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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Safety Dance", by Men Without hats
this has to be THE funniest video i have ever seen. It truely does make you want to get up dance like a fool. During the scene in the festival when they are all dancing in circles, i have seriously fallen off of my seat laughing. Anywayz, aside from a funny video it is great song.
Review by: Christoper McDaniel
"Safety Dance", by Men Without Hats
Nothing says 80's more than Renn Faire Midgets.
Review by: Shane
"Safety Dance", by Men Without Hats
It makes no sense
Review by: Justin Collins
"Safety Dance", by Men Without Hats
There is no way you could see this video without wanting to get up and dance!!! This song is just so infectious! And the video is hilarious! It just made me want to spin around in circles..dancing like a maniac!
Review by: jaded
"Sara", by Starship
I absolutely love how dramatic the whole video is, and the storyline is excellent. First you have the Depression era family staring at their farm as parts of the farm flash across the screen, and we see a little boy (who we later find out is Mickey Thomas) staring out too. Then they move onto Mickey, living in the same house years later, watching his girlfriend/wife Sara drive away. It then spins into a montage of memories ranging from Sara the girlfriend/wife, to Sara his mother whom is the woman with the little boy throughout the black and white clips. Absolutely wonderful. The most brilliant part is in the end when he is walking down the road, and the clouds start to roll across the sky and we hear thunder (hence the lyric "Storms are brewing in your eyes"). What a great concept.
Review by: Nick
"Sat In Your Lap", by Kate Bush
This one was a real jaw-dropper. Roller-skating ghosts in dunce-caps? Dancing demons? Flying books? O...kay. And then there's the song itself. A real bold move of Kate to choose such an uncommercial tune as the lead-off single for her new album. She commanded my immediate respect with this.
Review by: Mike
"Save A Little Prayer", by Duran Duran
I love this video cause its so sweet. It really suits the song and is really romantic. I love the sri lankan background.
Review by: Shani
"Save A Prayer", by DuranDuran
This video, along with most of 80's entertainment, capitalized on the most recurring theme of the 80's...decadence. You have a group of guys running around in an exotic land having a good time. Sri Lanka was the setting for this particular video and that brief 3 and some odd minutes of song made that little island look as magical and inviting as any other place on the planet. Too bad Sri Lanka doesn't exist in a vacuum. The world and all its woes has caught up with her.
Review by: JeepThang
"Save It For Later", by English Beat
It was a neat, little, bizarre bar scene...plus I like the song.
Review by: Donna
"Save a Prayer", by Duran Duran
I love this video simply because it is so beautiful and makes me want to pull out a box of kleenex. I just love Simon when he's picking up that little Sri Lankan boy in his arms. Nick and John look so adorable when they are siiting on the elephant's back. Heck- they're all so cute!
Review by: Jean
"Saving All My Love", by Whitney Houston
The video was so romantic and has a good flow as it is like a short romance movie. Oh, and Whitney looks great as well.
Review by: Dean
"Say Goodbye", by Triumph
Actually, this is a correction. The description I submitted for the Triumph song "World Of Fantasy" is actually for the song "Say Goodbye". Is there anyway you could fix this? Thanks!
Review by: Brian Deuel
"Say Hello Wave Goodbye", by Soft Cell
Camp, atmospheric, humour, Blitz Club Style Dancing. Completely embodies the New Romantic genre.
Review by: Michael Halstead
"Say No", by Romeo Void
The video is a bit cheesy although it has very good ideas. Not a bad video for the 80s. I love it.
Review by: j.d.b.
"Say Say Say", by Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney
This is a great video and one of the greatest duets between Paul and Mike.This video is really neat,so any time you see it,keep watching.
Review by: Meagan
"Scandal", by Queen
The video for the song "Scandal", off of Queen's 1989 album "The Miracle", is actually sort of simple. The band performs on a tabloid-inspired stage. It's a real good song, and the video just makes it better.
