The Worst 80s Movies, Movies Beginning with D

I want the absolute worst movies from the 80s, and please tell me why you thought they were the worst movies. Of course, some movies are so bad their good. I don't agree with all the suggestions here. This page goes against what I really believe in, but I think everyone needs to vent a little.

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D.O.A. / 1988
Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, need I say more (other than the fact it was a remake of the much superior 1940 film)?
Dead Heat / 1988
One movie that is so putrid, it virtually stunted the acting careers of two actors, Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo. When the cop played by Williams is murdered (brutally, of course), he becomes a zombie who helps his partner solve his murder. Utterly without laughs, scares, or wit. And to think Piscopo pumped iron for this tripe?!!
Dead Poet's Society / 1989
Supposedly, this movie is a classic, but I cannot stand it!! I first saw this when I was almost 14 (1996), and a second time in Eleventh Grade Literature. Robin Williams couldn't even convince me to enjoy this movie. I'm sorry, but the plot was just long and drawn-out, the characters annoyed me, and that kid didn't have to kill himself at the end. My Literature teacher asked if anyone ever saw it, so I said I did, and she asked me if I liked it. I told her I didn't, so she asked me how old I was when I saw it. I said I think I was almost 14. She said I probably didn't appreciate it given my age at the time. I'm sorry, but age doesn't make a difference. My parents hated this film. It's crap!!!!
Deadly Blessing / 1981
Pretty God-awful here. Early 80's horror flick. Had a round-faced Sharon Stone and Earnest Borgnine playing some kind of Amish clan head who kept kicking his sons out of the clan for talking to the girls next door. Of course, they all end up getting killed by something called the "Incubus" that rises up out of the floor like a tornado and sucks people in. Say what? Pretty dumb scene where (and it's on the movie poster as well) a spider comes down from the ceiling and falls into Stone's mouth. You never find out why and has really nothing to do with the movie. This "Incbus" thing basically gets into peoples dreams and just messes with them the whole movie. Hilarious scene in the attic where Stone is running away from something in black yelling "boo" - I'm not kidding. Only other thing I remember is it had the bald-headed guy from the Motley Crue video "Smokin in the Boys Room" in it playing some mentally whacked-out (probably in-bred) Amish guy. I think I caught this movie on a regular channel in the mid-80s and have never seen or heard of it since.
Deadly Blessing / 1981
Oh man, where do I start with this one? Another one of those cheaply produced, horribly-written, even-worse acted early 80s "horror" flicks. And here's the kicker - it had long-haired, round-faced Sharon Stone and Earnest Borgnine (Mr. McHale's Navy) in it!!! Also had that actor who was in Motley Crue's "Smokin' In the Boys Room" video, quite possibly the most ugly and bizzare looking human being I've ever seen in person or on film. Just flat alien-looking. Also had one of the girls from "Eight is Enough" and the actress who was married to Don Henley of the Eagles in the 80s. Basically, three dumb chicks are living in this farm house out in the middle of nowhere (no explanation given, don't think they actually had jobs) and guess who lives just next door? Well, by golly your local Amish congregation, led by Mr. Borgnine himself. Anyway, the whole movie situates around this thing called the "Incubus" who likes to jump out of the floor like a tornado or something and just plain swallow people up. Ms. Henley's husband gets "Incubused" working in the barn right when the movie starts, so let the fun and stupid acting begin! Basically, the Amish folks don't take too kindly to the dumb chick neighbors and keep coming around to their door telling them to "beware the incubus", blah, blah, blah. When one of Mr. Borgnine's older sons takes just a second of interest in looking at one of the dumb chicks (while working) he's "cast out" as a "serpent" and proceeds to cuss-out the dumb blond chick as well for just standing there. Ugh! Of course later they both get "Incubused" while trying to get in on the dumb blond's 1968 Mustang one scene later. This thing takes something like 10 minutes to cut thru the cloth convertible top, when all they had to do for 10 stupid minutes was open the car door to get out! Finally, Sharon Stone gets hers in the end - some guy kept running around the house screaming - now get ready for this original line - "Boo" while chasing her and forcing a spider down her throat, whatever that was supposed to "mean". In the end, Ms. Henley is the only one left alive and the "Incubus" gets her as well. End of "story". Have never seen this "movie" on TV, cable, video store anywhere since it came out in '81. Only reason why I remember it was the girl I sat next to in the movie theatre I had met at - get this - an AIR SUPPLY concert the week before and we ran into each other again that night. Ran into her again two years later at a Colorado State University football game and ended up dating the first half of my freshman year in college!!!!
