height of the break dance movies like "Breakin'" and "Beat Street". This movie was bloody awful. The movie starred Mario Van Peebles and Eriq LaSalle. I know they both wished they never made this movie back then.
Ratboy / 1986
My friend and I stumbled across this film in a second hand gypsy infested shop. Seeing as we called one of our mates by the same name, it would have been stupid of us to not buy it. How wrong we were! This is just a diabolical film. In fact, we turned it off about 40 minutes in as it was just too painful to watch.
Raw Deal / 1986
"Raw Deal" is the worst Ah-nuld movie of the '80s. It involves our favorite beefcake hero Arnie as Mark Kaminsky. The former FED has a beef with Chicago gangsters, so he wipes them off "Terminator" style. Although better than his flops that follows it ("Last Action Hero", "Junior", Jingle All The Way"), it's still a "raw" disapointment. Arnold Schwartzenegger should've known better, but he redeems himself with "Predator" and "The Running Man". There's one lesson I learned from this movie is this: "Don't drink and bake!"
The movie that almost singlehandedly cost Bill Murray his entire career up to that point,and with good reason. A huge mistake it was for him to try his hand at straight drama. So funny I forgot to laugh! Good thing he realized what was good for him and, almost 20 years after the fact, hasn't touched a dramatic role ever since(at least that I know of)..Good boy!
Red Dawn / 1984
This is down right one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The film has nothing redeeming about anything and it's not based on a true story. It's just plain fake! All people in this movie do is cry and worry about their parents or people dead while the Russians were attacking their town. THIS MOVIE SUCKS!!!!!!!!
Red Dawn / 1984
Yuck! Cold war paranoia run so rampant, all of the filmmakers and the moron who had the nerve to approve this garbage deserve a giant deuling glove across the face for this crap. It's just a stupid and as pointless and as long and demeaning as the 1987 Corey Feldman/Meredith Salinger movie "Edge of Honor."
Reform School Girls / 1986
This movie has to be the most disturbing "women in prison" flick I've seen. Unlike "The Concrete Jungle", the characters are more sinister & the scenes are just too repulsive to mention. And I don't mean in a good way like other films of this genre like "Chained Heat" and the mentioned "Concrete Jungle".
Rest In Pieces / 1987
Complete waste of film. I rented this because the back shots on the box looked pretty gory. There were about 3-4 gory scenes in the entire movie. I have no idea why it was in the horror section. A 4 year old wouldn't get scared. The only scene that surprised me is when the dead lady sat up in the coffin ("reflex action"), and there was one scene of a rotting body or something like that. I am sorry I even watched it through to the end. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! There should be laws against movies like this. Directors and writers like this should be shot.
Return Of The Killer Tomatoes / 1988
This wasn't even a sequel it was more like a parody to the orginal horror film "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes". I mean everyone in this film is prejudice against tomatoes. They should of had the giant killer tomatoes instead of those Rambo imitation dudes.
Return Of The Living Dead / 1985
Bad acting, dumb storyline concept. Also, despite it was only about 90 minutes, it got boring half way. Not to mention some inappropriate scenes.(both unnecessary and rude). I know why more people dislike it.
Return Of The Living Dead Part II / 1988
They took a great Horror Movie and Trashed it with screwball comedy, Should have known that was coming. The director is the same guy who did Meatballs 2 and that was BAD!
Return to OZ / 1985
It was the sequel to Wizard of OZ. It had a pumpkin head guy and a flying moose couch. This story stunk. They just should have left it alone. Weird and trippy. Don't take the kids.
Rhinestone / 1984
Dolly Parton acts and Sly Stallone sings......YIKES!!! This was a movie I saw in the theater when it was released in the Eighties and I thoought it was the worst movie I had ever seen. Then I saw it again in the 90's just to affirm my prior opinion and I was tragically correct. One more time for good measure just this past year and alas, the movie has not gotten better with age, only solidifying my judgement of 20 years earlier. HORRIBLE movie! Rent the movie, view it then immediately destroy the tape so that we can put an end to the agony.
