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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Tainted Love", by Soft Cell
cuz it's so 80's complete with synthesizer
Review by: kim
"Take Me Home", by Phil Collins
I love to travel, and I wish that I can see many places around the world before I die. Anyway it was so cool how they taped Phil Collins in all those different cities. Trivia: they also planned to do some shots at the Taj Mahal, but they ran out of time and money. Anyway, if I was a professional singer and I was allowed to cover a video, it would be "Take Me Home", just because I could be in NYC, London, SF, Paris, Berlin, etc.
Review by: Corrupt200
"Take Me Home", by Phil Collins
I just loved and still do love this video because it is an original 80's music video. I mean Phil goes around the world from Asia to Europe. Also, it is a good video to catch some of the 80's styles, especially in Tokyo and London. It seemed pretty cool back then to see an 80's style limo in Hollywood too complete with a jacuzzi.
Review by: Bob
"Take Me Home", by Phil Collins
I can't believe this video hasn't been mentioned yet. This is the second best video ever made next to the previously mentioned "Take On Me." How much effort was put into the making of this video? I especially love the superb editing that went into the making of this video, not to mention the effort put into filming in four different continents.
Review by: Vince Brooks
"Take Me To Heart", by Quarterflash
I remember thinking that any woman who sang and played the saxophone was cutting edge! I thought this video was great because I loved the song and the band so much. I always wanted to know who the guy was in the video - he wasn't in the band. I love the scene where she sings to the mannequin - it always makes me laugh!
Review by: Brandon Hixson
"Take My Breath Away", by Berlin
Best romantic video of the eighties! Powerfully sung and performed by Berlin.
Review by: Hope Anderson
"Take My Breath Away", by Berlin
its the best love song video taken from a film great cast, great story, great soundtrack and of course great love theme
Review by: conan
"Take On Me", by A-ha
i simply love this video because it represented quite an innovation at the time, that is, combining animation with the rest of the images. besides, i still love the song to this day, so both the clip and the video rock! i remember i was 13 when i first saw it. i was so amazed by the sound and music...
Review by: juan
"Take On Me", by A-ha
This is the first animated video I really enjoyed!
Review by: Everson Corazza
"Take On Me", by A-Ha
*Cmon! This song and video are wayyy cool! I was very little when they released it. And I couldn't watch this video - every time MTV played it, I started to cry. I felt so sad for Morten Harket because he was stuck in this comic book. Great vid!
Review by: Potsataja
"Take On Me", by A-ha
This was one of my favorite videos..still is today..what I want to know is what happens in the end? they totally leave you hanging!!!
Review by: Jen
"Take On Me", by A HA
This video really make me feel like dancing because it has a great beat
Review by: Doug Bork
"Take On Me", by A-Ha
Do I even have to explain?
Review by: Frodo Buggin'
"Take On Me", by A-Ha
Great Combination Of Animated Visual Effects With Real-life Images. Very Fun To Watch, Nice-looking Singer, Good Voice, Good Song, And I Can Watch The Whole Thing And Have A Great Time Doing So. This Video Wont Ever Fade. :)
Review by: kalina
"Take On Me", by A-Ha
Far and away the best video of any decade. Definitely underrated, as this video is similar in style to Sledgehammer, but MUCH more complicated, yet Peter Grabirel is always ahedad of it on all time lists.
Review by: Tom Hunter
"Take On Me", by A-ha
it is a unique and creative video. Also I love the song and it reminds me of when I was in school.
Review by: nancy
"Take On Me", by A-Ha
By today's standards this video still hold up pretty well. The effects are top notch and don't look hokey. I liked the "Altered States" reference. I also like it since the girl had a portable stereo which was the same model as mine!
Review by: Randall J
"Take On Me", by A-Ha
This is perhaps my favorite video of the 80's, if not of all time, and has been since the first time I saw it with my girlfriend (now my wife.) The concept, the story, the effects. It was all just too cool. I love the idea of the girl going into the comic world, both of them escaping from it and then him crossing into the real world. Awesome stuff and quintessential 80's.
Review by: James
"Take On Me", by A Ha
I always liked this video, to me it is the ultimate 80s video! If you go to this site... http://launch.yahoo.com/musicvideos/, you can see Take On Me and a lot of other really great 80s videos.
