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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"L e g s ", by ZZ-Top
Well, it has "Legs"! Okay, my favourite girl is a tie. The brunette in the white and the 'lead actress' in the pink. Legs. The ONLY thing that would have made this video better - is if I would have directed it- not to sound jerky- but it is the only thing i would have done better. :O)
Review by: Eric
"L.A.Woman", by Billy Idol
This song and video were done just after Billy's motorcycle accident and his leg healed enough that he could walk with a cane and he does so in the video. In my opinion Mr. Idol blows the original of this song away. The video is outstanding, one of the sexiest Billy ever did. It was produced to look like a movie short. The ending is a total shock AND one of the biggest surprises I have ever seen in a music video and I've been watching them since the first day MTV landed on the moon!
Review by: Tim Hildebrand
"La Bel Age", by Pat Benatar
Rather simple concept, but still great considering it's Pat. Anyways, Pat is singing in a bar lounge, and it's basically shots of Pat singing and the crowd. You gotta wonder how they could have standed having to do the video with all the smoke hanging in the air though.
Review by: Nick
"La Isla Bonita", by Madonna
I love the scenery and the red polka-dot dress...just beautiful.
Review by: Denise M.
"Lady", by Lionel Richie
i like it ... also "Endless Love" for Lionel Richie and Diana Ross
Review by: manaf
"Land Of Confusion", by Genesis
Remeber all the bomb drills? Everyone thought Reagan would nuke the USSR, and Genesis used these elements for one thought provoking and humorous video.
Review by: I_MissThe80's
"Land Of Confusion", by Genesis
Great Puppets from the British TV show "Spittin Image". MTV or one of the networks actually ran a show for a spell during the 80s.
Review by: Robert Martin
"Land Of Confusion", by Genesis
This is my favorite video! Before I saw Genesis on Rosie O'Donnell, I always thought of those weird puppets whenever I heard Phil Collins sing.
Review by: Logan Macherone
"Land Of Confusion", by Genisis
this video is done with muppets well more like puppets there is some humor but more or less the video just make you wonder about the sanity and what was smoked by Phil collins at the time of the video
Review by: patrick laverdiere
"Land of Confusion", by Genesis
This video was great, it had all the puppets from the Brit Show Spitting Image, and it show current events and made fun of them at the same time.
Review by: George
"Land of Confusion", by Genisis
This video always cracked me up. If you remember, the whole video was don with Spiting Image puppets (remeber those). And Ronald Regan was super man. hehe =)
Review by: Mark
"Land of Confusion", by Genesis
OMG. Phil collins looks like a Chucky doll!
Review by: Corrupt200
"Lay Your Hands On Me", by Bon Jovi
In my opinion, this was the best video they ever did, beating out Wanted Dead Or Alive. The song is suppose to be pure rock, thrashy and powerful at the same time. The video takes those ideas and expands it even more. It was all about performance back then and in this video, it only shows the type of performance those boys from Jersey were pulling off. Some great stuff, especially with the pyro special effects!!!!!
Review by: Nick
"Lay Your Hands On Me", by bon jovi
because it rock with pyro explosion on stage and jon have super man tatto on his arm i dont know how the stage look like
Review by: josh souvannakasy
"Layin' It On The Line", by Jefferson Starship
One of Jefferson Starship's best rockers, this song is off the 'Nuclear Furniture' album from 1984. It represents the political spectrum of Jefferson Starship. Set in a campaign for the 'Nuclear furniture' party, the band walks out onto the stage like presidential candidates giving an acceptance speech. Then they transform into the rock and roll band they are, playing a concert. The video features people dressed up in silly costumes. There's a lady who looks kind of like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz, and there seems to be a giant eye ball at one point in the crowd. I especially like the crowd chanting "Mick and Slick".
Review by: Josh
"Leader Of The Pack", by Twisted Sister
Great cover seen through the eyes of the guy. Really, one of my faves.
Review by: Nathan
"Leave It", by Yes
I loved the song and they had several different versions of the music video which was very unique. I am not sure just how many versions there are but would love to have a collection of all of them.
Review by: Paula Christine Nielsen
"Leave Me Alone", by Michael Jackson
A superb, eye-catching animated short film to accompany the song. Second to the all-time classic Smooth Criminal but worth a look nonetheless.
Review by: Ghost Man
"Legs", by ZZTop
ZZTop looks so funny in this video and it tells a guy never mess with a women
Review by: Peter Abbate
"Legs", by ZZ Top
Kind of a mini-rock opera, and the spinning guitars and wave at the end are probably the most-mimicked moves in satirical spin-offs and karaoke bars, hands down...
Review by: Tom Mayes
"Let Me Be The One", by Expose'
This was Expose's only video away from the U.S. of A. This clip was done in London. According to Gioia from the "Video Exposure" tape, she said that the set of the video was "cold", and they "didn't wear much". To me, it was fine, colorful and they looked sexy in what they did wear. Don't always believe what the experts say, the song and the video were HOT!
