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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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OMG this song was the BEST.... I will never forget those zillion times roller skating to this song.... all my friends had this song as our favourite.
Review by: snoopymc
"Fade To Grey", by Visage
Very atmospheric, early 80's/new romantic. Very dark and cold and sexy.
Review by: paulie
"Fairytale Of New York", by The Pogues
This is a classic video. It's shot totally in black and white, with snow falling, and it's filmed in New York. A truly beautiful music video, perfect to match the greatest Christmas song of all time!
Review by: George
"Faithful", by Go West
The guys, Richard Drummie and Peter Cox, look so handsome, very GQ. They both cavort with beautiful models, and Richard gets his face slapped for whispering some kind of cheeky suggestion in her ear -- then she grins and he smiles. Peter, who looks like a model himself, gets his girl in the end too. Everyone lives happily ever after.
Review by: daisymae
"Faithfully", by Journey
It is so difficult to pick a favorite tune from the 80's as I miss all of them so much, but Journey was my absolute favorite band and I remember when I saw the video and how much they missed their loved ones it made me sad. This is still one of the few songs I stop what I'm doing to listen to completely.
Review by: Sherri Cook
"Fallen Angel", by Poison
A great video from 1988 featuring Bobbi Brown(Yes, the babe from the Warrant "Cherry Pie" video) as a runaway who went to California and met/dated a mogul who discovers her. Towards the end of the video, she kicked him on the groin when she found out he was cheating on her. There's a scene where she wears a sexy pink outfit that's 100% better than what what Reese Witherspoon wore on "Legally Blonde II". (And Bobbi Brown looks hotter too...) Proves that some '80's styles are better than today's fashion. The song kicks @&& too!!! All of Poison videos are fun to watch. Despite the very regrettable fashion and being a butt of jokes in "Beavis & Butt-Head" in the mid 1990's. Fun Fact: She also appeared on Great White's "Once Bitten, Once Shy" video. (1989)
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Fantasy", by Aldo Nova
This has got to be one of the best early 80's videos. Aldo Nova is one of the most under rated rock singers of the 80's. This video was a main stay for other musicians to follow later on. I love the first when the helicopter comes down, and Aldo blowing up the door with his guitar. I really do miss his singing and all the 1980's videos. Take it easy.
Review by: Jeff Hull
"Fascinated", by Company B.
The video isn't that great visually, but I love the outfits the girls wore. They wore hot colored boustiers and platinum blond wigs...totally '80s.
Review by: Denise
"Fascination", by Human League
I was about 10 years old when this video came out. I'll never forget: It's the one video that starts off as a red dot on the screen. It zooms in closer and closer all while spinning. Before you know it, the dot is a triangular red building with the band inside. I would pay for another viewing of that one!
Review by: Brian H.
"Father Figure", by George Michael
Now, putting aside the fact that George Michael plays for the other team, the song is outstandingly awesome. For any one who loves romantic, intimate songs, this is definately one of them that shines along with a very powerful video to tell the story. The female fashion model's romance with the taxi driver (being George Michael, lol) is what brings out the video in terms of the song. Very powerful and very real for a music video. It's a like a 5 minute movie!!!
Review by: Nick
"Father Figure ", by George Michael
What I loved about this is how original it was. I could watch the video over and over. The video fit perfectly with the song. George Michael had an incredible, impeccable talent.
Review by: Cindy Westlake
"Feet Don't Fail Me Now", by Utopia
"The Bugaloos" style centipede costumes kill me. They have absolutely nothing to do with the premise of the song but the fit with the title so well.
Review by: Scott
"Fight For Your Right (To Party)", by The Beastie Boys
Hilarious video. Mike D rocks!
Review by: marko
"Fight For Your Right To Party", by Beastie Boys
It is fun to see that video cuz it is so cool
Review by: Wyatt
"Fight for Your Right", by Beastie Boys
Why hasn't this classic been mentioned yet! We used to dream of having a party like that. Must've been one of the most fun videos to make.
Review by: suzanne
"The Final Countdown", by Europe
Alright this video rocks (I don't even know why I like it so much). It starts out looking at Sweden (the homeland of the members of Europe) then it cuts into a clock ticking on the wall and then it starts counting down (appropriately) 5,4,3,2,1 GO! in that digital clock font. Oh and by the way, this is all going on while Mic Michaelie is playing that hypnotic keyboard riff. Anyway, after the countdown you see Europe on stage, audience going wild, lead singer (Joey Tempest) walk out swinging the mic around, etc. In conclusion, it rocks.