Rhinestone / 1983
Ok, I didn't even have to see this movie to know its one bad joke. It was on one of the movie channels I get on digital cable, and in it Dolly Parton attempts to make Sylvester Stallone into a country singer. Ok, who can picture Sly Stallone, friggin' Rocky Balboa himself, as a country singer? I certainly can't. I remember hearing Dana Carvey make a joke in a sketch on "Saturday Night Live" about this movie to Dolly Parton. He says: "Ah, 'Rhinestone,' the movie that almost single-handedly destroyed Sylvester Stallone's career!" Not that alot of Stallone's movies have been hits--remember the arm-wrestling stinkeroo? But, if a movie is so bad it almost ruins your career, and you're reduced to making stinky films, then you know it was bad. Hence, there's "Rhinestone"!!!!!
Road House / 1989
A corny action flick featuring Patrick Swayze as a bouncer who ends up at some dirty bar with attractive women & stereotypical tough guys. For some strange reason, I saw this cheese fest on VH1 and found it very dumb and boring. Even the attractive women & fight scenes doesn't make this worth watching. In a typical VH1 manner, I'd say this is the most 'Awesomely Bad' action film I've ever seen for a while.
Road House / 1986
Many people who have seen HOUSE would say it's a classic and entertaining movie...they were fooled. This has got to be one of the most boring horror films ever made. Yes the plot is good, but theres no suspence, most of the actors are mediocre, and to top it off the movie is boring and built with poor foundations. Good effects, and an ok plot, but slow paced and bad acting. ** out of *****. Skip this and go to the sequels, they're much better.
Robo Jox / 198?
This movie had one good moment, when two huge robots controlled by humans inside (ala Power Rangers) are fighting and one falls on the crowd. Other than that 5 minutes, the horrible acting, terrible story, and awful costumes/set equal the second worst movie I've ever seen at the theater. Yes, I saw it in the theater.
Robocop / 1987
Robocop is a well-known movie directed by the same guy who made Total Recall. The visuals are great, but Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, and Jose Ferrer all play ridiculous nerds in a story that might've started out alright, but got incredibly stupid and exaggerated towards the end. How awful are the sequels?
Robot Holocaust / 1987
Terrible, lame, and stupid sci-fi flic about a group of talentless extras who battle an evil, marble-mouthed bimbo & her rampaging sock puppets!
Rock'n'Roll Nightmare / 198?
The worst movie I've ever scene. It's about this butt rock band going to a haunted house (but they didn't know it was haunted) to record their album. One by one the band members get killed by Jim Henson monster puppets. Of course, the singer is the only one left and must then confront satan, but all along, he was really Garbrel the arc angel! And the previous hour of filming was all a ploy to trap and defeat satan! As you can see the plot was made up as the filming went on. The one particular outfit that I found very amusing was the studded underware Gabrel wore when defeating satan, it was real treat! I highly recommend that you be really drunk when watching this movie.
Rocky V / 1990
The reviewer said Tommy Davidson. It's Tommy Morrison.
Rocky V / 1990
Alright, so it came out in 1990, but Rocky V tarnishes the whole series. They should of just stopped after Rocky pumbled Ivan Drago. And Tommy Davidson is a terrible actor and that whole plot could of never happened. The movie sucks.
Roller Blade / 1986
A bizzare and absurd film cowbining the worst of "The Warriors" and every "Mad Max" rip-off, except on ROLLER SKATES!! There is a EVIL RUBBER MIDGET, horrible dubbed dialogue, and an avalanche of smiley faces. You have to see this one ot believe it...
As much as I LOVE Dudley Moore... this movie was pretty bad. The plotline moved WAY too quickly, most of the female character's lines and actions seem too mechanical, and isn't really all that much of a comedy, despite its title.
Rubber Face / 1983
Well, first off, this movie should have not even been a movie. It was only about 40 minutes long. This was Jim Carrey's first movie. Not too many people know about and it should stay that way!! Big props of what he has acomplished now though.

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