Review by: Brian Evenson
"Seasons Change", by Expose
The video for this song is pretty cool. Basically it's the 3 girls straightening up a beach house for the winter (hence "seasons change"), and they show Jeanette Jurado singing in between shots of the girls packing up clothes, putting sheets over the furniture and other various things. I love when they're all sitting on the piano singing. It's a great video.
Review by: Nick
"Secret Rendezvous", by Karyn White
Outside the R&B genre, Karyn White was greatly underappreciated. But in this video, she was the star. The sexy and talented Karyn nearly spent the entire video singing, spinning, flirting, and so on. With lyrics like "...gonna lock the door, throw away the key, its ectasy", who wouldn't get excited? When the video was over, and she was finished flirting with her band, Karyn winked at the viewers. (namely me!) Excuse me while I take a really COLD shower!
Review by: Michael H.
"Self Control", by Laura Branigan
it is the best song so that is why i love the video clip
Review by: nathalie
"Send Me An Angel", by Real Life
I just love Real Life and the video is great with the song. Girl being stalked by a lion like man in the woods....its just awesome!!
Review by: yvonne
"Separate Ways", by Journey
2 words: Air Keyboards. The video is sheer genius.
Review by: Lee
"Separate Ways", by Journey
I love this video because I like Journey. It is one of the few videos that they did. I also think it has to be the worst and most funny thing to look at. Its like watching your most embarrassing home movies, you just cringe while watching it. Funny stuff. But I love it. :)
Review by: monica
"Seven Seas", by Echo & The Bunnymen
One of the earliest videos from director Anton Corbijn, which I hadn't seen until I bought "The Work of Anton Corbijn" on DVD. Also one of my favorite songs from Echo & The Bunnymen. The imagery of the fishes, penguins, and some of the band members in costume and the set, several things that lack in music videos today, if there's any.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Seven Wonders", by Fleetwood Mac
I like this video mostly because no one ever gives it any credit.
Review by: James Knight Miller
"Seven Wonders", by Fleetwood Mac
This is such a cool and beautiful video. They band is playing in this colorful room with these random stone columns and there is a symbol of a dragon holding a jewel or something at the very beginning. Very cool video. The song is great, too!
Review by: Jonas
"Sex Talk", by T'Pau
This video was filmed at Manchesters Apollo Theater and I'm in it. When the camera comes from the back of the crowd (there weren't many there) you can see 3 of us jumping about. I'm the one in the cap...we are in it a few times.
Review by: Martin Williams
"Sex. . I'm a . .", by Berlin
This was the video that got me into Berlin's music. The video is full of themes like: fashion, design, love, and trashy atmospheres. John Crawford plays a fashion designer, who creates a drawing of a sexy gal in flashy outfits (Terri); as the video comes to an end,John finally bumps into the girl of his dreams. Terri Nunn and John Crawford make a great team in this way cool vid.
Review by: Julie
"Shadows of the Night", by Pat Benatar
Well done WWII themed video features Benatar as a factory worker daydreaming about leading a small air mission into Nazi territory and blowing up the headquarters. There are also small appearances by Judge Reinhold as an American pilot and Bill Paxton as a Nazi soldier.
Review by: GeneratorX
"Shake Your Love", by Debbie Gibson
An upbeat song/video from 1987 featuring Debbie (now Deborah) Gibson and some dancers on a very colorful set. (some '80's dance pop cliches are in the video) My favorite scene is where Debs is holding a shoe like a phone. (in a 50's convertible.) 100% Good Quality Cheese Not to mention that Debbie was quite a cutie.
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Shakin'", by Eddie Money
This has to be one of his best. From the "band" scenes to the girl picking him up, driving, going to the diner (Rae's) and the great drag race, in which they win. And then at the end she was shakin, and just the look of "Oh-Yea" as he sings into the night with this awesome hit. They just don't make them like this anymore. I even requested this at a recent wedding I was at, EVERYONE remembered it and got up and danced.!! 10 out of 10!!!!
Review by: Jay
"Sharp-Dressed Man", by ZZ Top
MTV was instrumental in the comeback of the Texas rockers. And this sexy video about a nerd's acceptance in high society is the major reason why. And then there are that trio of gorgeous women.