Review by: Alyssa
"Take On Me", by A-ha
I loved the song without the video, but what a great and artful use of animation!
Review by: Mozelle
"Take On Me", by AHa
In my opinion one of the best 80's videos ever the black an white theme and the cartoon background into real life are almost believable.
Review by: David Young
"Take On Me", by Aha
"Someone singing and dancing, maybe a recording of a live performance..." I remembered telling myself the first time I turned on MTV. It'll never catch on. "They really need to make it more entertaining..." This was the first music videos that told a story--they didn't become an art form until this hit the airwaves. Years ahead of its time.
Review by: Tom Mayes
"Take On Me", by A-Ha
This video was unlike any other that was put out during its time. I think the idea for the video was great, not to mention the song is in my opinion in the top five greatest 80's songs. The sound is just awesome. A Classic Video.
Review by: Will
"Take On Me", by A-ha
Because I Remain The Music Of My Generation Good Times And Special Friends And Still Collecting 80's Music
Review by: gabriel robles
"Take Your Pick!", by Zz Top
ANY of the ZZ Top videos from the 80's were AWESOME! Cool roadsters,and those NAUGHTY GIRLS!!!!!!!
Review by: Tony Burello
"Take on Me", by A-Ha
It was a one-hit-wonder band in the United States, but you can't say that the video wasn't one of the best! The song became popular because of the video.
Review by: Diana
"Take on Me", by Aha
The guy looking into the mirror and seeing the reflection as a sketch was awesome. Plus it is one of the best 80's songs out there.
Review by: Jamie Hennenfent
"Take on Me", by Aha
Brilliant use of animation. My undisputed favorite song of all time for many reasons including the video, the music, Morten's voice (no one has his range at in pop/rock), and a ballet dancer that I dated back then that included the song in one of her performances. All around nastalgia. For those of you that never saw it and wonder how it all ends, or continues (I won't ruin it for you), "The Sun always Shines on TV" continues with the story.
Review by: Fred
"Taken In", by Mike And The Mechanics
The continuing adventures of the band and their misfit manager. This time the band ends up at Richard Bellar's family house by mistake as the manager thought he had booked an empty site. They end upstaying and making friends with the family. I still swear there is a cameo by Phil Collins cooking hamburgers at poolside. A great vocal by the late Paul Young (not the solo artist) who unfortunately died of a heart attack recently, soon after the group released a great self titled debut CD in Europe around 99.
Review by: Robert Martin
"Tatooed Love Boys", by The Pretenders
Great early video from the Pretenders with their original lineup. James Honeyman-Scott and Pete Farndon... trading off on this razor-sharp guitar song.... driving beat by Martin Chambers.... Chryssie Hynde's punk snarl vocals.
Review by: John
"Tears On My Pillow", by Kylie Minogue
A great ballad and one of my favorite videos from Aussie pop singer Kylie Minogue that featured clips from an Austrailian movie titled "Delinquints", which she appeared in.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"The Telephone Call", by Kraftwerk
This is a great video! It's shot in black & white and all members of Kraftwerk are dressed in all black...including black leather gloves. It's brillantly shot. There are clips from old B&W films and shots of the camera panning around each member of Kraftwerk as they just sit there very still without moving. I believe the video was released in 1987.
Review by: SynthModeGlitch
"Tell It To My Heart", by Taylor Dayne
I am only a teenager but in the early 90s I used to watch old music videos all the time and this one was my favorite. All of a sudden they stop showing it and then I forgot about the song. My dad made a mistake and downloaded it and memories flooded back. Please get this music video for all to be able to watch because it cannot be found anywhere else on the net.
Review by: Rosita Chiquita
"Tell It To My Heart", by Taylor Dayne
Taylor Dayne walking about on a white background with red paint on her feet, leaving red footprints all over. And that hair! And those lips! Taylor Dayne was 'IT' back in the late 80's for me.
Review by: liz
"Tenderness", by General Public
Love the song, and my sister is in the video! (Her mouth anyway)
Review by: Stefanie
"That's All", by Genesis
Wonderful tune off the 1983 self-titled album has Banks, Collins and Rutherford living in the back alleys as street people. A simple but well done video that never over dramatizes or makes fun of those without a home.
