The Worst 80s Movies, Movies Beginning with F

I want the absolute worst movies from the 80s, and please tell me why you thought they were the worst movies. Of course, some movies are so bad their good. I don't agree with all the suggestions here. This page goes against what I really believe in, but I think everyone needs to vent a little.

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Fake-Out / 1982
Hey, let's put Kojak and Pia Zadora in a Vegas spy thriller. Sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong!
Felix the Cat: The Movie / 1988
Like "Tom & Jerry: The Movie" (1992) & "Space Jam" (1996), this movie basically ruined a very well known '20's cartoon character named Felix the Cat. The silent cartoons had Felix going trough sorts of trouble, the 1930's version was resurrected as a Mickey Mouse clone who appeared in 3 fairly decent cartoons, and the '60's incarnation featured him with a magic bag of tricks. This movie featured a wussier version of him trying to save a princess with annoying musical numbers and ugly characters that looked like rejects from a White Zombie album cover. The movie was supposedly geared towards the '60's incarnation since it also featured Poindexter and the magic bag. The character was later brought back in the mid '90's in a semi decent cartoon "Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat", which thankfully none of the movie's characters appear in. I would reccomend classic cartoon fans & children the original silent cartoons and the three Van Bueren Felix the Cat cartoons instead, which are available on public domain DVDs, for those who're interested. Not to mention the '30's version had better animation than the late '80's/early '90's borefest. Another '80's cartoon movie that ruined another classic cartoon cat I would like to mention, but forgot the title, featurred Top Cat winding up in Beverly Hills and like most animated movies featured dumb songs and have to save somebody like a princess or somebody, which causes the character(s) to act out of place. One thing the irks me about these movies besides having characters out of place is that they have to throw in dumb 'Disnesque' musical numbers and some storyline that involves thae charcters going on some mission. Which I think is the main reason why "South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut' (1999) was done in that fashion, but in a good way. Except they didn't throw in any 'new characters' like the mouse/lizard creatures on the mentioned "Felix the Cat" movie nor Lola Bunny from "Space Jam".
The Fiendish Plot Of Fu-Manchu / 1980
In two words: not funny. Sadly, it was the last time we saw Peter Sellers. I guess the "fiendish" plot was to make a trailer featuring Dr. Fu (Sellers) impersonating Elvis so that people would waste their money. Apparently, it only worked for my parents.
IMO, one of the most overrated movies from the '80's. Besides the fact I can't stand Jamie Lee Curtis, the jokes were too dumb & the characters were too annoying. Especially Kevin Kine, who many critics consider a great actor of the latter part of the 20th century.
Flashdance / 1983
This highly overrated dance film about a 18-year-old exotic dancer/welder who aspires to be a ballerina sucks primarily cause it is catagorized in the "drama" genre but the storyline is far to unrealistic and simple to be put there. For one, the relationship between the girl and her boss just doesn't make any sense. When a wealthy business owner sees one of his employees dance in an low class club once, his initial interest in her will not be that he wants to have a relationship with her. If anything, it just would be that he wants to sleep with her and not let the whole world know. Instead he brings her to fancy restaurants where shows her tastelessness by literally dressing half naked and feeling him up under the table. Another unrealistic thing is the main point of the movie - her dreams as a dancer. For one, they had very little focus on this issue, which does not exactly show how important it is to her. Another thing is that her audition did not jump out to me as something that would make the supposedly conservative judges dance during work. Simply put, this movie sucks and does not deserve the fame it gets.
Wow! Talk about worst movie of the 80's! This movie stunk for the new 90's and beyond. Thin, very thin Kristy Swanson and her siblings are trapped in this house by good ole grandma. The kids decide they wanna leave. After watching this movie, I was hoping the director would be trapped with good ole grandma and see how he or she likes it.
The Fly / 1986
Jeff Goldblum turns in to a giant fly. Need I say more?
Footloose / 1984
It should've been called "Homosexual Spandex Pride Show". This movie was terrible! I survived through the 80's and I still don't know why there were so many dance movies in the 80's. It was just terrible. This movie definetly needs to be lost in the halls of time.
Forbidden World / 1982
I remember renting this because Siskel and Ebert slammed this film, and I thought it would at least be a camp classic. Turns out the movie was so gory and it stunk so badly that I wrote a note on the VHS box warning my father from viewing it. Basically, an "Alien" ripoff about a monster that wrecks havoc on the scientists occupying the planet Xarbia. The monster even looks like the "Alien" creature. Lowlights includes Penthouse's June Chadwick's skewering by tentacles and Jesse Vint throwing his hardened liver at the evil thing. Also known as "Mutant", so I'm warning ya'll in advance to be careful in viewing the film in either guise.
