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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Dance Me To The End Of Love", by Leonard Cohen
A quite moving video..The video was filmed in a hospital,where a sympathetic nurse says 'goodbye' to her deceased boyfriend,who's being impersonated by Cohen..They later on dance together,as she keeps on having him always on her mind...Indeed,a 'dance to the end of a love'...
Review by: Lakis
"Dancing In The Street", by Mick Jagger And David Bowie
this is a huge hit in 85,i could remember when this came on tv,i was stunned,mick and david are great artists,david wears beutiful make-up,he didn't that much,but great song,great vid,mick from a great band,love the 80's
Review by: aleasha
"Dancing With Myself", by Billy Idol
I love this video for one scene: A middle-aged woman is sitting on a couch knitting as her greasy-looking husband dances behind her, swinging a small sledgehammer.
Review by: Jim Bailey
"Dancing With Tears In My Eyes", by Ultravox
THis is a simple powerful video about nuclear holocoust. The ending is the best part when Midge Ure and his wife settle in to bed; their final resting place, as the light goes off and the only thing left of human existence is a super8 film of them together, still running on the projector, then the fim melts.
Review by: Robert Martin
"Dancing with Myself", by Billy Idol
Billy Idol is hot and so is this video.
Review by: Ashley
"Dare to be Stupid", by Weird Al Yankovic
Sheer lunacy! Weird Al at his best, the intro in "The Compleat Al" video makes it even better. The army of Mr. Potato Heads, Al in the mashed potatoes and animal crackers, the whacko 50s dad, the guy in green bandages cutting a kiwi while a women explains (why? duno it's hilarious) what's going on in sign language (or something who knows what she's signing) Then the whole band rides off on plastic cows into the sunset... The look is very Devo as it's what Al calls a "style parody" unlike most of his stuff, an original song just in the style of another band, and Devo at that. What could be better? not to be missed.
Review by: R.C. Killian
"Dark Lady", by Cher
I love this video because my mother went through the same thing with my father. He cheated on her she walk in on him with a gun in her hand. Next thing I knew they were dead on the floor. To me my mother is the dark lady of this story
Review by: robert
"Dear Jessie", by Madonna
i love this video because madonna rox and it's her only animated music video. I also can't find it anywhere else. PLEASE PUT THIS VIDEO ON YOUR SITE!!!!!!!
Review by: cassie
"The Deeper The Love", by Whitesnake
any video from whitesnake, with Tawny Kitaen in it!!!!!!!!!!
Review by: joe funck
"Der Commisar", by Falco
Firstly-he had the collective gravitas to release it speaking German, Falco (not the cover by 'After The Fire') also thought it was still 1959 as he's seen slicking his hair back wearing great oversized Foster-Grant mirror shades, but the real genius of this video is that he's running in place while a presumably german city/night scene is super-imposed behind him. Never again would a video be made for less than 50$, Genius.
Review by: John
"Desert Moon", by Dennis DeYoung
I love this video clip, makes me feel nostalgic about a great time in my life in the 80's years, also a I am fan of Dennis and Styx.
Review by: Juan Carlos Valenzuela
"Desert Moon", by Dennis DeYoung
This song and video truly touches the heart and has the feeling of real life events. I will remember it till my dying day!
Review by: Rodney Langley
"Desperate But Not Serious", by Adam Ant
Adam Ant was THE man for me in the 80's!! I loved his litte cut off shirt he wears in the boxing ring but the funniest part was as he's acting out the lyric "with a big kiss on the lips and on the back of your neck" he totally avoids kissing the girl! He does it in all his videos. Pretty mild compared to the thong shots of today's videos. But I still wonder why he just didn't kiss the girls in his videos....hmmmm
Review by: maureen
"Didn't You Kill My Brother", by Alexei Sayle
It has alot of comedy and good choreography and Alexei Sayle dances with a garbage can lid attached to his foot and says the weirdest things like "I like strangling budgies, I'm what you call an animal lover." WEIRD!!!!!!!
Review by: Rick Reschenthaler
"Din Daa Daa", by George Kranz
I love this video because it was a hip-hop style breakdancing video. I have only seen it once in 1983 and never again. It was something to remember and it left an impression on me.
Review by: sam mcneal
"Distant Early Warning", by Rush
This was the song that got me into Rush, who is still putting out good music today. This video had a lot of what made MTV so good in the 80's. Quick cuts, cheesy effects and good shots of the band. The kid riding on the missile, Geddy Lee's ever-changing hair, and Alex's pants all scream 80's. Absalom, Absalom, Absalom!
