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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Abracadabra", by Steve Miller Band
I haven't seen this one since it aired in 1983, but my memory recalls a sexy blonde woman, and a clown that smokes a cigarette, and a large spinning ball made of shiny gold wire being placed atop a pedestal by the woman. It's strange, but it seems MTV usually played "ABACAB" by Genesis just before or after this one. Maybe they reminded the programmer of each other and he always added both of them together. PS: Does anyone have any recordings of MTV broadcasts up through 1986, when MTV was bought by Viacom? I'd love to see the old VJs and videos that I grew up with. Todd
Review by: Todd
"Addicted To Love", by Robert Palmer
As soon as I saw the girls all in black with the guitars and makeup, I was intrigued. It was so weird and fun at the same time, I love this video!
Review by: Minerva
"Addicted To Love", by Robert Palmer
A classy video from 1986 featuring Robert Palmer and a band made up of sophisticated women pretending to play their instruments. So they can't play. Who cares. They looked hot. Not to mention one scene with one of the band mates licked her lips. And several close ups. They also appeared on Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible" and "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On".
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Africa", by Toto
This video gets to you on some deeper level and I've never been able to figure out why. Something about the mysterious woman who seems to come out of the wilds to haunt the dreams of the explorer, a stranger to the Dark Continent. Can't break away from watching this one, although its been years since I last saw it.
Review by: Phil Anderson
"Africa", by TOTO
The jungle in the video looks strange**, it's like a movie
Review by: Armando Sequeira
"Against All Odds(take A Look At Me Now)", by Phil Collins
powerful ballad, it had a film tie in, truly an 80s song
Review by: caz
"All I Need Is A Miracle", by Mike and the Mechanics
I love this video because it is keeps your eyes glued to the TV, and it is very funny. Roy Kinnear did an execellent job running around in a frantic panic. He added the comical humor to the video. Please find this video from 1985. I would love to see it again.
Review by: Eddie
"All I want to do (is make love to you)", by Heart
To Sue....this is the song you are going nuts over. The reason I love this video...the guy is GORGEOUS!! He was the model from the Preferred Stock commercial. If you have any other questions just ask, I am the ultimate 80's chick!
Review by: Terri
"All Night Long", by Lionel Richie
This video brings various cultures, ages and races together giving the viewer a sense of peace and nostalgia of a happy decade full of hope and creativity.
Review by: Ilona Finkey
"All Of You", by Julio Iglesias and Diana Ross
I love that music video, because the song and the music video is very romantic. I like it, because I want to play it in my wedding party. The song also is one of the best romantic music in the 80's.
Review by: Erwin Kosasih
"All She Wants Is", by Duran Duran
Definitely one of the band's weirder videos, but still very awesome. I love how they use the stop-motion photography throughout the whole video, it makes everything so surreal and weird. And what was up with Simon's awful perm? lol...
Review by: Nick
"All She Wants Is", by Duran Duran
The effects are great! Very psychodelic...it's like a lisergic trip. I love the scene with the band members watching the girl taking the Christ statue from the freezer.
Review by: German
"All Songs", by Def Leppard
I love the 80's because it was the best area and I wish I could have lived in the 80's!! Def Leppard is my favorite band because I love so many of there songs!! And they were awsome in Concert!!
Review by: Amanda Greer
"All This Time", by Tiffany
Hey there, Tiffany was and is my favorite artist of all time. She has SO moved from the teen queen scene. But back in her day, this video was so gorgeous. Her fantastic auburn hair, soft lighting, still awesome love song: Tiffany was at her video best.
Review by: Troy Herman
"All You Zombies", by The Hooters
This song brings back so many memories. We used to have it as an inspirational "Fight" song back in High School. It stats out with the guy washing his head in the water, and walking inside the factory. Then you seen the factory manager who is depicted as the evil dictator. The video and lyrics then go in to describing some stories from the bible, in much cooler terms. The scenes and lyrics just make you glued to the set. The final lyrics and scene "the rains gonna fall on you" you see the boss being hung, and "getting his" This is also a good song to listen to with the special time with your spouse, or when cruising down the highway with the top down.