Review by: Michael
"Let's Dance", by David Bowie
One of the COOLEST songs ever!! Just love the fact that it was done in Oz, love the girls red shoes, that they are aussies and that Bowie just rocks!! Love the lines "put on your red shoes and dance the blues", very horny!! and also love the lines "because my love for you would break my heart in two, if you should fall into my arms and tremble like a....FLO-WER!! Oh, what a poet!!
Review by: Sharon
"Levity", by Ian Thomas
Ok this is the obscure of the obscure. Ian Thomas is a very canadian songwriter more famous (at least here) for such tunes as "Painted Ladies" and the super romantic balled "Right Before Your Eyes"...but even Ian Thomas fans sometimes draw a blank at his late 80's record entitled Levity. The title track to this albumn "Levity" is near impossible to find and one of the most haunting rock song/ballads to hit the airwaves. Though it didn't get much radio play, it's video was popular for a short time on canadian music video services such as Much Music and Good Rockin Tonight. The video was 2 long shots (with no cuts) pasted together to make the illusion that the entire video was shot in one take. Not much to the video by today's standards but was innovative at it's time as it had Ian Thomas setting up to shoot his video and instead taking a walk backstage while the crew sat around eating donuts (Ryan Stiles from Who's Line is it Anyways can be seen throughout the video doing his usual antics). There's just something about the way thre music gels so well with the mood and scenery of the video that makes this one of the most memorable videos from that decade. Luckily I taped alot of stuff in the late 80's and have this gem on one of my tapes squeezed somewhere in between Whitesnake and Phil Collins ;)
Review by: Keith Duperreault
"Lick It Up", by Kiss
Besides the fact Kiss were without make up, the models looked hot, & the song was, still is, great!!! Though the '80's wasn't a great time for Kiss making music videos. Beside this & "I Love It Loud", which fortunately still had make up on when was done.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Life's What You Make It", by Talk Talk
One of the oddest videos of 1986(or of any year,really). Looks as though it was shot in the woods in the middle of the night, with tight close-ups of Mark Hollis' face, strange spiderwebs, other "natural" images, and washed-out lighting. Great song.
Review by: Jim Bailey
"Like A Rock", by Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band
it defines time
Review by: w kelly
"Like A Surgeon", by Weird Al Yankovic
This is a great video of Al being himself and mocking the entire medical profession. One of the very best things he has ever done!
Review by: Steven Fisher
"Like A Virgin", by Madonna
It was an aspiring video due to the fact that it was about losing your virginity. And the fact that Madonna is supposed to be infatuated with a man dressed up as a lion. Kind of strange, I guess the lion was supposed to represent a man-beast, or something like that?
Review by: Saira
"Limelight", by Rush
This is one of the ultimate power chord rock songs from the early 80's
Review by: Warren
"The Lion's Mouth", by Kajagoogoo
From the post-Limahl period of the band, this very odd video was directed by Storm Thorgerson, best known for his Pink Floyd album covers and his video for Yes' "Owner Of A Lonely Heart." This video has much of the same feel. Blindfolded people, a black-cloaked woman with a birdcage for a chest and flamethrowers are but a few of the unlikely images in this one. Plus there's singer Nick Beggs, his Chapman Stickā,,¢ and his cockatoo-crest hair. Also check out the equally bizarre follow-up "Turn Your Back On Me."
Review by: Mike
"Little Girls", by Oingo Boingo
I love this music video because it's sick and perverted but yet very entertaining!!! GOTTA LOVE THE 80'S!!!!!
Review by: Jaz
"Little Lies", by Fleetwood Mac
It's every bit as cool as "big love" is surreal. Lindsay, Stevie, and Christine all fade in and out as their harmonies enter and leave. mick and john are the only ones who stay between cool close-ups and pans. Not only that, but the scene where Lindsay walks by an old fence is sleek. he comes by cracks in the fence, and when he walks by, turns into someone else. Not sure if it's camera tricks or special effects.
Review by: Mr. Media
"Little Lies ", by Fleetwood Mac
I think the setting for the video and song was excellent, its got a beat you can dance to. The farm was a good place for that song to be at.
Review by: Patrick J. Kelley
"Little Miss Dangerous", by Ted Nugent
Simply put: Awesome video!!!! The song is great and the video sure matches the song. It has out takes of both Nuge and scenes from the Vegas Strip. You see a young little girl progress into a very attractive young woman. Just take a wild guess at what the song is about. It was also featured as an episode of Miami Vice guest starring another lost female 80's rock star, Fiona Flanigan. Great song, great video, great episode. Definitely worth a viewing!!!