Review by: GeneratorX
"These Are The Days Of Our Lives", by Queen
I love Freddie Mercury and the reason I like this video so much is because it touches me every time I see it.It was the last video he ever made before his death.Even though he was seriously ill at the time his voice was on its highest and his passion and beauty as strong as ever.
Review by: Elisabeth
"These Dreams", by Heart
Ann had the prettiest voice, and colorful video.
Review by: Olivia Smith
"They Don't Know", by Tracey Ullman
Before stand-up, before her TV shows, Tracey Ullman had a hit of sorts with this VERY 80s video. She's dolling up, she's at the grocery with a baby, she's in a car with...PAUL MCCARTNEY?!? Cheeseball and great all at the same time, and it's a cute tune.
Review by: Jason Q
"Think I'm In Love", by Eddie Money
Eddie is a singer who might be sometimes underrated, but his voice is extremely rich and sensual. I thought this little black and white video of Eddie as a vampire who sneaks up to the helpless girl while she is sleeping only to find the tables turn on him, was so fun to watch. The upbeat tempo is a nice contrast to the dark, gothic theme. Eddie rocked!
Review by: Jessica
"This Time I Know It's For Real", by Donna Summer
I love it because I enjoy the dancing, it is uplifting and most of all I love Donna Summers voice. The song gives one hope that you will find love and it will be the real thing.
Review by: Doug Viening
"This Woman's Work", by Kate Bush
Although "Cloudbursting" would be my pick for one of the 80s greatest videos, its already been discussed here so I'm aknowledging "THis Woman's Work" for its emotional power and camerawork with a one shot camera montage going throughout the film.
Review by: Robert Martin
"Thriller", by Michael Jackson
..[ ( this *VIDEO*..is X-tra kOol..and i am a fan ( i guess u can say ) of MICHAEL JACKSON!!...I L.O.V.E. him as =MUCH= as I L.O.V.E the 80's ..i L.O.V.E this VIDEO because of the dancing and EVERYTHING...HIM THE HOLE THING!! I L.O.V.E.IT!!!...BEST VIDEO..E..V..E..R..!!!..ALL HIS VIDEOS IN HTE 80s's ARE G..R..E..A..T..I LUV him..! :) ) ]
Review by: *gOoCh*
"Thriller", by Michael Jackson
It's hard to find something new to say about this landmark video. It set a precedent for every video made in the 80s and beyond. Michael Jackson was a pioneer and innovator of showing us that videos were not just entertaining but a true art form. I was a baby when this video came out and was scared to death of it as a little child. The first time I watched as a older child, probably around 12, I was completely mesmerized by Jackson's singing, dancing and genius artistry. He is without a doubt, one of the most influential artists of modern popular music and the greatest entertainer that's ever lived.
Review by: Sallie Neblett
"Thriller", by Michael Jackson
such a wonderful song and such a fantastic nr one video this planet ever seen.great dance,new style and noone cannt bring it down from nr one.
Review by: yonas debebe
"Thriller", by Michael Jackson
I love this video. The first time I saw it, I was ten and it scared the living daylights out of me. It was such a cool video, and it kinda had a cliffhanger at the end (he turns around and has the yellow and black eyes. Still...I love the song and I love the video.
Review by: Lauren
"Thriller", by Michael Jackson
I totally digged this video where Michael Jackson is a werewolf and a ghoul on his night out with his girlfriend. Loved the scenes of the monsters dancing. This was actually my VERY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO because I was about 3 and it scared the sh** out of me. No one does it better than the King of Pop does plus his Queen. Even now in the new millennium.
Review by: James Toma
"Thriller", by Michael Jackson
I love this video because it has that spooky thing going on and I think Michael Jackson is a great performer.
Review by: lacy
"Thriller", by Michael Jackson
I think because it was like, the first 'movie' mtv. Thanks for your great site here. I was born in '60, and was coming of age when all this started happening. I also share most, if not all your views here. In my opinion, MTV has gone down hill since the 80's. :( Nothing like memories. And hey!! Where did the time go? I blinked and 20 years just went by.... Thanks again for your time and effort on this excellent site. www.andrini2000.homestead.com/Andrini.html
Review by: Andrew Andrini
"Thriller", by Michael Jackson
One word - G.O.A.T. That means - Greatest of all time.
