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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Velcro Fly", by ZZ Top
Trademark beards, raw guitars and pretty girls are always a part of almost every ZZ Top video, this one is no exception. However, a nice drum beat is the backbone of this song. The trio of Gibbons, Hill and Beard put on their best dance moves here. Of course the shapely girls are the main feature amidst a backdrop of hieroglyphics. The Paula Abdul choreography rocks!
Review by: GeneratorX
"Venus", by Bananarama
This one shows how much women are wanted by males.
Review by: Naomi Fuentes
"Venus", by Bananarama
Bananarama are the campest group that ever were!! An excellant excuse to dress up and be silly! Perfect cover, perfect video.
Review by: cliff davis
"Vericona", by Elvis Costello
when I was in 1st and 2end grade I saw this video and I fall in love with it becasuse it mad me think of my on gradma and now that I am older and I have the song on cd I would like to have the music video but I have not ben able to find it any whare.
Review by: LT
"Video Killed The Radio Star", by The Buggles
It was one the first videos ever on MTV, but if you see it again it will be 25 years ahead of its time.
Review by: Matthew Baduria
"Video Killed The Radio Star", by The Buggles
me and my girlfriend heard this song on a very special night for the both of us
Review by: willie owens
"Video Killed The Radio Star", by The Bugles
One of my favorites for sure. The woman in the space-age suit, Trevor Horn's glasses, the fakey explosion, the TV sets surfacing...AND OF COURSE THE MONSTER SYNTH IN THE BACKGROUND AT THE END OF THE VIDEO (Did y'all ever notice it?) Vintage 80's video...especially for being the 1st on MTV ever.
Review by: Jorge Rafael
"Vienna", by Ultravox
I remember how cool we all thought we were for liking this video. In retrospect, it's all just ersatz Fellini, really, but it's still pretty fun.
Review by: Mike
"A View To A Kill", by Duran Duran
While All Duran videos stood above the crowd's this Godley & Cream classic mixed the footage from the Bond film with clever band interaction on the Eiffel Tower...You rarely see the great ending "Bon...Simon LeBon"
Review by: Robert Martin
"A View To A Kill", by Duran Duran
I absolutly love this video. It was for a James Bond movie, so that was cool. I mean what's better than 5 super gorgeous, hot, sexy, and to die for guys as secret agents. You will never see a better looking secret agent in your life! It's one of my all-time favorites. Plus, I love how Simon says "I'm Bon...Simon LeBon"!!!
Review by: Brianne
"A View To A Kill", by Duran Duran
HUGE Duran Duran fan, though not a James Bond fan. However this video is a lot of fun to watch and does have some loose kind of storyline (much like a 007 movie, eh?) and some explosions. I particulary like the clever ending: "Bon... Simon Le Bon".
Review by: Scott Mortimore
"Vogue", by Madonna
It's such a great song! She brings the glamour of the '40s into the video. She looks absolutely devine! And everybody remembers the dance-moves from the video, don't they?
Review by: Judith, the tastemaker
"The Voice", by Ultravox
For a video that came out in 1981, it looked ahead of its time. It had outstanding production values and it really looked epic in scope. Oh, and a pretty top tune too.
Review by: Marc
"Voices Carry", by Til Tuesday
Review by: julius
"Voices Carry", by 'Til Tuesday
It tells a story about a relationship gone bad. The girl finally stands up to her boyfriend at the end and starts singing out loud in the audience of an opera- great scene! She also had a signature look- the short platinum blond hair with one tiny braid in back- so 80s!!! The lead singer is Aimee Mann, who is super talented & now quite famous in her own right after composing most of the songs for the 1999 film , "Magnolia". She's married to Michael Penn now (he sang "No Myth" in 1989 and is Sean Penn's cousin).
Review by: Saryn
"Voo Doo", by Rachel Sweet
A classic that is probably forgotten by many, Rachel Sweet's "Voo Doo" is an awesome video that showcases Rachel's talents. Great voice, great lyrics, and she was drop dead gorgeous at that time in her life (1982, very young. I wasn't even born yet!!!!). Special thanks to Monty from the VH1 Classic boards for getting this video back and playing. A totally awesome song with a totally awesome video. A must see for all Classic New Wave/Pop fans.
Review by: Nick

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