Deep Star Six / 1989
The only thing deep about this movie was the pile of s*** the viewers are forced to sit through. Greg Evigan plays a oceanographer (unbelieveably) who tries to rescue a crew of an underwater nuke base trapped by sea aliens. Other than the gory disembowelment scene, not really scary nor exciting. But any movie with an actress named Nancy Everhard can't be all bad.
Def-Con 4 / 1985
Cheesy special effects. No big star names. All about armaggedon-style life on earth caused by all out nuclear war.
Demons / 1984
Bad dubbing spoiled the film with some good special effects and hammy acting spawned another badly acted sequel. Awful film from a good director, Dario Argento.
The Devil'sGift-Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonder / 1982 or 1983
This was on "Mystery Science Theater 3000" yesterday morning, and it was SO ridiculous! Michael Andrews receives this unusual gift, a funky-looking, cymbal-banging monkey that has this evil gin and eyes, and has an evil little secret--he kills every time he bangs the cymbals! Michael's dad David tries to destroy the monkey, but Michael finds it and protects it. Soon, Merlin shows up and claims his monkey. This movie was so dumb, Mike and the robots bashed it in every way! (In a scene where David picks up the phone, one of the robots says "Hello, 70s house!") The kid, Michael, was wearing an ET shirt. God this movie was so dumb!!!
My best friend said I had to see it. When it came out on cable I finally saw it...and wanted to smother myself with a pillow to end the agony of being subjected to this crap movie. Supposedly it's every woman's dream to have some kind of dance-fantasy with a hot guy. I'd rather have a engaging conversation with a nerd, thank you very much. Not only did this movie drag on pointlessly (for what seemed like 3 or 4 hours...) it was completely unbelievable and predictable. Women still ask me "Don't you think Patrick Swayze was hot in that movie?!" Answer: NO!
Living with sisters that for some reason thought this movie was not only tolerable, but enjoyable, scarred me for life. When I hear, "Now I've, had " (from the beginning of one of the songs) I immediatly get sick and need to leave the room.
Dolls / 1986
It was just a bunch of little dolls that killed people at a dumb!
Doom Asylum / 1987
This movie by far has the worst acting ever. I've seen elementary school plays with better acting. There is no plot and I don't think a script ever existed either. If you want to waste an hour and a half of your life watching this you will definatly regress mentally. A MUST SEE!!
Cory Feldman and Corey Haim. Need I say more?
Dream to Believe / 1986
Also called: 'Teenage Dream' or 'Flying'. This movie has too much titles but it doesnt help at all because under any title, it's still stupid. It's the movie with Olivia De Abo as a gymnast who goes through life being abused by her father and classmates. But she is still determined to enter the competitions in spite of her stupid classmates (specifically two girls who delivered a very bland,cliched and bad performances) and carrot headed teacher who doesn't even have her own opinion in situations. Keannu Reeves is also there (which is bad news) as the boyfriend of Olivia. Cardboard characters and cliched performances throughout with forced and very fake inspirational message specially that one when she's ready to go to the last competition but is brought first to see the statue above the bridge by her two African-American friends. The soundtrack contains some very forgettable songs,maybe except one when she and Keanu are going to sleep together for the first time and while they're undressing each other theres this song in the background "for the first time". It's the funniest scene in that movie.
Dune / 1984
What in the hell was this movie about. I remember setting in the theater wondering what is the spice? Really bad. I had to read the 600 page book,which was confusing as hell, just to understand it.
Duran Duran: Arena / 1984
In this bizzare concert film/music video movie, the fab five performs in front of a live audience while fighting off mutant freaks in a "Mad Max"-type world! If you thought Michael Jackson's "Moonwalker" was bizzare, wait until you see this movie. Espically in the "Wild Boys" segement where there are a bunch half-naked dancers and Simon LeBon gets trapped in the windmill of doom!

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