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I want the absolute worst movies from the 80s, and please tell me why you thought they were the worst movies. Of course, some movies are so bad their good. I don't agree with all the suggestions here. This page goes against what I really believe in, but I think everyone needs to vent a little.

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Walk Like A Man / 1987
This movie sucked from the beginning to the end. [Ed.'s note: I agree, but anything with Howie Mandel in the lead shouldn't be met with great expectations.]
The Watchers / 1986?
If there is one thing that really sucks, it's Canadian horror films. Add a lame story, stupid effects, and Corey Haim, and you have yourself the recipe of death by film. And wouldn't you know it, someone approved funding for the sequel. Blitzo suckso!
Weekend at Bernies 2 / 1988
It's a dead dude (again), same (plot?) same everything, it's stupid.
It's the worst John Hughes teen flick I've seen so far. It's unwatchable. It only proves that John Hughes and Anthony Michael Hall doesn't work all the time.
Your review says Emma Samms is in Weird Science and that is wrong. The scantily clad woman is Kelly Lebrock.
This movie said nothing to me. It was nothing but bad script writting, bad plot lines and a scantily clad Emma Samms as a robot bimbo built from the imagination of two teenaged boys. I hope that somebody got fired for this blunder.
Who is Julia? / 1986
Whoah, this movie is an insult to the medical profession, let alone the average viewer's intelligence! Mare Winningham plays a woman who dies suddenly, and becomes the recipient of a brain that was once a beautiful woman's. Julia North, the beautiful woman, is struck by a cement truck when attempting to rescue Mary Francis Bodine's (Mare Winningham) son Timmy. Julia's brain is unharmed, so doctors attempt to transplant her healthy brain into Mary Francis's body. Yikes, this movie was so bad, I had to shut it off after an hour. I know this type of surgery could NEVER happen, but it's almost sickening to watching this film.
Who's Harry Crumb / 1989
I was the only one in the theatre watching this. Basically, this is one of the low levels in John Candy's resume. Candy starred as a bungling detective trying to find out who is trying to murder a rich family's was mostly Candy's face mugging the camera. Granted, Johncan make a good film, but not without something to go on.
Who's That Girl / 1987
By far the worst Madonna movie (which isn't really hard). I just don't get the point of this movie at all. In fact I may just do an Eternal Sunshine and erase it from my mind.
This movie was another huge flop for Madonna after "Shangai Surprise" and earned her second consecutive Razzie Award as Worst Actress.
Wildcats / 1987
This movie really sucked. It starred Goldie Hawn as this woman who wants to coach boys football. This movie really bites.
The Wizard / 198?
What can I say here. You can't remake a movie that is and always will be a classic, and if you have the audacity to do it,you can not replace Judy Garland with Diana Ross. How old was she 40? on a side note I'm sure Michael wished he could have played with the flying monkeys a little more
The Wraith / 1986
Downright stupid. Charlie Sheen went from Platoon to this sludge in less than a year. It has been nearly fourteen years since I have seen it and the only thing I can remember from the show is the car Sheen was driving. Other than that my memory only allows me to remember how embarassed I felt when I watched it for the first time.
the wraith / 1986
Well, the movie really bombed,come on but the soundtrack was wonderful. The movie is still for sale. but the soundtrack is out of print It should be the other way around.

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