Review by: Brian Wolters
"Distant Early Warning", by Rush
One of the first videos to utilize computer graphics and a great tribute to "Dr. Strangeglove" with the kid riding the rocket around, Rush even played on a cool Monopoly board stage..
Review by: Robert Martin
"Do They Know Its Christmas Time", by Band Aid
Review by: angy
"Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?", by Culture Club
This video is all about being kicked out of everywhere 'cos you don't fit in...something I can relate to. And Boy George looks so beautiful!
Review by: Dee
"Do You Remember", by Phil Collins
clip video do you remember of phil collins
Review by: aziz
"Domino Dancing", by Pet Shop Boys
It was so real and the actors so beautiful. The location chosen to shoot this video, Puerto Rico, is magical.
Review by: Cotea Diana
"Don't Answer Me", by The Alan Parsons Project
Do I have to mention? Is the first musical video that flows like a comic and stings with the lyrics and music arrangements. Experimental sounds for the masses, incredible and metamorphic band that do it just for love the music, not for the money.
Review by: Alonso de la Garza
"Don't Answer Me", by Alan Parsons Project
The animation in this video always intrigued me...A kind of moving comic book. The band never had a mainstream following, but they are one of my favorites. Classy music in a glam-band age.
Review by: Glenn H.
"Don't Answer Me", by Alan Parsons Project
A good love song, APP & that fascinating mix of animation (comic style) and live action (the scenario), very diferent of the take-on-me style (a great video too, I think) . Don't answer me WHY is my favorite!
Review by: Daniel R
"Don't Answer Me", by Alan Parson's Project
There was a previous post called "Not sure" and the band's identity was not known either. This was the band and song that the individual was trying to describe. And it was very innovative for it's time, most likely, still is considered an "original" .
Review by: Deanna
"Don't Close Your Eyes", by Kix
I just thought it was cool.
Review by: Danielle
"Don't Close Your Eyes", by Kix
A great song/video from 1988 with a strong message that's mostly unheard of in power ballads (suicide prevention). On a less serious note, the girl in the video looked cute.
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Don't Come Around Here No More", by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
This is my all-time favorite music video! Kinda creepy, but great nonetheless. One of the best videos I have ever seen.
Review by: Erin
"Don't Cry (now that I've found you)", by Asia
Awsome video it was made in the style of Raders of the lost ark.I wish I could remember more about it .it has been s many years since i've seen it.
Review by: Adam D. Coon
"Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone", by Glass Tiger
I can't say that I love it because I have never seen it! That's why I ahve been searching on google.com "Glass Tiger Music Videos" and so on. I know they have some! I just can't find them!
Review by: Emily
"Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone", by Glass Tiger
It's just one of those things you can't explain. I'm an 80s fan, and thinking back on videos - this one stuck out, so that must mean something. I haven't seen it in ages, but I do recall the fashion sense was the epitomy of 80sdom (is that a word?)
Review by: Trace
"Don't Lose My Number", by Phil Collins
This video was just a lot of fun to watch. Phil Collins ends up playing a variety of different characters (The Road Warrior, a Samuri Warrior, etc...) and he looks so serious doing it that it is hilarious. This video gave the impression that a group of people got together one day and decided to make a music video. It is hiarious!
Review by: Cris Willmarth
"Don't Make A Fool Of Yourself", by Stacey Q
I love all of Stacey Q and Jon St. James' music. This video and song is one of my favorites. The way Stacey is dancing and jumpin' round like Beetle Bailey with her punk rock red hair is totally awesome. The remix video is even better.
Review by: Edward Roark a.k.a. Eddie Q
"Don't Pay The Ferryman", by Chris DeBurgh
Totally cool, and creepy - beats the heck out of Chris' other hit, "Lady In Red"!
Review by: Amy O'Brian
"Don't Rush Me", by Taylor Dayne
A performance video featuring sultry songbird Taylor Dayne showing off her great voice & beauty. Also one of my favorite songs from her.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Don't Say You Love Me", by Billy Squire
I had the best time making this video. I was on a video vixen roll back then. I'm allowed to call myself a vixen and not sound big headed cuz it's more than 15 years ago. And I was thin...not to mention the outfit..which I wont mention. Someone made off with my video collection during a move. Does anyone know where I can get a copy? Thanks, L
Review by: Louise Dorsey
"Don't Shed A Tear", by Paul Carrack
I haven't seen the video for fifteen years.