Review by: j.c.
"She Ain't Pretty", by Northern Pikes
I want this video because one of my friends aunts is in this video..well supposidly..but i dont know if i belive her..and i wanted to see if it was actually true..so if n e one has any information about where i can find this video plz e-mail me..and it would be greatly appreciated!! thanks alot...
Review by: Nicole Penney
"She Blinded Me With Science", by Thomas Dolby
We all know there are a lot of great 80's music videos (any Madonna video, "Take On Me," "Sledgehammer," any Duran Duran video, but this is the one video that sums up the essence of the 80's - complete and utter cheesiness. The song is a classic 80's song - that's why it's so great. I'm surprised it wasn't already on here.
Review by: Stephanie
"She Looks A Lot Like You", by The Clocks
I've never seen it and I have known the drummer for 3 years but I he never mentioned he was in a band until recently because he's going on a reunion tour in Kansas City. I wanna see the video to see how good he is :o)
Review by: Anita Schmidt
"She's A Beauty", by The Tubes
It was the very first video I ever seen on MTV . I loved it . Then came the YO! MTV RAPS and it all went downhill . Video killed the radio and rap , then all this other crap like Road Rules , Real Life , etc . killed the video . What happened to just videos , all day and night ?
Review by: Brian
"She's In Parties", by Bauhaus
I love this song , I love the band, and the video is just looks orginal not a lot of props or anything. Peter looks good!
Review by: Mazzy
"She's On It", by Beastie Boys
One of my favorite early Beastie Boys videos that takes place on a beach. It featured many site gags, which reminds me of a Twisted Sister video, & attractive women.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"She's a Beauty", by The Tubes
A video that defines the times in the 1980's. This video rocks because a little boy is riding in a roller coaster cart with an older women. This is a hilarious music video which I first saw when I was five years old (I'm 24 now).
Review by: Danny Marquis
"Sherry", by Steve Perry
I Love This Video,becuase It Has A Very Good Rythum.and I Love Steve Perry, He's My Favorite Artist And His Band Is To.plus Don't Stop Believing,and Also Seperate Way.so If You Can Find It In You Heart To Make Videos On The Internet Please Do.
"Shock The Monkey", by Peter Gabriel
This is, in my opinion, still the best Music Video ever made, period. Its dark, disturbing, provoking, and has none of the usual garbage you see in videos from back then, or even now. Even the way he moves in the video seems in time with the music, very well done. Think it won awards, IMHO it should STILL be winning awards.
Review by: Branto
"A Shoulder To Cry On", by Tommy Page
I love this video because this was the first video that I watched with Tommy Page and I fell in love with it instantly.
Review by: Sheau En
"Shout", by Tears For Fears
This song was the first one that I heard on AC radio when I was growing up in Toronto. Roland and Curt both have such magnificent voices and I had such a crush on Roland that it wasn't even funny.
Review by: Celeste
"Shout", by Grand Prix
"Shout a bit louder, louder. Can you hear me?" Pure genius in my opinion. The video features a guy in a hospital who dreams about doing what he loves, HEADBANGING, in attempt for revival. An early 80's classic that shows clips of the band on stage while the dude dreams he is at their concert. The best part is at the end when he pretends he's a Samurai (name of album) and goes nuts in the hospital. This anthem is exactly what the 80's was all about. Pure Rock and Good Times!!! Special thanks to the ones on the VH1C MBoard who requested this video. I play it all the time!!!!!
Review by: Nick (rockman725)
"Shout", by Tears For Fears
It's just a visually stunning music video. Someone told me that part of the video was filmed in the Isle of Wight. Roland and Curt chose the perfect background to film their music video.
Review by: Celeste
"Show Must Go On", by Queen
A heart wrenching reminiscence of past videos and performances of queen -featuring Freddie Mercury. This video is done in memorial style -posthumously honoring Mercury. The powerful song and sentimental lyrics serve as a memorable if not tearful reminder of what could have been.
