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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Radar Love", by White Lion
A car chase, an attractive waitress dancing during Vito Bratta's guitar solo, and some great camera angles make up an excellant video.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Radio Ga Ga", by Queen
It was an amazing video merging Queen's pomp with images from the movie Metropolis. Queen at their video best in my opinion, not their musical best mind you. :)
Review by: Lordomatic
"Rag Doll", by Aerosmith
i remember watching this aerosmith video and how it helped me realize what hormones were lol.
Review by: Tom
"Rag Doll", by Aerosmith
This video sticks out in my mind as one of the most integral experiences of my childhood. It also helped me realize what "dirty" meant.
Review by: KeyMyong
"Rapture", by Blondie
Great New York/street/rap/graffiti vibe. The guys look cool as usual with their leather jackets and converse sneakers and Debbie is spunky
Review by: paulie
"Raspberry Beret", by Prince
Love this video cuz it has a relaxed and (obviously) colourful sense of fun, similar 2 most Prince songs and vids. Great style in Costume, Hair, Set (weird but stylish), and the animation is excellent. The only thing missing is sum typically brilliant dance moves from the Royal Funkster himself.
Review by: Christypher Carrier
"Rat Bastard", by Prime Minister Pete Nice
I was in this video and my ex-girlfriend accidentally taped soap operas over the only copy of it I had.
Review by: Andre Thomas
"Really Wanna Know You", by Gary Wright
I really fell in love with this video. It was one of the first really "surrealistic" conceptual videos I'd ever seen, and I'd kill to see it again. No real storyline, just some bizarre, dreamlike images: Gary sleeping fitfully on a bed in a white room with red paint streaming down the walls, Gary passing through a Y-shaped window into a burnt-out forest, a lady in black handing a white "Y" to Gary, which he drops and breaks...It was directed by music video pioneer Brian Grant, who also directed Gary's "Heartbeat" video from the same album. (Haven't seen that one.)
Review by: Mike
"Reap the Wild Wind", by Ultravox
Great imagery in reqards to the Wright Brothers and their first flight. Done in black & white and really cool to watch. Bands put some thought into their videos back then.
Review by: Scott
"The Reflex", by Duran Duran
There is nothing like watching John Taylor and his bass guitar. Let alone, everyone getting wet.
Review by: Rain Cripps
"The Reflex", by Duran Duran
The energy in this video is unreal - film of a (staged) concert - the highlight is where the water crashes out of a huge videoscreen - and the audience is `splashed` - cheesy special effect - but wild song, wild group!
Review by: William Quinn
"The Reflex", by Duran Duran
I was big on MTV back then. I didn't even need to like the videos, somehow, I was unable to stay away. I believe this was by far Duran Duran's most stylish video and a great song to boot. This "concert footage" type video always did for me.
Review by: Elvys Pena
"Reflex", by Duran Duran
Duran Duran were the ultimate when it came to videos. They were just the most SEXY group of men I ever seen!!!!!!!!
Review by: Kimberly
"Relax", by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
This video is great because it's funny and entertaining at the same time, not to mention it was also controversial at the time it was released.
Review by: Karina
"Relax", by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
It was made when MTV was still fairly young and there is so much that they dared to do(the fake sodomy scene at the end) and they really pushed the limits of what you could and couldn't do in video. It's also extremely clever and looks really expensive to make!
Review by: Claire
"The Relfex", by Duran Duran
Duran Duran nothing compares to what this group has accomplished. This song was the best 80s pop song by far. "The reflex is a lonely child, who's waiting by the paaaarrrkkk......."
Review by: Peter
"Request Line", by Rock Master Scott And The Dynamic Three
i know people in the video would like to see it
Review by: anna rodriguez
"Respectable", by Mel & Kim
This clip was one of my absolute favourites because of the dancing moves. (ha ha) The moves ain't so hip now, but I still find myself doin' the "tay, tay, tay" part.