Review by: Nick (rockman725)
"Little Red Corvette", by Prince
This was one of the first videos of any African-American artist (besides Michael Jackson) to be shown on a regular basis on MTV in the early 1980s. It may not have the best production, which brings up a few prominent artist from the time, but it does leave lots to the imagination. Just think, a live performance (or a rehearsal) with studio sound? Go figure. The futuristic stage setting and baroque digs Prince wore at the time add to the overall aura as well.
Review by: Ryu Hoshi
"Livin' On A Prayer", by Bon Jovi
I only just started school as this song came out (I'm almost 20 now). This was my favourite song at the time. Every time the video came on, I would imitate Jon (even the part where he was lifted by invisible strings! I was continuously jumping off our couch!)
Review by: Jared
"Livin' on a Prayer ", by Bon Jovi
Love This Video So Cool!!! Its Bon Jovi Is The Top Reason I Like It!!! Plus Its A Great Song!!! Love it So Much!! The Whole Thing Is Amazing Work Of A Great Song-Writter and Video Director!!!
Review by: Amanda + Chrissy
"The Living Daylights", by A-ha
Everything being so in sync with the song: The gun with the reflected '007 gun'at the beginning, the dancing in front of the headlights. It shows a beauty in simplicity. Also, like the best '80s videos, it features lots of neon lights in the dark.
Review by: Sam
"Living Doll", by Cliff Richard and The Young Ones
This song was originally released back in the late 50's / early 60's but it was re-released in 1986 with The Young Ones actors portraying their characters, Rik Mayall (Rick, a Cliff Richard Fanatic!), Adrian "Ade" Edmondson (Vyvyan Basterd, a psychopathic punk), Nigel Planer (Neil Pye, the hippy) and Christopher Ryan (Mike TheCoolPerson, the cool one). I remember seeing the video clip for this song and it was bloody hilarious!! It rocked. The Young Ones was the best British comedy in the 80's and it's still the best now.
Review by: Hayley Keenan
"Living In A Box", by Living In A Box
This song is probably the most addictive and catchy tracks ive ever heard. the song is cool and the music video exact and to-the-piont.
Review by: Imran
"Living In Sin", by Bon Jovi
Black and white video... great story!!!
Review by: Miguel
"Living With A Hernia", by Weird Al Yankovic
I don't know, I guess it was seeing Al in that James Brown motif that made my day.
Review by: Andrew Rae
"Living in Sin", by Bon Jovi
The story line fits in perfectly with the song and you can really feel the story unfolding
Review by: adam
"The Look Of Love", by ABC
The band strolls around a 20s-style amusement park wearing white striped suits and straw hats. While walking in line and singing, they encounter typical characters such as the bearded lady, a ballet dancer, mimes, a puppet show and lots of cheap backdrops. Comes with bucketloads of slapstick humor which makes this a classic despite the obviously tight budget!
Review by: Arvid Rudling
"Looking For A New Love", by Jody Wately
A great clip from 1987 with Jody Wately wearing many attractive out fits. (Some outfits may look cheesy today) She looked so HOT in this video!!! My favorite scene is when she's sitting on the bench. The video may look dated, but it's better than any female R&B video, including Beyonce, today!
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Looking For Love", by Whitesnake
cause it is tremendous.
Review by: tarek
"Looks That Kill", by Motley Crue
Purely 80's, dark, satanic, sex cave with wild raven-haired banshee women running from the leather and spikes clad Motley boys. The Motley boys are wearing so much makeup on, that you can just barely recognize the members of the band, only by identifying their signature hairstyles.
Review by: L.T.
"Lost In Your Eyes", by Debbie Gibson
Deb looked so beautiful playing the piano & leaning on the wall. The song/video (from 1989) makes my heart melt everytime I listen to it. The video is CLASSIC!!!
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Love & Affection", by Nelson
Remember those twins?? I liked this video because it was a refreshing change from the normal videos at the time. It was this mystical, fantasy type video which I thought was coo.
Review by: Julie
"Love Cats", by The Cure
Such a creative video! Nothing expensive, just plain superb and cool!
Review by: alana
"The Love Cats", by The Cure
the cats are adorable, its bloody hilarious and, Robert Smith is simply delicious!!!
Review by: mary
"Love Cats", by The Cure
robert smith and the cure look much better in this video,didn't wear much make-up as they usally do,anyway this video shows them in an rough house with pretty cats,i thought it was pretty sweet.
Review by: lisa baines
"Love In An Elevator", by Aerosmith
I love this video because they had so much fun making it...you can see it by the way they dance and stuff! It rocks!
Review by: Billie
"Love Is A Battlefield", by Pat Benatar
Hot video! Pat Benatar was definitely sexy looking, especially where she and those many other girls get together and start shaking their hips in the cocktail bar scene, then Pat throws the drink on that gold-toothed creep's face!