Forbidden Zone / 1980
The movie looks like a USC classroom movie project with the main character (the King) played by Herve Villechaize (Tatto from Fantasy Island TV show) and the music by Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo fame. The director was Richard Elfman and the female lead played by Marie Elfman (a family? project). Music was by "the Oingo Boingo", sets were cheap cardboard painted in a DADA fashion. The female extras ran around topless. Male extras were B movie castoffs. Overall, everyone was a terrible actor. There was no real plot to the movie, but everyone did look half drunk and were enjoying their time on the set. If you are a fan of Oingo Boingo - this movie is for you. But for most people, this movie was a complete waste of time and money.
Friday the 13th (Any of the series) / 1982 and on
It wasn't bad enough to make one pointless slasher film about horny teens camp counselors, but more than eight movies? And they kept going and going and going...And why is it that kids kept going to Camp Crystal Lake? And why did they always find it necessary to have sex when they got there? And why did everyone always seem to doubt the existence of Jason after two, three, or even six years of mass murders? I can't even say that the movies were horribly predictable since there was never any story. It was just as bad watching it on the Spanish Channel. You don't have to hear English to know it sucks. And yet, somehow, after the many ways of killing Jason...he always finds a way to keep coming back? Just like Freddy Kruger and Mike Meyers. What's the point anymore? What was the point of the first one? Every single movie in the series sucks hardcore!
Friday the 13th (take your pick) / 1980 - Present
Although I've only seen the first (that's all I needed to see to know these movies were trash), about a bunch of idiots going to a camp to spend some time getting to sex each other up. But, lo and behold, we have a killer on the loose (oh no!). So one by one, these counselors are hacked to pieces 1 by 1 by some hockey-mask freak (giving a bad rap for NHL goalies everywhere). Need I say more about this film? I think I summed up all the films in a sentence or two. Come on people, how this became a cult hit is beyond me. Senseless gore with no ambition is like a book with no pages. And to top it all off, Jason takes over in the other films as the killer. (??? How did this happen?) Any film that glorifies extreme violence and gore had to have come from someone with a preverse pleasure for pain.
friday the 13th rules again / 1986
because first of all, there is no point in these movies. I mean theres all new teens in every movie then they all get killed except for a girl then she walks off or the cops come and escort her away then the next episode theres all new kids who make mistakes of bringing him back then its a rerun of what i just said before. And why is it that there is only a girl that survives and never a boy except in part 8 if they were gonna make these movies then they shouldve made them alot scarier cuz they motherfuckin sux DAMN IT!!! NEVER GET ANY OF THESES MOVIES EXCEPT 4 PART 8 CUZ THAT ONE IS ALRIGHT AND PART 9 ACTUALLY HAS A FUKIN SEX SCENE WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT WELLL ANYWYA THEY ALL SUCK
This lame sequel to Friday the 13th is awful in acting and story.Jason all of the sudden comes out of the lake and goes to the the girls house from part one and kills her, now what is that! How did he know were she lived? This time we have more annoying teens and I don't care if they live our die. This film was yet follwed by more awful sequels.Enough is enough!
It was Marines, not the Army.
First of all, it took place in the Vietnam War, not the Korean War. Second, Pyle blows his brain out because the other people in the squad were beating him because he was fat, not because he didn't get the war! Third, what war movie have you seen where there wasn't blood and gore??
I don't quite know where to begin? This was the poorest excuse for a movie I have ever seen in my entire life. Taking place during the Vietnam War it wasn't anything but blood and gore. Some fat guy kills himself because he can't get a handle on the war part. It was so gross that I had to get up and leave the room. That's how bad it was. :p
It was a long, boring epic about the Korean war. In one scene there's a guy that blows his brains out on the toilet seat because he feels that he isn't good enough to be in the United States Army. What is that anyways?
The Funhouse / 1981
It's one of those horror films that wasn't intended to be funny. Also packed with cheesy acting, predictable scenes, and lame special effects, even for the early '80's. The only positive comment I can say that it's not gory like most slasher films of the time. But still a guilty pleasure to watch on Halloween.
Funny Farm / 1988
This film was about a guy played by Chevy Chase and his wife going to take it easy in the country while he finished writing a book. This was the only time in the eighties that I actually wanted to walk out of the movie theater during the film. There were relentless attempts at humor, but only one broke through. When he ate the Bull jewels. The rest was really mundane and b-o-r-i-n-g!

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