Review by: Maima
"Revenge", by Ministry
Goes back to '83! This vid is a trip! It's like goth glam or something. lol. It's very 80's new wave sync'd with dark sets, a murder scene, & a cute lady sitting in an electric chair(which gets electrocuted as the vid ends). I had forgetten all about this vid until watching VH1-Classic recently. Wow, Ministry have been around for a while! :D
Review by: Groovy D
"Rhythm Nation", by Janet Jackson
First of all it's by the most talented woman on earth...janet!!! It has every race and color together; it made such a statement to me. Janet is just awesome.
Review by: emily
"Rhythm Nation 1814", by Janet Jackson
I love this video because of the dancing and what it's talking about. I was only 4 yrs old when the song came out and am still a fan to this day because of it.
Review by: Masika Maynie
"The Riddle", by Nik Kershaw
First of all, it's a great song. Not very often played on radio these days, but whenever it is me and my fellow police officer raise the volume of our car stereo in the patrol car. I always have to sing along, happy to still remember the text. The video shows Nik Kershaw running around in a really weird building, and he is wearing some kind of green spandex-suit, searching for the answer to the riddle.
Review by: Håkan Wretling
"Ride On Time", by Black Box
i love all decades,but this is the best ever decade,and very glamourous, and always be remembered,this was 6 weeks no.1,a huge dance hit,with a fantaszing video,woman screaming as well.
Review by: zara
"Riding On The Metro", by Berlin
Very mysterious song. Very mysterious video. And who doesn't love a good mystery? The mysterious atmosphere and brooding mood of the video meshed well with the pulse-pounding urgency of the song's synthesized melody to create just that right blend of suspense, intrigue, and well...mystery. Both song and video created a sort of cross between noveau art and shadowy surrealism creating a truly classic mood piece. Very surprised it had not been previously mentioned.
Review by: BernieB
"The Right Combination", by Donnie Wahlberg And Seiko Duet
This video brings back so much memories. Your sight looks great. thank you.
Review by: awilda ortiz
"Right Here Waiting", by Richard Marx
He plays a piano and sings all through the song.
Review by: Cody Finke
"Right Here Waiting", by Richard Marx
It reminds me of my boyfriend and it's a really good song.
Review by: Jordanne Owens
"The Right To Rock", by Keel
The ultimate in cheesy metal video's.
Review by: John
"Rio", by Duran Duran
It looked like a lot of rich beautiful people were having a good time, wearing lots of makeup and expensive suits....the things that the 90's lacked.....FUN
Review by: roxanne
"Rio", by Duran Duran
sexy,men wear make-up in all decades,but i love evreything about duran duran,this video is amazing,they're gorgous sexy guys,also simon got splashed in water while the girl pulled the telephone wire.
Review by: zara
"Rio", by Duran Duran
Review by: zara khan
"Rise Up", by Parachute Club
I love this song. I even downloaded it. It's so upbeat and makes you feel like dancing. And the video for it is great. They were playing it on TV so I decided to record it. The bright colours, the parade. You just wish that you could have had a chance to join in!
Review by: Saira
"Rise Up", by Parachute Club
The feel of this video is just so upbeat. It's a parade of sorts through the streets where the band is on a float, and a bunch of people are dancing in the street...it's so happy, and a true testament to upbeat videos of the '80s.
Review by: Denise M.
"Rock It", by Herbie Hancock
Besides an excellent instrumental, all the robotics used in the video were awesome for it's time. I greatly enjoyed watching the machines move to the beat and see Herbie himself in the video.
Review by: Marshall Slaton
"Rock Lobster", by B-52s
This video is hilarious.. from the hair, to the outfits, to the lobster.
Review by: Morrisey
"Rock Me Amadeus", by Falco
I Love the music, it's freaky...like me.