Review by: Sandy
"Thriller", by Michael Jackson
Do I really have to say the words? This video is just... awesome
Review by: Potsataja
"Thriller", by Michael Jackson
it's the greatest video of all time excellent sond dance perfect video and michael jacksopn was very sexy in it.
Review by: gloria lopez
"Thriller", by Michael Jackson
I love this video because of the monsters make-up and Michael Jackson's dancing, this makes the video just too cool!
Review by: Rachel Olson
"Thriller", by Michael Jackson
Because the beginning of the video is scary and horrified and the ending is when Michael had the green eyes and the dancing is silly and fun.
Review by: Anthony
"Thriller ", by Michael Jackson
When I saw the video it scared the crap out of me! But the dancing was hot. All I've got to say is that the man is a genius musically...he is my icon. I give all my respect to him...he is the greatest entertainer of all time!!!!
Review by: Beatrice
"Thunderstruck", by AC/DC
It is so cool the way they had thier audience like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Review by: Justin Holley
"Time After Time", by Cyndi Lauper
This video is so wonderful. The plots seems to be that Cyndi is too wild for her boyfriend so she leaves in search of herself, or at least that's how it looked to me. Anyways, the end when she's singing to him on the train platform is a very moving scene. And then when she cries while the train pulls out... that makes me cry every time I see it.
Review by: Nick
"Time After Time", by Cyndi Lauper
well,cyndi has always been a great singer,but when she cried on the train in the video,that just showed that she was on great preformer as well.
Review by: anyta scott
"Time After Time", by Cyndi Lauper
I love this video because it is like a five minute movie. There is a plot unfolding and a whole turn of events happens with the song. The shot of Cyndi through the window of the train taking of in the station is classic. Very touching.
Review by: Andreas Zeffer
"Time Stand Still", by Rush
Second best music video of all time. Most beautiful song by Rush. The visuals: a cross between Simple Minds' All the Things She Said and Alive and Kicking, starring Rush as Simple Minds, featuring Alex Lifeson as Charlie Burchill. Directed, of course, by Zbigniew Rybczynski, who directed both of the Minds clips. One of several Zbig Rybczynski videos (along with Accept's Midnight Mover and Belfegore's All That I Wanted) guaranteed to induce vertigo.
Review by: Alison Chains
"To Be A Lover", by Billy Idol
Billy Idol is a MAJOR hornbag, especially in this video.....Steve Stevens is a tryhard BUT an absolute GUITAR GENIUS!! Love the SUBTLE "hip" (ha, ha) grinding movements...the constant fight for attention between Billy and Steve in the boxing ring is awesome but OF COURSE, Billy manages to outshine Steve ONCE AGAIN!! Love it.
Review by: Kathleen
"Together Forever", by Rick Astley
I was attracted to the background of different light colors flashing with Rick's face in the middle and wanted to see it over and over. Also, loved his dancing.
Review by: Diana Gamache
"Tomorrow Night", by The Shoes
VERY early video on MTV. Very poor quality video... band was out of Zion, Illinois. Just remember thinking, "Wow... a garage band on MTV...an unknown band!" They also had song "Too Late"
Review by: John
"Too Shy", by Kajagoogoo
The band looked awsome. Great song. Cool 80s haircuts. Lots of synths. Limahls hair was so cool!!!
Review by: Frayo
"Too Shy", by Kajagoogoo
The lead singer's hair looks like a skunk... and the dance hall scene is to die for.... and what a name? Kajagoogoo.... is that the first thing their A&R man's kid said or something? how dumb... almost as dumb as Goo Goo Dolls...
Review by: Berg
"Total Eclipse Of The Heart", by Bonnie Tyler
This is an amazing song and the video just makes it better. The images compliment the lyrics and music. It is truely ahead of its time and does not get the recognition that it deserves.
Review by: Louis Hoffer
"Total Eclipse Of The Heart", by Bonnie Tyler
Not really technically awe inspiring...but every time I hear the song, I always remember the people with glowing blue eyes ("Turn around bright eyes") and the hallway with the white drapes blowing around. I think it all took place at a boarding school or something. Weird school if you ask me.
Review by: Dave
"The Touch", by Stan Bush
Two of my favourite things are in this video: My favourite singer: Stan Bush and my favourite cartoon: The Transformers! What could be better than a video that is totally reminissent of your childhood and will never go out of style?