Review by: GeneratorX
"Shy Boy (Don't It Make You Feel Good)", by Bananarama
I like the concept of Bananarama giving a young man a makeover to impress the woman he wants to date. And then Bananarama throws water on the couple at the end.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Simply Irresistible", by Robert Palmer
All those gorgous girls in stockings..mmmm...SIMPLE IRRESISTIBLE!!
Review by: Carlos Teja
"Situation/Don't Go/State Farm", by Yaz(yazoo)
There Is No Better Song Ever Than Situation From Yaz And The Hard To Find Videos Are The Best Alison Moyet And Vince Clarke At Their Best!those Colors Those Moves Those Clothes They Definatevely The Best!
Review by: MASTERUDY
"Skyscraper", by David Lee Roth
I believe this was the the music video with Dave made up as the fat guy... where some guy comments on his weight and he shoves him away by the face. The he was rolling around and could'nt get up... I remember it was hilarious but I have never seen it since then. I'd love to find it on video somewhere.. also the David Lee Roth video with the foreign grocer guy and the black chick in it. That was a lot of laughs too. Any info on finding any of this stuff on video, please let me know.
Review by: Mike Weiler
"Slave To The Grind", by Skid Row
It's a good song + video! Rock on!
Review by: Steph
"SledgeHammer", by Peter Gabriel
I remember this video from when i was a kid. Actually other i only remember 3 video's from when i was little. This, Micheal Jackson's Thriller, and Paula Abdul's Opposites attract. Like those, this video was so colorful it was great.
Review by: Bryan
"Sledgehammer", by Peter Gabriel
Did you ever watch this video? I think he took AGES to do it... very good.
Review by: Guillermo Rivera
"Sledgehammer", by Peter Gabriel
As a little girl(early 90's) I was totally amazed by this video. I still love watching the steam train getting around Peter's head---very crazy and fantastic idea!! I also love scenes with quasy-rollercoaster, singing fruit and headless chickens. Last scene is the best. A crowd of people dance in a big surrealistic room and furnitute flies around. Then PG walks in the dark room, covered with shining white dots(stars). Creator of this video is a genius and PG proved (again!) he is a really great performer.
Review by: Larchy
"Sledgehammer", by Peter Gabriel
Is it any wonder this guy had movie offers after this video came out? Simply brilliant use of many different mediums--from fruit that made pictures, to chalk boards to dancing eviscerated chickens. Awesome!
Review by: Andy Tataryn
"Sledgehammer", by Peter Gabriel
Back when I was really young, I didn't even know Nick Park created it. Now that I know, I love it even more, especially the dancing headless chickens!
Review by: Logan Macherone
"Sleeping Bag", by ZZ Top
One of my fave 80's videos... there's an old lady rocking on a porch listing groups of 3 (3 blind mice, 3 musketeers, 3 wise men). Robbers steal some money and this couple spends the video trying to get away from them. The band members help them out by making a bridge and tent for them. Awesome video.
Review by: Lee
"Smiling", by The Cheese
This is the only new wave song I like! There are many others i.e. Asia & Fred Astaire. But I just watch this video only.
Review by: SAM-Indonesia
"Smooth Criminal", by Michael Jackson
I was totally stunned by this video. I loved 'Thriller' and this was even BETTER! Michael is really cool as a 1930's gangster-type and his dance moves are so cool.
Review by: Miakel Laaksonen
"Smooth Criminal", by Michael Jackson
I Love Michael's video Smooth Criminal, the dancing is off the hook and he is the best entertainer! I LOve HIM!!!
Review by: Jasmin
"Smuggler's Blues", by Glenn Frey
This video looks a little like an episode of Miami Vice, which later used the song in an episode and guest-starred Glenn. After a coke buy in Colombia turns deadly, Glenn evades capture by a ruthless DEA agent of replaces his murdered Latin partner with an American girl, played by his wife(at the time). He slips through customs in Miami, but she doesn't even get to her car before being arrested. Meanwhile, Glenn meets with his distributors in a safehouse, disappearing before the cops arrive, and find no trace of drugs. Glenn is cruising out of Miami when he's flagged by a motorcycle cop. He pulls over only to see it's the sleazy DEA man(who looks a lot like Vice's Lt. Castillo) with his gun drawn. His run from the law is over, but I never get tired of this song.
