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I want the absolute worst movies from the 80s, and please tell me why you thought they were the worst movies. Of course, some movies are so bad their good. I don't agree with all the suggestions here. This page goes against what I really believe in, but I think everyone needs to vent a little.

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Night Of The Comet / 1984
This movie was a cross between "The Omega Man" and "Valley Girl". It's about these two Valley airhead girls and they're the last two people on Earth. This movie really sucked big time.
Night of The Comet Zombies / 198?
Don't get me started. This was the WORST sci-fi movie I've ever seen.
Night Of The Creeps / 1986
A cheesy horror flick about slugs from outer space that turns teens into zombies. It's so predicatable and silly that it's like an episode of "Friday the 13th: The Series". Only if the director throw the film into a bon fire.
Night Of The Life Of Jimmy Reardon / 1988
This movie didn't make sense of to me. I know this was set in 1960's Chicago. You had to admit that the movie had some funny moments, but it really was bad.
Night Patrol / 1984
My dad and I were lucky we went to the dollar theater (no wonder they went out of business) instead of wasting $7.00 on this wretched piece of crap advertised as a comedy. Murray Langston reprises his "Unknown Comic" from "The Gong Show" (why?) and there are several GS regulars in the cast including Jaye P. Morgan (Morgone as Chuck Barras would say). There is also Linda Blair, but my guess is she would like to forget she was in this film. After being subjected to crude, unfunny lowjinks, my dad and I came out of the theater holding our noses.
Well, just like in every horrible 80s horror film you always think you know what is going on by the end of the movie, you will always find out something new and incredibly stupid in the sequels. It is a dumb plot, it was Johnny Depps first movie and they killed him off. I guess that Wes Craven did not know that Johnny would have been so successful in Hollywood.
Nightmare on Elm Street Pt 2 / 1982
This film did not "stink", but it would have been better if the director had not tried to exceed Wes Craven's original masterpiece. This film tried to be too 'dark', which was it's only flaw. If you had watched the first movie you would have realised that Freddy was not killed in the house on Elm Street. He was torched in the local industrial facility, by the families of the children that he killed in the events preceeding the first film. Fool.
Nightmare on Elm Street series / 1984-On
My brother and I borrowed the boxed set of "Nightmare on Elm Street" DVDs last year, and we had a laugh riot. These movies were pathetic and funny all at the same time. Freddy Krueger gains revenge by killing innocent teens (believe me, they're anything BUT innocent!). The characters are not believeable in the least (We did this little thing with the "Nightmare" movies in which we picked our characters and saw how long they lasted. My brother Brian was Alice's boyfriend Dan, who was killed a the beginning of "The Dream Child," I was Alice, who was just discontinued, and my best friend Kristin was, well, Kristin, and she was just discontinued, I think). Anyways, the acting was corny, the plots were dumb, and the characters were completely unrelatable to real life. However, watch "Freddy's Dead" (1991) on DVD, with the kick-butt 3D dream sequence. Otherwise, watch for a good laugh.
Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 2 / 1982
Nightmare on Elm Street was a corny series of films, but at least Freddy had a sense of humor. However, even a sense of humor could not help Part 2. In it, a kid moves to the house where Freddy was killed, and now they did like an Amityville and weird junk happens in the house. A bird catches on fire and all kinds of junk like that. And, Freddy plays Exorcist and enters the boys body and makes him kill people. Unfortunately, he inherited the body of a nerd who cannot act. The story is so horribly hokey! I guess with the 80s, horror movies are presumeably bad.
No Holds Barred / 1988
So bad, so bad. This movie was released as Hulk Hogan's first movie. He cries as his arch-nemisis, Zues, beats up his little brother, randy. Nuff said.
No Retreat No Surrender / 1985
This was a cheap version of "The Karate Kid. It's about this kid who is a big fan of Bruce Lee.
Not Quite Human / 1987
An awful made for TV movie that's like a combination of "Short Circuit" and the cartoon "My Life as a Teenage Robot" with Alan Thicke's character having a robot as a teenage son who wants to act like a real teenager that goes to high school & have friends. Even as a 5 year old, I thought this movie was stupid. Even the fact this was aimed towards children.
Not Quite Human II / 1989
(See: "Not Quite Human") An awful sequel from an awful made for tv movie. This time, Chip, the teenage robot, is off to college.

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