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I want the absolute worst movies from the 80s, and please tell me why you thought they were the worst movies. Of course, some movies are so bad their good. I don't agree with all the suggestions here. This page goes against what I really believe in, but I think everyone needs to vent a little.

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Perfect / 1985
No one has suggested this plotless, meandering, meat-marketing movie, replete with bad aerobics music, bad 80's hair and HORRIBLE acting? Shame on Travolta for having accepted the co-starring role in this piece of cinematic crap.
Pet Sematary / 1989
The worst Stephen King adaptation in the 80s was a tie between "Maximum Overdrive", "Children of the Corn", and this overhyped loser. That is, if only because the parents were two of the most ignorant in horror history. Fred Gwynne (of Herman Muster fame) plays an old "dog" who tries to warn the family of a pet sematary that brings the dead back to life, only not as they would like. Of course, the dad ignores him. The worse one in the whole movie is the bratty daughter, who is so grating that she doesn't appear in the second half. But the whole movie was maddening and not even scary. P.S.: Stephen King movies are all a waste of time other than "It", "Carrie", and "Salem's Lot".
Pretty made to cash in on the suceess of the musical, this time around the girl in the film, "travels back in time" to Paris and meets The Phantom. Apparently, she looks like the girl he loves, and The Phantom is willing to kill anyone who gets his way. Just plain bad.
Willie Aames as a young pirate and Kristy McNichol as his love interest should alone warrant its inclusion here, but throw in a bunch of double-entendres and some ridiculous musical numbers ("Pumpin' and Blowin'"???!!!???) and presto... Velveetafest! (ed. parody of The Pirates of Penzance, which is a farce itself.)
Must I really say why? Some laughs in this low budget police movie where stupid dumb cops get trained and put into real action. Steve Guttenberg didn't do to well after the 80's. Maybe I know why. They followed this film with like 3 or 4 more sequels. Ugghh, I get sick just thinking about it.
Poltergeist / 1982
This movie was horror at it's worst. I really didn't think it was that great anyhow. How could anyone believe this movie? I didn't believe any of the actors and I think that this guy spent more time with the script and less time with makeup then I think that this movie would have been entirely believable.
Porky's / 1981
Hmmmm...... a bunch of high school guys desperately trying to get some with a whole bunch of lame, stupid gags along the way. It's hilarious.....not!!!!! Not one you want to keep for posterity.
Porkys 2 :The Next Day / 1983
Saw this movie on Comedy Central 4 years ago. This movie was like a dead soft drink. Porky was the only character that is not seen, and the other characters had really lost it. The ending scene should have never been edited.
I just think that this movie was the worst of all movies i have ever watched in my life. Who cares if she's not popular and falls for that rich guy Blane, he's ugly anyways.
The red-headed actress was terrible. [Ed.'s note: For those who don't know, Dale is referring to Molly Ringwald.]
Pretty Smart / 1987
I saw this movie on USA one night, and you can tell this was a very cheesy. It looked like they ran out of idea's in the 80's.
The Prey / 1980
Typical extremely cheesy B-Movie slasher (campers getting picked off one by one) horror flick. Tagline says it the best - It's not human, and it's got an axe!
Prom Night / 1980
Arguably the worst Jamie Lee Curtis film when she was the 80's "Scream Queen". Cruel pre-teens play a joke on a girl and causes her fatal dive. When they become high school seniors, one of them slices all the others except Kim Hammond (Jamie Lee, who looks like one of the teachers and not the teenager she's supposed to be playing). The ending is laughable, and Jamie Lee was sleepwalking her role, probably due to her apparent boredom.
Pumpkinhead / 1988
A typical horror/slasher film with a bunch of teens in the woods, a creepy woman, and a couple stereotypical southerners. Besides the cliches, the monster is like a cross between Freddy Kruegar & the alien from "Alien". Throughout the film, the teens try to evade (blah, blah, blah) and find a way to rid of the monster. Though I'm not a fan of this genre, but I find the acting cheesy, cliche, and the monster looked fake. The only solution: Change The Channel.
Punchline / 1988
Even with Tom Hanks & Sally Field, this movie is a bust. Would've worked if the movie featured Lily Tomlin or any female comic of the era instead of Sally Field, who's more better in the drama genre, IMO. Though I can't stand her in any role except the '60's televison series "Gidget".
Purple Rain / 1984
It's like one hellish music video, except that it lasts much longer than the average music video. There is absolutely NO story line to follow, the dialogues produce the same effet as a lobotomy, and even though the music was fantastic, every concert scene looks exactly as the previous one. But it's the acting that should earn this turkey a golden mention : every single actor is pathetic. Prince inanely mumbles his line, perhaps so that we won't understand them, and looks like he was dipped in olive oil before each scene; his band members look stoned and dumb, and can't even deliver the few lines that they have in a convincing way; Apollonia is anything but believable as the wanna-be superstar who can't make her mind up between two men (she even messes up the lip-synch of her only performance of the movie, a modern woman anthem titled "Sex Shooter")... The movie was a huge success, no doubt because of its outstanding soundtrack, but it still left an aftertaste of ridicule in your mouth - especially if you paid full price to see it !

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