Review by: Mike Hack
"Don't Shed A Tear", by Paul Carrack
Great "Break-up" song!!!!
Review by: cheryl
"Don't Stand So Close To Me", by The Police
It shows the band in a school classroom and kids at their desks, with a chalkboard behind the band.
Review by: Cody Finke
"Don't Stand So Close to Me - Original", by The Police
Notable to me for three reasons: 1) Who DIDNT think the song was cool? 2) Sting wearing an English Beat t-shirt(actually the shirt says "The Beat," as that was their true U.K. name), The English beat being a quintessential totally cool 80s band. 2) Sting himself. Young, very attractive, I'd be all over him if he had been MY teacher too...
Review by: Shannon
"Don't Talk To Strangers", by Rick Springfield
This is one of my favorite videos becuase it's incredibly cheesy! I love how Rick is under the table at dinner and feeling the girl's leg, yet neither the girl or her date know that he's there. I also love how Rick is dressed as a firefighter and playing guitar on top of a car...in his socks!
Review by: Ashley Saladen
"Don't Worry, Be Happy", by Bobby McFerrin
I was surpsised nobody mentioned this. Anyway,I liked it a lot when I first saw it (still like it and watch it from time to time), I mean it may not be that great a video but it has a nice cheerful tune, nice little funny story (Robin Williams gives a nice funny note here)...I thought it was worth mentioning. I personally like it because it reminds me not to take life too seriously (as I have already learned), and also as a musician I'm fascinated by the fact that everything you can hear in that video musicwise comes straight from Bobby McFerrin's vocal chords.
Review by: Stavros Tsitiridis
"Don't You (Forget About Me)", by Simple Minds
Featured an array of Sony televisions. Took place in a room with a checkerboard floor.
Review by: Cody Finke
"Don't You Forget About Me", by Simple Minds
Hallmark 80's video!
Review by: Rick
"Don't You Want Me?", by Human League
I have seen the music video on Pop-Up Video on VH1. I was amazed! It's awesome!
Review by: Jay
"Dont Disturb This Groove", by The System
Cool setting in the desert, joshua tree and all. Two hot females, two musicians getting to a motel in a classic t-bird-the 80's casche here gives one a sense of the infinate transformational powers of romance and passion. Combined with the 'slow-groove' feel in the music this audio-video production compels the viewer to attempt to be free- create and love with complete freedom- then stand back and look upon the beauty that has been created and felt. David Franks, one half of The System with Mik Michaels, is currently heard in te top 40 in the tracks backing Cristine Aguelerra.
Review by: frankie
"Dont Go", by Yaz
becase It has a great new wave sound
Review by: robert castellano
"Down Under", by Men at Work
I like it because it sounds cool and it reminds me of Austrailia.
Review by: Kymberly
"Downtown Train", by Rod Stewart
I love this video and song.. it puts you into a certain frame of mind that only Rod Stewart can do!
Review by: Phil
"Dream Warriors", by Dokken
One of the better videos from any movie soundtrack, which makes it appear as if Dokken was part of the movie (one of the sequels from the "Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise).
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Dream Warriors", by Dokken
This was a seriously strange video, it had Freddy Krueger in this girls house. This girl was wondering around the house, then guitarist George Lynch just breaks thru the wall and solos, gotta love the 80s. I just wish heavy metal videos were still this much fun.
Review by: M.P.
"Dreams", by Van Halen
I love this video because the music/lyrics compliment the excellent flying skills of the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels!
Review by: Ray Romero
"Dreams", by Van Halen
I never thought Van Halen could be inspirational! But this video has the Navy Blue Angels flying high doing a variety of tricks while Van Halen sings "Higher and Higher". It makes you feel a little patriotic. To top it all off, EVH's guitar solo in this song is awesome!
Review by: Julian Flores
"Drive", by The Cars
It's just cool, and the girl coloring on the wall was funny. I don't really understand it though.
Review by: Mike
"Drop The Pilot", by Joan Armtrading
The video tells the story. Just a all around good song.
Review by: Mark Fiorenza
"Dude Looks Like A Lady", by Aerosmith
theyre videos are so fun to watch on mtv,this is hularious.
Review by: zara

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