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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Panama", by Van Halen
The part where all of the band members are hanging on wires and flying over Van Halen's gigantic 1984 stage is hilarious!
Review by: Todd
"Papa Don't Preach", by Madonna
This was one of my favorite videos when I was little. I always liked the scene with the kids playing basketball at the beginning. Also, the little girl in the video was really cute.
Review by: Nicole
"Paradise City", by Guns 'N' Roses
I loved everything that this band did, but this video was like a quick look into what was going on in their lives at that point...the traveling, the hotels, the shows, and the women.
Review by: Laura Edge
"Paradise City", by Guns N' Roses
When I was a little kid, I remember that all the time "Paradise City" was on MTV. This video made me a gn'r fan. I liked it in every aspect: Axl's moves, Slash's hat, Duff's masculinity, Izzy's guitar and Steven's drums.
Review by: Andrés Aguayo Rico
"Paradise City", by Guns N' Roses
I believe this video came out after the first single from Appetite called "Welcome to the Jungle". I love this video because we get to see more of what Axl is like. And he looks way hot in this. There are a couple of scenes that I can watch over and over. I like the black and white to color, it makes the video classic. My favorite scene is toward the end of the video, just after a guitar solo, and you see Axl run across the stage, and do his trademark side to side snakey dance thing that he always does. I can watch this over and over just because Axl looks sooo good in this one.
Review by: Axl's Girl
"Paranoimia", by The Art Of Noise (Max Headroom)
A front-running tune for the short-lived TV series, "Max Headroom," the Paranoimia video paralleled the cutting-edge creativity of the series itself- a fresh spin on what happens when a human being and a computer (aka: robot) are intermixed. "Max Headroom" was the main character in the video, showing his face on a CRT monitor, and worrying about getting to sleep. "...WHY can't I just get TO SLEEP? Maybe I can try po- po- poetry... 'Come, sweet slumber, enshroud me in thy purple cloak.' Huh. Doesn't even rhyme."
Review by: Shawn S.
"Parents Just Don't Understand", by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
This is a hilarious video. "Mom, put back the double-knit reversible slacks."
Review by: Alan
"Party All the Time", by Eddie Murphy
Actually, this video was funny. Eddie sings this song in a recording session while Rick "Superfreak" James watches. I laugh every time I see it--I just can't picture Eddie singing!!!!!!!
Review by: Allison
"Pass (The)", by Rush
99% of my favourite music videos are just girls in sexy outfits, ("Legs", "Open your heart", "Naughty naughty", etc...), but this video (& song) by my 2nd fav. group 'rush' is so dramatic. I highly recommend that you see it if you have not. It is shot in black & white, the song has a lot to do with suicidal thoughts and carrying on. In the video there is a main character- 16-19 yr. old walking through high school and city streets & a-top buildings. "inter-cut" (as you people here like to say) the band playing very well as they are known for- in a basketball court-cage. "Proud swagger out of the school-yard, waiting for the worlds applause, Rebel without a conscience, martyr without a cause..."
Review by: Eric
"Pass The Duchtie", by Musical Youth
blimy,this was a no.1 back in 1982,they we're such a great bans,i love this video,i love the bit at the end they dance in the court.
Review by: zara
"Peek-A-Boo", by Siousxie and The Banshees
The visual attributes of this video were almost mesmerizing. A wonderful demonstration of the use of black and white imagery in order to create an emotional 'texture'. The rapid intermingling of media and technique was absolutely astounding! Almost subliminal in its execution. Truly an overlooked, visual masterpiece interwoven in a tapestry of musical intrigue.
Review by: Stéphanie
"People are People", by Depeche Mode
Well, actually, this video makes me laugh really badly each time I see Dave dancing. Very lame looking dance but it's quite cute. Also the concept of so much movement in the video is pretty cool as well as the war and cannon scene. Really interesting, sadly, I think Depeche Mode deserves more credit in terms of music, they have great songs that I think were really original.
Review by: R. Kwan
"Personal Jesus", by Depeche Mode
One of my favorite songs by Depeche Mode, and one of their best videos. I love the scratchy, black and white (and tinted) look. It all goes so perfectly with the music. The imagery is very interesting too (notice all the Christ-like poses)...It's a visual feast
Review by: Deja
"Photograph", by Def Leppard
What happens when you put a Marilyn Monroe look-alike, a rock band, and a great song together? You get a great video!
Review by: Rock Addict
"Photograph", by Def Leppard
A Marilyn Monroe look-alike is all they need for that video. Perfect. If you haven't seen it, watch it.