Review by: C.T. Warren
"So Long", by Fischer-Z
Well it's about some guy's girlfriend dumping him and there's a Humphrey Bogart lookalike and the song just rocks and well what can I say the band is just soooo different than any other band and much better than most 80s bands, anyway this song and video just rock
Review by: John Robertson
"Some Like It Hot", by The Power Station
A great song/video from 1985 featuring Power Station (Robert Palmer, John Taylor, Andy Taylor, and one of the members of Chic). The video includes a great animation sequence of a woman dancing, neon colors,camera effects, and a good looking woman. The video actually fits into the song. May be a bit dated by today's standards, but still fun to watch.
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Somebody's Baby", by Jackson Browne
Fairly simple video with the band in a warehouse, but the tune is what catches most people. One can always seem to recall where they were, and who they were with when this song comes on. This is from "Fast Times at Ridgemount High", one the the best movies from the 80's and of all time.
Review by: Jay
"Somebody's Out There", by Triumph
It was a great video. Rik Emmett had his best wardrobe choices there, and I loves his haircut! Not to mention it was a catchy song. Was? It is a catchy song...
Review by: Madonna Dickinson
"Somebody's Watching Me", by Rockwell
Sung by Berry Gordy's son, this song was about a paranoid situation. Of course, the video is a complete nightmare. Michael Jackson sings in the chorus.
Review by: Jaime Zapata
"Something About You", by Level 42
i love this video because it shows the British countryside from the train and it has that guy with the painted face and weird looking suit on. Its just something about it!
Review by: Kate
"Something About You", by Level 42
This song is quite possibly the best I've heard--not just from the '80s, but of all time in my view. To this day, no other song that I've heard has had a catchier hook and melody than "Something About You." Though it annoyed me that I couldn't understand what Mark King (The lead singer) was saying with his thick british accent, the entertaining video made up for it. All four band members being played by one woman, while a man dressed like the riddler in clown make-up (Also played by King) watches the events unfold. My favorite part of the video featured band keyboardist Mike Lindup arguing with the woman all the band members are after, while the riddler-looking clown looks through a window at the couple, then turns his head to the camera with a confused look on his face, as to say to Lindup,"Don't you know she's playin' you, man?"
Review by: Allen Carter
"Something About You", by Level 42
I love this video and song because it brings up great memories of being in high school. Every once in a while I'll put in my Level 42 video tape and watch all their videos with a great big grin on my face!
Review by: Jeanine
"Something In My Heart", by Michel'le
I love this song becuase the artist expresses her self openly, her voice is so soothing and compelling for this love ballad. Also during the time the song was release i was a young teenager in love with someone who put "something in my heart".Please find and e-mail this video for me i've been seeking this video for years i do hear it on the radio time to time,but the video is what captured me. It is a R&B singer by the name of michel'le who came out in the late 80's early 90's. her name should be spelled exactly the way i spelled it with a hyphine between the l's. thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much.
Review by: kim
"Something In The Way You Make Me Feel", by Stephanie Mills
i love the video because if you listen to the words it really does send a positive message.also the video is very colorful i loved all of the outfits she changed into for the video.my sr year in high school.
Review by: jerri major
"Sometimes", by Erasure
a cool video,also on top of a building.
Review by: zara
"Somewhere Out There", by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram
A middle-aged woman looks out of a window, and a man and a woman walk along a beach. (Note: This is from the "An American Tale" Soundtrack.)
Review by: Cody Finke
"Song and Dance", by John Cafferty
The video was shot in Point Judith, RI. The song is pretty cool.
Review by: Al
"Sowing The Seeds Of Love", by Tears For Fears
This music video is awesome like a 3D vitural ride like a ride you see at Walt Disney World.
