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I want the absolute worst movies from the 80s, and please tell me why you thought they were the worst movies. Of course, some movies are so bad their good. I don't agree with all the suggestions here. This page goes against what I really believe in, but I think everyone needs to vent a little.

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I remember when this movie came out the saying was very popular. I saw the movie when I was a kid and was bored through the whole movie just waiting for him to say that line at the very end. What a waste of money my parents spent to take me to see this movie.
Teachers / 1984
Nick Nolte teaches derelict students in a school system run by stuff-shirt a**holes. Ralph Macchio doesn't do any karate. Crispin Glover shoots himself in the hallway. Judd Hirsch fires Nolte. Jobeth Williams strips naked in the school. And there's Allen Garfield in his typecasting grumpy old man role. If those don't prevent you from seeing this movie, then American education HAS gone down the tubes.
Teen Witch / 1989
Acting, clothes, music, title, plot...everything.
Teen Wolf / 1985
The whole plot sucked. Michael J. Fox is a high school basketball player who turns in to a werewolf. Then everybody likes him. The thing that really made it bad was how he went to a dance and everybody did this werewolf dance as if they all knew the dance by heart and it was overall a terrible movie.
The Telephone / 80's
Because through the whole movie she is talking on the phone,then you find out in the end,she doesn't have phone service...VERY DUMB!!!
No plot. Halfway through it switches from this barbarian/fantasy "beginning of time" genre some spacey sci-fi thing.
They Live / 1988
WWF Wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper tries to expose aliens disguised as humans. The aliens are only visible by using a special set of glasses. The movie is filled with stupid one-liners and a 10 minute fight scene between two "good guys". I mean, come on! I know that John Carpenter could do better than that.
They Live / 1988
Here's the premise: Guy finds magic sunglasses, puts them on and can suddenly see that the majority of people in his town are really robot aliens. Produced such hip dialogue as, "I'm here to chew some bubble gum and kick some ass, and I'm all out of bubble gum".
Thrashin / 1986
It can be classified in the "It was so terribly done, that it might be better than 'Citizen Kane', category". The movie begins with a post-Goonies Josh Brolin waking up in a frenzy to get ready to go to Southern California for a series of skateboard competions. His mom has left him an ample $30 for the summer, he seems satisfied aqnd leaves. The rest of the movie consists of a constant battle between the evil skateboard gang (the daggers) and the good skateboard gang (the Ramp Locals). Should I continue? Or should you go watch it just becasue there is a battle between rival skate gangs? I will leave you with this: the skate gangs clash in a skateboarding joust competion held in deserted river wash, all while masked in face paint reminicant of a Gary Numan concert. This movie is at the pinacle of tasteless 80s trash, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in a movie with such great lines as, "Well, I knew him when his name was Ralph and he lived in the Valley, man. Now he's Monk and he thinks he's cool."
Three Times a Lady / 1984
Exwife to ailing, delusional millionaire tries to triple her inherritance by posing as his mother, wife and daughter. Trouble arises when his maid joins the fray and pretends to be his aunt, sister and niece. This one belongs in the trash bin, even if Pia Zadora co-stars. Title song is by Zadora, not Lionel Ritchie!
Top Gun / 1986
This was the worst movie ever. I don't know where to start. Bad Script, bad acting. I think this movie started my life long dislike of Tom Cruise. And to top it off, Maverick and Iceman didn't get together at the end of the movie.
This movie humored the most morbid things I have ever seen, like a teenage couple running over old ladies, and littles boys on bikes, actually showing their head splitting
The Toy / 1982
This movie was about a spoiled little white boy who buys a black man to be his 'toy'. The movie starred Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason. I felt this movie was just bloody stupid and dumb.
A boring exercise by a desperate director. Starring David Niven and the blonde girl from Ab Fab. Blake Edwards used old footage of Sellers and called it "new" Peter Sellers.
Trick or Treat / 1986
It's the most stupid horror film. It has Gene Simmons from Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne. A boy gets a record from the radio station DJ (Gene). The record is by his favorite rock artist that just passed away. He starts to play it backwards and the trouble begins. The rocker comes back and haunts the people who teased this boy. He kills them through electricity. The lamest movie ever!
Troll / 1986
So bad it was pathetically funny! I had to turn it off after 45 minutes because my ride to college arrived, and I had to be at school by 8:30. I probably would have watched the whole thing too. Just a really dumb movie about young girl named Wendy who becomes possessed by a troll, the hideous transformation of a good witch's husband. He plots revenge on people by turning them into hideous plant pods. The movie is so horrendous, you can't help but watch.
Tron / 1982
I don't really understand what all of the fuss about this movie was about. I can guarantee that the neon lights would be enough to send an epileptic into fits.
Tron / 1982
Worst movie ever! I couldn't even get past the neon lights and the people who turn into bikes. Does anyone know what this movie is about?

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