Review by: Def Lep24
"Photograph", by Def Leppard
the best mtv video,they were just so hot and sexy band in heavy metal/
Review by: zara
"Physical", by Olivia Newton-John
The man was pulling the weight (like a beefcake) and that singer, singing the song, OH!!
Review by: Cody Finke
"Piece Of Peace", by Paul Mc Cartney
Review by: francisco javier arancibia
"Pink Cadillac", by Natalie Cole
This is such a feel good video with Natalie sitting in the back seat of a convertible pink caddy on the trunk part.
Review by: toridesign
"Pink World / Behind The Barrier", by Planet P Project
I love the video because it's like a movie. Especially when the video has two parts to it. Best song and video ever.
Review by: Tracy
"Pleasure Principle", by Janet Jackson
This is the video that defined all Janet videos. The video takes place in a warehouse, where it's just her practicing her dance moves...and the dancing was just spectacular.
Review by: Denise M.
"Poison", by Alice Cooper
Alice's albums were not as succesful in the 80's as they were in the 70's, until "Trash" was released in 1989. And the best way to promote his album was his No. 1 hit single "Poison" and of course the video that rocked the world back in the late 80's. Alice looks great in black leather,in chains, his band on the blue background is just perfect and Rana Kennedy (the model Alice sings for) is so sexy. There are two versions of that video. One of the most important videos of a real legend of hard rock. Must see it!
Review by: Aris Avramidis
"Poison Arrow", by ABC
The Guys in the band looked hot. Lots of big hair, and suits. It was on a bit opera style stage,with lots of color. And the girl in the video was very pretty. And being an archer, I loved the bow in the video.
Review by: Melissa Calhoun
"Pop Goes The World", by Boy George
I'm gay and flaboyant and this video really relates to me. Boy George and everyone from the 80's was good. Gay pride!!!
Review by: Jabriel
"Pour Some Sugar On Me", by Def Leppard
I remember the first time I saw it....I KNEW that it was one of the best songs ever...and Joe was such a turn-on!
Review by: Ranée
"Pour Some Sugar On Me (UK Version)", by Def Leppard
This video is great. The U.S. version of the video was just live video from concerts, but this version is not. It shows them in a house doing the song and everyone outside of the house is rioting for some reason. They try to knock the house down but nothing works. At the end some lady blows the house up with dyonmite and then you see the guys from Def Leppard standing outside with the crowd. This is a very good video. It's sort of an equivalent to the "Me and my wine" video. Two Thumbs up!!
Review by: JAMC
"Precious Time", by Pat Benatar
Early MTV video. Pat in a bitter divorce scenario... Neil, her guitar-player/husband in an Arab headress plays a pink B.C. Rich #6 (Rich Bich) guitar...great solo... cheesy early video special effects. Gotta love it!
Review by: John
"Pride (in the name of love)", by U2
first of all, this is a band that i consider rulers of eighties music and a dominating force on the video scene from the eighties."Pride" is a timeless classic set in black and white and shows the band in their infancy.
Review by: eric wilson
"Prince Charming", by Adam And The Ants
the 80's were a time that men wore make up,for etc.david bowie or any band or singer,but adam and the ants were fab,this video was fab,they show so much style,also this is great,i love the bit were they all dance in the ball.
Review by: zara
"Princes of the Universe", by Queen
This video combines great special effects with the beauty of Queen's lyrics and was the crowning achievement of the album A Kind of Magic. Chris Lambert (Highlander) even makes an appearence.
Review by: Nick Piazza
"Private Eyes", by Hall & Oates
The best part about this video is the obvious camp of Daryl and John and the band flashing to private eye suits complete with a Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass in one scene. Also GE Smith on lead solo mirror shot, classic 80's!
Review by: Bud
"Private Eyes", by Hall & Oates
This video is pretty cool, solely for the fact that the little Puerto Rican guy blinks his eyes with great effort every time the tall guy goes "Private Eyes!"
Review by: Michelle
"Promised You A Miracle", by Simple Minds
Back when they were cool, the pre-Breakfast Club Simple Minds made this very stylish video. The X-ray, the sand-filled room, the test-pattern backgrounds, it didn't mean a whole lot but it sure did look cool. They did a video for "Glittering Prize" from the same album, it's likewise very classy and cool.
Review by: Mike
"Puttin' On The Ritz", by Taco
The imagery is hypnotizing!! A very haunting but oddly entertaining video.
Review by: Theresa

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