Review by: Gregory Holmstrom
"Sowing The Seeds Of Love", by Tears For Fears
The video was absolutely INCREDIBLE! It featured Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith walking and singing. Along the way, they encountered bowing birds, a flying umbrella, a flying violin and bow, an opera screamer, a peacock, etc. At the end of the video, a sunflower seed, planted by Orzabal, grew into a beanstalk-sized sunflower as it grows into space almost. WOW!
Review by: Michael
"Spirit of Radio (The)", by Rush
The video for this great rock anthem is just a live shot- them on their 1984 tour. But it is so great, close-ups of the drummer/lyricist Neil Peart with his long braid attached to short hair-cut, Geddy Lee lookin' stylish in clothes that his wife picked out (& 80's Steinberger bass)- and Alex Lifeson with his 80's workout pants and Miami Vice white Jacket jumping around whilst playing very well. This is a song & video combo. that you just want to jump around to and play loud! :O)
Review by: Eric
"Spirits In The Material World", by The Police
This video shows the band on a stage (I think it is). The video looks like it's dark on the stage. They all play the instruments. It is such a great video.
Review by: Cody
"Square Biz", by Tina Marie
I love Tina Marie and my son wanted to see what she looked like. She had a powerful voice but she seemed to drop off the face of the earth.
Review by: Luz Perez
"St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)", by John Parr
Granted, it's kinda cheesy, but I loved it. You have John himself sitting in St. Elmo's Bar, which looks like it, ironically, caught on fire. It shows the actual gang (Emilio, Demi and so forth) looking in at him singing while clips of the movie play. Then in the end he kind of approaches each of the characters while singing the song. I liked it, even if there are some very corny parts.
Review by: Nick
"Stand", by REM
Yeah, REM was still a bit of an underground group, but they had good music throughout the 80s. I love how carefree this whole video is. I mean, would you take it seriously after watching those adults dance?
Review by: dlCamelot
"Stand And Deliver", by Adam And The Ants
I just love it. It's funny and it catches the mood of 80's.
Review by: laibach
"Stand And Deliver", by Adam & The Ants
Adam Ant was the 80's first real idol. With an image you had to love and the thrilling rhythms of the band, Adam & The Ants still stand out as one of the most innovative and groundbreaking bands of the 80's. Stand And Deliver was unusual for several reasons: First of all, until that point in time most videos were boring introductions of a band playing their instruments. Second, the cool image of Adam Ant as the higwayman still stands out in my mind as one of the most important video moments of the 80's.
Review by: Gorm
"Stand Back", by Stevie Nicks
I just love this video!!!! Stevie nicks is so cute in this video. One of her best songs EVER!! Stevie you rule.
Review by: carrie maurer
"Stand Back", by Stevie Nicks
What is there to say about a Stevie Nicks video that hasn't been said before? She is one of the best singers ever, and this video is no exception. Stevie twirling in chiffon, wearing lots of flowing garments and just belting out a great song. I love the part where she's on the conveyour belt and the lights dim so you can see her arms outspread with her robes just billowing in the wind. Absolutely awesome!
Review by: Nick
"Stand By", by Roman Holiday
Roman Holiday was a Brit-pop band that had roots in East Coast Swing. Lots of horns mixed w/ electric rhythms. Although the band went "glam" on their second album its their first, "Cooking On /the Roof," that they are remembered for. Their videos, especially "Stand By" had 40's flavor w/ period clothing and style.
Review by: Terry
"Stand By Me", by Ben E. King
i like this video bcoz my fav actor is in it river phoenix and id love to c the music video again
Review by: lucille
"Stand Or Fall Mtv", by The Fixx
cy curnin just looks great
Review by: tom
"State Of The Heart", by Rick Springfield
This song came out just about at the end of his popularity amongst the mainstream. There is just something about the look and moodiness of the song that grabs my attention immediately. Out of all the videos I can remember, that one clearly comes up before most others. Rick looked great, but sad.
