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I want the absolute worst movies from the 80s, and please tell me why you thought they were the worst movies. Of course, some movies are so bad their good. I don't agree with all the suggestions here. This page goes against what I really believe in, but I think everyone needs to vent a little.

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Mac and Me / not sure
The McDonaalds scene. There is a group of football players all doing the same dance in McDonalds. It is sooo cheesy that I can't help watching it over and over.
Mac and Me / 198?
A unmanned craft is sent from Earth to an unnamed planet. While it's sucking rocks and dust, it sucks up Mac and his family. They are transported to Earth, they escape NASA headquarters, and Mac gets seperated from his family. Then he runs into a kid who is in no way frightened by this alien. The kid has to help Mac get back to his family. Gee, this sort of reminds of another movie made a year or two earlier, what was its name?
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome / 1985
Horrible!!! How can a movie with Mel Gibson and Tina Turner possibly be good!? The whole concept of the movie is just terrible. Mel Gibson needs to take his name off of the movie. Don't even get me started about Tina. In what world would Tina Turner be the ruler?? These concepts are just off the wall. Ike should have beat some common sense in to her so that she would've known better than to star in this joke of a film.
Mannequin / 1987
Here's the plot, a princess from ancient Egypt is reincarnated as a mannequin and turns up in a viva-commercialism! Department store. She falls in love with a an unlikeable idiot hero who rides a putt-putt and uses words like "hot" and "steaming". Although it pretty much stank, the final scene, in which man and mannequin are married in a store window is for me, the definitive Me generation image.
Do I need to explain why it sucked? I used to like this movie back then because I was such a He-Man fan back in the day. But now I found this movie insulting because it didn't have all the characters from the orignal cartoon it's based on (Where's Orko, Cringer/Battlecat, Ram-Man, Merman, Faker, not to mention He-Man's alter-ego Prince Adam). The plot is "cringe" inducing (He-Man and his masters of the universe are transported to late 1980s Earth give me a friggin' break!) It may not be the worst movie ever made (it had some good action scenes and Frank Lagella as Skeletor) but it could one of the biggest dissapointments of all-time! If you wanna watch a good He-Man movie, go rent (or buy) "The Secret of the Sword" with the debut of He-Man's long lost sister She-Ra. This movie doesn't have the power!!
This movie has vehicles coming to life after Earth passes through the tail of a comet. It's up to Emilio Estevez and his gang to destroy the machines and save mankind. It's just too cheesy. Even the soundtrack by AC/DC can't save this one. For diehard Estevez fans only. This was horror author Stephen King's directorial debut. Since then, he has not directed any more movies.
Maximum Overdrive / 1986
What can I say about this monstrosity of a film that hasn't already been said about a heaping pile of feces? For starters, trucks become possessed and start killing everyone by running them over. There's a catch though, they need fuel to keep going. So what does our terrible ensemble of a cast do? They decide to leave the safety of their gas station house to go outside and refuel the trucks. Need I say more? How stupid can you be? Terrible plot, terrible acting and a downright terrible movie. It just doesn't get any worst than this. For those of you thinking about getting a hold of this movie and watching it for yourselves, save yourself the 9.99 that Amazon is charging and spend the money on a gallon of Ex-Lax. Trust me, you'll be thanking me when you're sitting on the toilet and not being subjected to this terrible excuse of a movie.
Has some good moments, mainly because I think John Mengatti ("Flash") is a babe, but besides that, it's about kids at a summer camp, Camp Sasquatch, which has this big rival thing going on with the camp across the lake, Camp Patton. At the end, there's a big boxing match between Flash and this huge, half man-half beast thing for "Champ of the Lake". Flash is knocked out by Camp Patton kids prior to the fight, and wakes up at Camp Patton and is forced to wear a dress to the fight, borrowed from one of the transvestite counselors, because he had been skinny-dipping the night before. There's also a nauseatingly stupid part with an alien with Jewish parents who attends camp and makes freinds with the kids in Flash' cabin and winds up helping Flash win the fight by giving him the power to fly.... If I sound like I'm scatter-brained, that's definately what you'll feel like after watching this "classic" trashy eighties movie!
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence / 1983
Boring dialogue, dull scenes and a carisma deficient cast equals a movie worth walking out on. And to think I chose to see this over Silkwood.
Metalstorm 3D / 1984?
Bad storyline, Timmy-the-Kilowatt, and cheap-cheesy special FX.