Review by: Celeste Keenan
"Touch Of Grey", by The Grateful Dead
This was the first time I actually "saw" the Dead. It was great that they made their video in a "live " setting, like you were at a show. The fact that they turn into skeletons is pretty cool, and the dog taking off with a leg is great!
Review by: Jay
"Toy Soldiers", by Martika
the first time i heard this song and the last, was when i was 12 yrs old when it was very popular. my grandpa was an old time cowboy and hated "the new wave of music" but he always let me search for this song on the radio. i've never been able to see the video but always wanted to. now my grandpa has passed and it would mean a lot to me if i could see the video. thank you , toni
Review by: toni wilson
"True", by Spandau Ballet
Cos Martin Kemp is in it and he's lush!!!! (even in his forties!)
Review by: gemma
"True", by Spandau Bellet
For me it was the introduction of the New Romantic sound. From that time on I'm a New Romantic fan!
Review by: Mario
"True Blue", by Madonna
a play on the old Marilyn Monroe films, in which Madonna dances around in a 50s type scene wearing capri-pants, like a 50s chic. Plus, the backdrop is blue, the obvious theme of the song. I heard that Madonna wrote this song because she had a crush on Sean Penn. Fascinating huh?
Review by: Allison
"True Colors", by Cyndi Lauper
I love this fideo becuase it is the weirdest, trippiest, most spaced out video ever. It doesn't even make sense! Cyndi is just wandering around in this creepy dream word wearing high heels and a crazy-ass skirt. And it makes me laugh ever time I see it.
Review by: Nora
"True Faith", by New Order
This music video is amazing!! Two guys slapping each other to the beat?! What more could you want?! Besides that, the music is sweet and makes me wanna get up and dance!
Review by: Tina D
"True Faith", by New Order
The two guys slapping each other's faces to the beat of the music killed me! Great song, too!
Review by: David Mitchell
"Turning Japanese", by The Vapours
C'mon people, don't you remember this one! Great song, great video "...no sex, no drugs, no wine, no women, no fun, no sin, no you - no wonder it's dark...."
Review by: Amy
"Twilight Zone", by Golden Earing
I love this song but I have never seen this video. My wife tells me this video is awesome. I downloaded the song but I need the video. I'm really craving to see it.
Review by: kleber arana
"Twilight Zone", by Golden Earring
I loved the Eighties and its music and this video just plain rocked! It had a storyline/plot and the song and choreography was great!!
Review by: Mani
"Twilight Zone", by Golden Earring
Lead singer Barry Hay is chased by the other band members dressed as secret agents. He's captured, brought to an abandoned warehouse, punched out, and then the dancing Nazi chicks in leather come out....
Review by: Jessie
"Twilight Zone", by Golden Earring
This video is so cool with the bad girls in leather with whips. This song rules!
Review by: Kleo BarJulian
"Two Of Hearts", by Stacey Q
The first time I heard the song and saw this video I thought it was totally catchy. I thought Stacey Q looked great and I guess I was hooked.
Review by: Glitch
"Two Of Hearts", by Stacey Q
Just something addictive about the video,the video flows perfectly with 5 main parts (backstage,wedding dress,new wave,beach,glitzy)simply the best!
Review by: J.D. Nolin
"Two Tribes", by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
My personal pick for greatest 80s video of all time. Reagan and Gorbachev duking it out in a sumo-ring with various world figures and press agents betting and cheering on in the audience. Total chaos leads to the world blowing up. Very symbolic of the cold war mentality of th time.
Review by: Robert Martin
"Two Tribes", by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
the full version of this is awesome. sums up the cold war struggle of the early/mid 80s.
Review by: Andy
"Two Triple Cheese Side Order Of Fries", by Commander Cody
Talk about totally cheesy! This video was what MTV used to be all about...one goofy guy with cheeseburgers all around.
Review by: Ted H
"Typical Male", by Tina Turner
I love this video because it was Tina at her best! In the video we see Tina with the big hair and her flirtatious attitude accompanies the song so well. This song was so close to hitting #1, but was blocked by another great 80s tune, "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper. I just wish VH1 would play this fantastic music video!
Review by: Gabriel Albert

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