Review by: Calvin Lawrence
"Stay The Night", by Chicago
Great video. Peter Cetera is fixing this girl's car and then she steals it. He does his best "T.J. Hooker" imitation in this video and in the end gets blown up. Throughout the video, Chicago's other band members play other parts... cops, tow truck operator, etc.
Review by: Dennis
"Staying Together", by Debbie Gibson
Teen pop videos aren't the way they used to be. This music video featured clips from Debbie Gibson's "Live In Concert: The Out of the Blue Tour" and candid footage from backstage. Much like most hairband power ballad videos... like "Home Sweet Home" from Motley Crue, but Debbie Gibson was more in the bubblegum pop genre.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Step On", by Happy Mondays
A fun video that spoofs Japanese vartiety shows that I recently discovered on a compilation DVD with other great clips.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Steppin' Out", by Joe Jackson
The whole 'Night and Day' album tried to capture the feeling of NYC in the 1930s, and I think it succeeded nicely. Jackson playing the piano in the next room while a hotel maid plays 'pretend' with the trappings of a wealthy guest is original and classy.
Review by: Shane
"Stone Cold", by Rainbow
Creepy video with Ritchie Blackmore walking around in this wasteland scenario, and these people with really frightening transparent masks on. Scared the hell out of me every time.
Review by: liz
"Story Of The Blues", by Wah!
this video was simple,pete wylie looks young and pretty,he walks into the bar,starts dancing,singing,but people wouldn't listen,they ignored wylie then poor wylie walks out,i didn't get this video at first,why don't he go into the bar,and ask for a drink,anyway it's a good video and colourful
Review by: zara
"Straight Up", by Paula Abdul
I am a dancer myself and seeing Paula tap dance in that video is awesome!
Review by: Taylor
"Straight up", by Paula Abdul
Excited for this song
Review by: Jessica
"Strange Animal", by Gowan
I don't know if any non-Canadians have heard of Gowan, but this was a cute video. Gowan plays a wild man who has apparently never seen any other humans until he's captured by a group of scientists who want to study this "strange animal." I love the way he uses a bone as a microphone and lip syncs the lyrics. And I love the way he dances.
Review by: Rainbow
"Strange Animal", by Gowan
I like how he runs around and the catchy tune. My little one believe there is a strange animal dancing on the tv towers. I would like to find this video to show them the strange animal
Review by: lisa peepeetch
"Strangelove (1988 Version)", by Depeche Mode
Because I like Depeche Mode (DM in short), and I think the 1988 version of the Strangelove video (in color) has a great atmosphere of the video along with projections showing symbols relating to DM (ie: megaphone). Plus, all the members of the band look good there. ;)
Review by: AstroRage
"Stranger in Town", by Toto
This very dark, black and white video based on the 1961 film "Whistle Down the Wind" features Brad Dourif as a wanted man being hunted by the police. While trying to escape he finds temporary refuge in a barn and is mistaken for Jesus Christ by some of the small children. Dourif is asked to read a bit from the Bible as the kids gather to listen, and while doing so he is captured by the police. This is Toto's best video. Dourif is great, his expressions and body language are more than enough to understand the storyline; this along with Toto's haunting score creates more of a film short rather than a music video. Awesome directing and editing makes this one of the best produced music videos.
Review by: GeneratorX
"Stray Cat Strut", by The Stray Cats
You can't beat a stand-up bass and slick pompadour hairdos for pure camp appeal, plus a it's a cool song. The Cats were unique with their whole Rockabilly thing, and campy uniqueness was the hallmark of the 80's.
Review by: Dina Kane
"Street Of Dreams", by Rainbow
It had a plot. It had a lovely cast. It rocked. A Sigmund Freud-like shrink does hypnosis on a patient who has the same dream about a beautiful woman being tied up. It turns out there is a woman being tied up---in the shrink's hidden room next to his office. The man discovers this, overpowers the shrink and he and the woman live insane ever after.