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker / 1988
As a fan of Michael it's killing me to make this submission. Michael has a special place in my heart but the movie dosen't cut the mustard. They have some good parts like when Katie is running to Michael and he embraces her in his arms like she's his little girl.(I love their father and daughter like relationship) Or The SEXY ending number Come Together. It shows his creativity and how he can still be a child at heart(speed demon,or his friendship with the children.)and how he can still be a responsible adult at the same time.(Him being determined to save and protect the children.)(Particularly Katie.) The story line is pretty good but a bit unusual.I adore Michael. He's a great man but the movie could have used a few quirks. Please forgive me Michael I still love you. By the way, Michael can I borrow your lucky star? Hee Hee!
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker / 1988
I actually agree with the other poster. As a fan of Michael Jackson, mostly from the '80's, it has some good clips like the "Speed Demon" & "Leave Me Alone", which I still enjoy. I also agree that "Badder" is now creepy, but 'Smooth Criminal' also featurred children, including a young Sean Lennon, and started out with Michael playing in the field with them, which is why I prefer the short version that aired on MTV instead. And a better music video-type movie I love is "Heavy Metal", which is like rock version of "Fantasia".
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker / 1988
In this puzzled music video-type movie, Michael gets to be both a bunny running from the fans and press ("Speed Demon") and a wizard who turns into a rocket powered car, robot, and a spaceship thanks to a shooting star. ("Smooth Criminal") It's a type of movie that either people will love or hate the movie. For myself, it's a mixed bag although I find that both the "Speed Demon" and the "Smooth Criminal" segments are very amazing in their time (weirdly it's still is!) but the egotistical "Man in the Mirror" segement where Michael thinks he's god to these rabid fans, the now creepy "Badder" video (it's "Bad" with kids), and the boring "Leave Me Alone video aged poorly. But if you're a fan of Michael Jackson (or you like B-movies like I do) then rent "Moonwalker" if you can find it. If you want a music video-type movie with a plot, I suggest you ignore "Moonwalker" and go rent Pink Floyd's "The Wall"!
Midnight Madness / 1980
If I were Michael J. Fox, I even wouldn't admit to starring in "Midnight Madness" or "Class of 1984". Kudos, though, to the person that said the former was his feature debut.
Midnight Offerings / 1981
Bad acting, juvenile, worst use of famous cast, horrible script, terrifying makeup... I could go on and on...
Millenium / 1989
This is the only movie during which I have walked out of the theater before it was over. Weird, stupid plot about a plane crashing and some strange band of time-travellers who abduct passengers from the doomed airplane to take back to the future with them to help repopulate the dying Earth. Lame, lame, LAME and very confusing.
Faye Dunaway really goes [way] over the top to portray "The Queen of Hollywood", Joan Crawford. Faye plays Joan so badly, that it goes beyond camp and it makes a joke of alcoholism and child abuse, two very unfunny subjects. But with the overracting, you can't help but laugh at the campiest scene in the film, being that of the infamous "Wire Hanger" scene. Based on Christina Crawford's bestselling biograpy of her mother, published soon after Joan Crawford's death. I wonder why? But hey! Even Angela Lansbury swears this actually happened, so it must be true! Camp imitates life.
So, if you've seen this movie, then you know how bad it is. If you haven't seen this film.. DON'T!! Please, God, DON'T! It begins with a guy who was tragically hit by a car. Sadly he became a parapalegic and was confined to his voice activated wheel chair. He decideds to make things better for himself by getting a trained monkey to help him out. Well, he falls in love with the monkey's trainer, and the monkey falls in love with him. Meaning.. the monkey tries to kill anyone who tries to get close to his owner... So in the end the monkey is killed by his handicapped owner, by him biting and hacking him around a bit. I feel that this has been the worst film ever made. It should be illegal to make films as bad as this. I want my hour and a half of life I wasted watching this film back.
Monster Dog / 198?
Calling all Alice Cooper fans! He plays a lead singer/unknowing warewolf in this cheeseball. The musical number in the beginning is a whoot. Sounds more like Engelbert Humperdinck than the Alice Cooper we know.
Motel Hell / 1980
Stupid movie about a man and his sister killing human beings and make sausage out of them, packaging it and selling it commercially. They also planted the people in the ground like a garden.
Motel Hell / 1980
Quite possibly the world's most cheesiest horror flicks ever to be put on film. It scared the hell out of me when I was little and on HBO or something but I watched it again recently and why it scared me I will never know. Classic cheesy 80's horror flicks, hey I love them all, even if they are bad like this one. :-)
movie / 1999
why it's the worst
Moving / 1988
This movie had some funny moments, but Richard Pryor wasn't funny at all. I don't why he made this movie. It was really bad.
My Boyfriend's Back / 1982
A comedy without much comedy except for the laughably bad script. Especially at the end, when the undertaker, who seems to know much about the undead, gives a 'sentimental' speech about coming back from the dead. I didn't know whether to be touched or disturbed.

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