Review by: Swaroop Madduri
"Love Is A Battlefield", by Pat Benatar
Pat gets to do some dramatic acting, wear trashy clothes, hang out with her street pals and then does the truly terrifying 'boob dance' at the end. Great song too.
Review by: paulie
"Love Is A Battlefield", by Pat Benatar
This was one of the best videos by the 80's rock queen herself, Pat Benatar! I especially like the part where she and the other girls start shaking their hips in the cocktail bar scene, then Pat throws a drink on that gold-toothed creep's face!
Review by: Swaroop Madduri
"Love Is A Stranger", by The Eurythmics
I love the song first of all, and I thought Annie Lennox looked so beautiful wearing that long blonde wig in the back of the car. I also liked Sweet Dreams (are made of this).
Review by: Mary Close
"Love My Way", by Psychedelic Furs
I like'd the simplicity, the clouds in the backround, and the words.
Review by: Ann
"Love Plus One", by Haircut 100
It was the best beat and tune.....were they the long lost band, no one seems to rememeber them.
Review by: Richard
"Love Shack", by B-52's
Its just so 80's!
Review by: Ed
"Love Shack", by B-52's
I love this music video because it's got all the singing and dancing to that song. Love Shack was and still is my favorite band from the 80's. I would like to see that music video please?
Review by: Michal Balicki
"Love Song", by The Cure
I Like it because it's a B&W music video, doing tender moments. Paparazzi anyone?
Review by: Cody Finke
"Love Will Lead You Back", by Taylor Dayne
I believe that this video is a classical song in the parties in this years... when everybody dance "blues" with girls. The voice of this artist is very good, is the "soul" of a white artist... PD: Sorry by my poor english, because I speak spanish, thanks by have this space in the net.
Review by: Juan Ponce Contreras
"Love Will Show Us How", by Christine McVie
This was a hilarious video! It started with a little prologue with Paul Bartel as a pretentious video director describing the concept of the music video as an assistant shows the storyboards. Christine voices her reservations, but Paul says, "Oh, Christine...trust me!" [dramatic chord]. From there, it's on to the video, exactly as the director described but everything goes horribly, hilariously wrong. It all ends when a large piece of scenery breaks free from its moorings and comes crashing down on Christine and her piano!
Review by: Mike
"Love Will Tear Us Apart", by Joy Division
It's just plain and simple. There is NO expression the the faces of Joy Division. There is also NO enthusiasm and it seems like Joy Division was just singing there song because they like it and not for other people. It's just the best! Very orrigional.
Review by: Bethany
"Love's Great Adventure", by Ultravox
Ultravox made my favorite 80s videos. This was a rare one which moved at a mad pace a la "romancing the Stone" and Indiana Jones and was very complete in story. The hero (Midge Ure) daydreams the adventure but in true life is an ordinary hero who steps out in the end to save the day and his girlfriend from thugs...Duran Duran's simon lebon once indicated that it was a ripoff of "Hungry Like the Wolf" but I disagree as it is a real storyline...find the Ultavox video collection somewhere...MTV missed some good stuff though they di play this once.
Review by: Robert Martin
"Lover Girl", by Teena Marie
Great video, Teena was the queen of funk and soul in the 80's and still is to this day.
Review by: Ryan
"The Lover In Me", by Sheena Easton
This song/video was a new point in Sheena Easton's career. Completely revamping her image from a mostly middle of the road singer (excluding "Sugar Walls" from that statement) to a sexy dance siren! The video for The Lover in Me has a "sassy" and "modern" appeal to it. In 1988 standards, a very expensive and well done video! And in addition to that, Sheena looks absolutely gorgeous!!!
Review by: James
"Loverboy", by Billy Ocean
how do i find this video
Review by: george
"Loverboy", by Billy Ocean
I've always loved this song, and saw the video for the first time today. I was impressed! Excellent 80's cheese. Billy Ocean does not appear much in this video, but lizard-like animals, and various other bizarre-looking creatures turn this song into a sci-fi romance. One of the male lizards actually runs away with a female lizard as they gallop away on a horse along an endless beach. It's a must-see for any vintage 80's freak.
Review by: Andrew
"Lucky Number", by Lene Lovich
All I can say about her look in this video is, you just can't touch that hair!
Review by: Andrew Rae
"Lucky Star", by Madonna
She looks absolutely gorgeous. All crucifix croptop and cleavage. Black clothes really suited her, great song, great dances, back when she had 'a bit of a tummy' as someone said in Pulp Fiction.
Review by: paulie
"Lullably", by The Cure
Robert smith is incredibly hot and the video is funny cute morbid and nutty all togather! Its so rad! I love The Cure so darn much!
Review by: Heather
"Lullaby", by The Cure
i must agree with Heather; Robert is a sexy animal in this video! creeping out of the shadows....being "eaten" by a spider....squriming around in his bed.....ohhh boooy.
Review by: brit

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