Review by: music
"Stuck With You", by Huey Lewis And The News
This video is great because the chick in this video is hot... and happens to be Keely Shaye-Smith, which is Pierce Brosnan's wife. Good song, great 80s band - awesomne video.
Review by: Adu the Guru
"Subdivisions", by Rush
Truly a video about growing up. The high-school scenes, crusing, the partys. And when Dad shuts off the TV and throws the books at his son, that was me!!!
Review by: David Campion
"Such A Shame", by Talk Talk
It's a weird video...totally full of contrasts. Although it's not a cheerful song, band members look very happy. They're playing their instruments in a funny way. Also, gestures of the vocalist (like a lunatic) are very strange. You should watch this video.
Review by: Mandorallen
"Summer Wind", by The Desert Rose Band
Most of the video was shot on a beach. The rolling waves were really pretty, even in black and white. Also, the video featured a beautiful little girl with long curly hair playing on the beach (since the lead singer was singing about his daughter). At one point, the video was in color and it shows the little girl in a split screen. One screen shows her running toward the camera and smiling, and the other screen is a close-up of her looking off into the distance and putting her hand over her heart.
Review by: Nicole
"Summertime Love", by Sabrina
Although the song nor the clip is very good, it definitely deserves a spot in the most special clips of the 80s list. I don't believe anyone ever sold herself out the way sabrina salerno did (up until the britney's started at least)
Review by: Willem
"Sun Always Shines On Tv", by A-ha
It's real 80's I think. Bright song and great strong video - where three handsome talented guys are searcing for "the way to keep the trouble distant". This video has such a power that you can't take your eyes off it.
Review by: Elena
"Sun Always Shines on TV", by A-ha
The beginning of this video continued the story from the "Take on Me" video. It's quite sad because Morten turned back into a cartoon character and left the girl behind. I don't see how this connected to the rest of the video, but heck, I still enjoyed it. I loved the way they made it seem that the mannequins were playing the instruments.
Review by: Nina
"Sussudio", by Phil Collins
A band of players (The way they do to classical music) with him singing the line "sss-sussudio". I can't believe the video!
Review by: Cody Finke
"Sweet Child O' Mine", by Guns N' Roses
I LOVE this video because axl Rose is soooooooo hot in it, and plus its my favortie song by any band alive!!!
Review by: Sheila McGowan
"Sweet Child O' Mine", by Guns N' Roses
I love this song, I love this video. I like that Axl wrote the song for Erin Everly and she is featured in the video. I like the use of black and white, it gives it a classic look. But this is a stellar video, I just like watching the whole band perform in the early days of their career.
Review by: Axl's Girl
"Sweet Dream (Are Made Of This)", by Eurythmics
The video is so awesome where Annie Lennox wears a men suit and an orange hair that she had and Dave Stewart that had short tall hair and sunglasses and a suit he wear and typing on the computer. The video is also where they start in the confrence room when Annie is standing to teach and Dave is typing as it goes from the confrence room to the lake and a farm of where the cows as the cow goes around the confrence room and at the end is Annie's bedroom where she turns off the light. It was the greatest music video as it was the first second music video by the Eurythmics after their first one from the 1981 In The Garden album that is Never Gonna Cry Again.
Review by: Gregory Holmstrom
"Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)", by Eurythmics
WOW, what a video! The beginning kinda reminds me of The Matrix, but the bass players in the video are using the wrong type of bass. They are playing an acoustic bass when the bass in the song is actually a synth bass.
Review by: Nathan
"Synchronicity 2", by The Police
I love that video.I just love when Andy Summers being Pete Townshend and Sting as Roger Daltrey and Stewart Copeland as Keith Moon.The colors on their clothes matches the album cover and I love when Sting was hanging on the rope in the beginning.
Review by: Damar Fulmore
"Synchronicity II", by The Police
This video of the band in a junkyard showed that the Police could do any kind of music and still ROCK. I'm not sure if this video is a parody of heavy metal bands, but I love the destruction in it. By the way... I don't think they ever made a video for King of Pain.
Review by: matt b

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