Review by: Christian
"The Final Countdown", by Europe
The greatest rock song of all time!
Review by: Adam Neonakis
"Fishheads", by Barnes & Barnes
Basically, one of the weirdest songs(&video)of ALL time.
Review by: Ian
"Fishheads", by Barnes & Barnes
Because it was so stuupid it was funny. The Video got notoriety by accident, it was made years earlier as a film short for the Dr. Demento show. Can you imagine that, an accident that turned out to be a classic. Everybody from the eighties remembers the chorus "Fishheads Fishheads roly poly Fishheads-Eat them up yum". Rolling STone Magazine picked "Fishheads" as one of the Top 100 great videos.
Review by: Mike Meade
"Fishnet -black Pantyhose", by Morris Day & the Time
Well, the titles says it all. .........okay, the video is 'cheezy', but it is also great, just having girls in great outfits showing off Sexy Legs! I really don't ask for much.
Review by: Eric
"Flashdance... What A Feeling", by Irene Cara
I've never seen this video before, but I would really like to
Review by: tim page
"Flesh For Fantasy", by Billy Idol
The base was in the place and made you nod your head. Overall, the rhythm was simply key, but I thought Billy Idol was just a very interesting person to watch and to listen to.
Review by: Bobbie Baker
"Foolish Beat", by Debbie Gibson
Great ballad/video from the lovely & multi-talented Debbie (now Deborah) Gibson. (1988) This video shows Deb's acting skills. (She was actually crying during the scene where she's walking on the pier.) It also shows Deb Gibson at her best as a teen sensation during the 1980's. Fun fact: her grandfather,Albert (Deb's cousin), and Paul Gallagher (a model) appeared in the video. Despite of the regrettable '80's fashion, Deb looked cute.
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Foolish Beat", by Debbie Gibson
This video is cool because of the whole 'missing the ex theme' and seeing him wherever she goes. And the saxaphone solo and the little bit of guitar you hear is excellent!
Review by: Lindsay
"Footloose", by Kenny Loggins
Because it is a feel good song. I always like to sing to it also.
Review by: Kristan Rios
"Footloose", by Kenny Loggins
Because it is a feel good song. I always like to sing to it also.
Review by: Kristan Rios
"Forever Your Girl", by Paula Abdul
This video is sooo cute!!! Paula sings while the little girl models in the video have their pictures taken. They also are shown dancing with the former Laker Girl herself. It's such a great video, very '80s in its concept, but still, wonderful and pleasing to watch. Besides, the children are so cute, you can't help but love the video!
Review by: Allison
"The Formula", by The D.O.C.
well for starters it was a well put video i liked the frankstein look how they made the video plus dr. dre is a well put producer every since i can remember but overall good video.
Review by: jason m. caetta
"Freedom", by George Michael
This video was really one of the most innovative of it's time. The supermodels acting as the "singers" of the song just seems great to me and I love the song anyway. The video just makes the song even better!
Review by: Sarah
"Freedoms Legacy", by Michael Smotherman
Sadly this video did not get much airplay cause it is a beautiful song, I personally think it really says what all military people feel. "Its for freedom-not my pride"
Review by: Warren
"Freewheel Burning", by Judas Priest
The video was volcanic, unique, and reeked of rock and roll fury! Lots of lasers and the band intelligently used the "double-axe attack" so copied by others. But the blinding light show and all the fixings are nothing, if they aren't supporeted by tight playing and the screaming vocals supplied by Rob Halford, personified the generation of hollering metal brats riveted togethr with studs and leather and jeans so tight you had to jump off a roof to get in them...then there was the girl's jeans.... The video showed calm and poise and grace under loudness.
Review by: al-x
"Freewheel burning", by Judas Priest
wow! Judas Priest wearing those amazing leather clothes, the stage with the lights, the "pole position" video game, those guys headbanging and the entire awesome and adrenalinic song, makes me scream "hell yeah!" the most rocking video ever
Review by: Jorge Lagás
"Freeze Frame", by J. Geils Band
Drop paint from the bucket on the band members' heads.
Review by: Mike Hack
"Freeze Frame", by J. Geils Band
I saw this video on an early 80's music t.v show called "Sounds". In Australia back then shows like "sounds" and "Countdown" were great to watch.
Review by: The Spider
"Future Brain", by Den Harrow
I well remember Den Harrow in summer 1985. His video "Future brain" was very well directed where he was a doctor who tried to wake up a hurt girl. This song is one of my fav' in the 80's !
Review by: Herve

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