Review by: Jay
"All the Things She Said", by Simple Minds
Best music video of all time. Best song, best band (Simple Minds), best director (Zbigniew Rybczynski)--can it get any better than this? Jim Kerr looks hot in all black with his cool lid.
Review by: Alison Chains
"Allentown", by Billy Joel
A very heartfelt song that depicts the demise of the steel industries (and their respective towns) particularly in Pennsylvania. Joel is seen playing a guitar and singing amongst the remains of an abandoned town with inter-cuts of simulated mining scenes and other events that took place. One cannot watch the video and feel some of the pain that the people in these places had to endure. This is one of Joel's best.
Review by: GeneratorX
"Alone", by Heart
I love this video! At the begining of the video it's pretty mellow with Nancy playing the piano while Ann stands on a balcony singing. Then, as soon as Ann sings "'Til now...", the piano Nancy is playing explodes! I just love that part. When I watch the video and I know that part is coming up, I go BOOM!!!
Review by: Janet G.
"Along Comes A Woman", by Chicago
I like the Casablanca background.
Review by: Jeff A. Belieu
"Along Comes A Woman", by Chicago
Shot in black and white, this one was memorable for it's Indiana Jones/Casablanca-esque pre-WWII storyline (Nazis! I hate those guys!)
Review by: Heretic
"Alright", by Janet Jackson
Fascinated with the dancing and the zoot suit.
Review by: James
"Always Something There To Remind Me", by Naked Eyes
I love this one because the voices of the band are so in front and it catches your eye. It would have to be my favourite 80's music video.
Review by: Caitlin Stevenson
"And She Was", by Talking Heads
This one was so different and out there, visually it was one of those you only needed to watch once to have burned on your brain. The song was good too, who could forget David Byrne!
Review by: Jules
"Angelia", by Richard Marx
Richard is one of the greatest singers of all time. His music is touching, and the video which talks about how lonely he ends up after his girlie dies...it's just so deppressing.
Review by: Sam
"Animal", by Def Leppard
The video was in a circus. The song and the video go together perfectly and it was a good video.
Review by: Emilio
"Another Brick In The Wall", by Pink Floyd
I've seen two versions of this video: One with a mixture of animation and real life (and the marching hammers), and one in a factory and an English classroom where, at the end, the kids go crazy and starts a riot, burns down the school and other crazy sh*t. Which one is the real vid? Both?
Review by: aXL_3000
"Antmusic", by Adam & The Ants
Not only was this my favourite Adam & The Ants song, but the video I thought was unusual. And the 80's would not be the 80's without Adam & The Ants.
Review by: mark trueman
"Anything Is Possible", by Debbie Gibson
One of her last hits from her third album of the same name. Also an underrated song/video that should've been a hit. This video featured Debbie, now 'Deborah', Gibson trading in her black hat and ripped jeans for a short hair style and a see-through shirt. She looked sexy without going 'over the top' like Madonna or current pop singer Britney Spears. And the video looked as if were a 'Fly Girl' segment on "In Living Color". It's basically an attempt of her shedding the "good girl" image since she was no longer 17.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"As Long As You Follow", by Fleetwood Mac
I don't know how many people have seen this video, but if you do, you'll love it. It's basically the band sitting in an apartment on a snowy night, playing and singing. Christine McVie's voice is, once again, absolutely beautiful on this song. Wonderful.
Review by: Nick
"Ashes To Ashes", by David Bowie
Brilliant new romantic, creepy, apocalyptic video directed by David himself I believe
Review by: paulie
"Atmosphere", by Russ Abbot
This is a classic that seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet. Also, my mate was in it. He was one of the guys waving balloons about.
Review by: Abi sciberras
"Avalon", by Roxy Music
Beautiful, romantic, haunting song and video from Roxy Music's last album. Bryan Ferry at his jaded, broken-hearted best.
Review by: Lisa K.

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