Review by: Dory LaTender-Lyons
"Rock Me Amadeus", by Falco
This video is cool because it combines old classical music with hip hop
Review by: Matt
"Rock Of Ages", by Def Leppard
i remember this video was played on mtv,it was amazing,best song from pyromania,they look hot.
Review by: zarak65
"Rock You", by Helix
beacause this video is hot and is very good.
Review by: maxime
"Rock You Like A Hurricane", by Scorpions
I was 10 back then and remember how powerful and wild the video looked for me. All those amazon-jungle-vampiresque looking girls coming out from everywhere and trying to get out of their jails, like furious wild animals...I never got tired of watching it. Very 80's.
Review by: Omar
"Rocket", by Herbie Hancock
Wow. Where do you start? The cool use of electronics or the simple freak-out factor of 'living' mannequins...however you slice it, it's one of THE best videos of the 80s.
Review by: Danica R
"Rockit", by Herby Hancock
It Was Just Innovative In A Time When Fog And Laser Machine Are The Norm.
Review by: jett
"Rosanna", by Toto
I like very much the band and this song, especially when I knew it was written by singer Steve Lukather for his girlfriend Rosanna Arquette at the time. The album Toto IV was a multi-platinum Top Ten hit including the million-selling hit "Africa"...in which the video has been already posted here.
Review by: El Charly
"Rough Boy", by ZZ Top
Disembodied legs. ZZ Top was one of the top groups played in heavy rotation on MTV and computer animation was becoming more prevalent in videos. Don't know if I was sober or not the first time I saw this video but it's always stuck in my mind. I know it got lots of protests for portraying women as just body parts but I thought the video was cool. The song has a great slow, sexy, walking beat and a great bass line.
Review by: daisymae
"Round And Round", by Spandau Ballet
Spandau Ballet had lots of good videos unseen on U.S. MTV. This one utilized simple imagery of children in a school play to represent the lyrics of the song in a meaningful fashion.
Review by: Robert Martin
"Roxanne", by The Police
I love the red background and the simplicity of the video. It was very avant garde and not cheesy at all even to this day.
Review by: maureen
"Run To The Hills", by Iron Maiden
I just love this video...the Indians are so funny! Iron Maiden rules!!!
Review by: Johnny
"Run To You", by Bryan Adams
This is a video from the Reckless album which depicts the cool times throught the 80's. It shows Bryan rocking the stage, taking on all the weather elements, and looking for his sweetheart. This is by far my most favorite song from him. It has a beat that you can rock out to. I requested this at a club that I went to and everyone remembered it and danced, or sang. The one guitar jam near the end also makes it a hit.
Review by: Jay
"Runaway", by Bon Jovi
This video is Bon Jovi's first video. They mean so much to me, and they have inspired me truly and deeply. This video has such fantastic rhythm and Jon looks gorgeous here!
Review by: Stephanie
"Runaway", by Bon Jovi
Reason #1.Its Bon Jovi. #2.Its Cool Effects #3.Wonderful Song #4.Its just flat out AWESOME!!
Review by: Jovi Girls
"Running Up That Hill", by Kate Bush
I remember seeing this video on MTV 100 Minutes. This was a very beautiful video with kate Bush and Donald Sutherland, especially when the old man dies and the rain machines. This was a beautiful video.
Review by: Byron Benguche
"Running With The Night", by Lionel Richie
Starts out with big wedding scene, and the one girl who does not have a date, the stares at all the couples. It goes into Lionel walking the streets picking up all of his friends and their dates. They sing, dance, "take the town" Then they crash the wedding and dance in front of all the guests, and you guessed it, Lionel gets the Girl, they have a final dance as they exit the ballroom. What a video, reminds me of my prom night, incredible lyrics, graphics, and dancing, 10 out of 10!!
Review by: Jay
"Rush Hour", by Jane Wiedlin
I haven't seen the video for fifteen years. I remember when Jane Wiedlin kissed a dolphin in a scene of this video!
Review by: Mike Hack

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