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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Mad About You", by Belinda Carlisle
I like her dancing and singing her song at the beach.
Review by: Cody Finke
"Mad World", by Tears For Fears
I loved watching this video when I was a kid even though I didn't quite understand the song. There was something about Roland Orzabal's free style dancing in the middle of this video that made me happy to see it.
Review by: Celeste
"Magic", by The Cars
Song rocks. I like how Ric Ocasek is standing and walking on the surface of the swimming pool water.
Review by: Corrupt200
"Magic's Wand", by Whodini
Old School Rap... Ya gotta luv it... it was also featured on the VICE CITY soundtrack ...a very early rap video.
Review by: COBALT60
"Maid Of Orleans", by OMD
Beautiful scenery and a romantic mysterious plot. The song and the clip match completely. I still get shivers when I see it on tv.
Review by: Mario
"Major Tom (I'm Coming Home)", by Peter Schilling
This video is good. Peter had really good looks and was very cute in his close-ups. He also added space clips from NASA and added a pileup of cars for some reason. You go Peter!
Review by: alana
"Making Love Out Of Nothing At All", by Air Supply
Absolutely awesome video. Rare instance where the song and video are both equally superb. Saw it on a rented video in 1985, and have longed to see it again ever since, but could never find it! But so strong was the video that I have it running in my mind even now! I'll be greatful if some one could tell me how I can get a copy of that original video...Thanks!
Review by: Saad Zahur Khan
"Making Love Out Of Nothing At All", by Air Supply
The video that got me listening to Air Supply. That song was one hallava love song. The video was awesome... The army guy picking up the fallen groceries of the blonde lady who dropped them; the scene at the gas station, the argument between the couple; all fits in so aptly with the lyrics: the best love song of the 80s without doubt! I'm surprised that it wasn't mentioned.
Review by: Vilas Viswanathan
"Mama", by Genesis
I love this video because it features this psychedelic and very emotional performance by Phil Collins; otherwise the song is such a emotional and epic highlight!
Review by: P. Bateman
"Man In The Mirror", by Michael Jackson
very touching,great ,passionate vocal performance!!
Review by: costas
"Maneater", by Daryl Hall & John Oates
This marked a departure from the boiler-plate videos they did previously. The band members come to life one by one after the music starts, and the way they manipulated the lighting and shadows kind of reminded me of an old "Batman" episode for some reason. I actually think the video was better than the song.
Review by: Shane
"Maneater", by Hall and Oats
Its a great song and band. The video was unique and different.
Review by: Robyn Woods
"Mary's Prayer", by Danny Wilson
A poignant song about letting the "one" get away. Everyone has one of these stories (Hi Julie :) ). A classic melody. Beautiful song and a classy video.
Review by: Brian Deuel
"Mary's Prayer", by Danny Wilson
A very arty video which still brings my emotions to the surface every time I watch it. Although the "Mary" I associate it with has changed, it's still an amazing video and amazing song. This and A-ha's "Take On Me" were easily the top two videos of the 80s.
Review by: Goose
"Mary's Prayer", by Danny Wilson
Really Lovely Song!
Review by: Fabio
"Master And Servant", by Depeche Mode
Just because its Depeche Mode i Love them.
Review by: Drusilla
"Material Girl", by Madonna
First of all this video was the first where Madonna pretended being a diva. On the other hand it shows the irony of the song cause Madonna takes the poor guy in the end.
Review by: Nicola
"Me and My Wine", by Def Leppard
Not only is the song totally cool, but the video is hilarious....really reminds me of the old British Comedy series from around the same time frame- "The Young Ones"...The Lepps totally rock out, but also, the video is soooooo funny!!!!! finding one of them in the bathroom...Joe trying to make a cup of tea in a filthy kitchen that any health dept would condemn..Too bad they didn't make anymore fun videos like this one!
Review by: Genita Love
"Meltdown At Madame Tussaud's", by Steve Taylor
I never did like Steve or his songs, but this iconoclastic video where he turns the heat up on the famous museum and the Madame's celebrity statues was one of his best. Fortunately for non-Christians, there was no real meltdown at Madame Tussaud's.
Review by: j.c.
"Metalhead", by Blotto
A great parody of everything metal, from headbanging to leather to drinking to drum solos. The best moment is near the end, when a motorcycle gang kicks a helmet off the ground and right between the legs of Blotto's lead singer. It's just cool.
Review by: Robb Luehr
"Mexican Radio", by Wall of Voodoo
This was a great song by a great man (Stan Ridgeway) and his band. The video was dark and colorful, and like nothing else I'd ever seen, plus the tune was great! I loved the background sounds of am-sounding radio in Spanish - like faraway signals you'd pick up on your radio at night when there were lots of sunspots to help the frequency. Wish they would get back together and tour.
Review by: Tina
"Mexican Radio", by Wall of Voodoo
Barbecued iguana and a face full of beans. Pretty funny video.
Review by: Maureen
"Mexican Radio", by Wall of Voodoo
Nice flippant tune, gives feel of being in "Tiajuana, eating barbecued Iguana"..end shot with the front man's head in a bowl of beans was daring in its day.
Review by: Douglas Self
"Mickey", by Toni Basil
It's not technically the best video, but I always liked the simplicity of it. Although Toni Basil makes a really frightening cheerleader...
Review by: Kris
"Midnight Mover", by Accept
Man, did "The Matrix" rip off this video or what? One of the videos most likely to cause your head to explode upon prolonged viewing? Definately. Jammin' riffs too.
Review by: Scott
"Mind Of A Toy", by Visage
Very new-romantic style; kids with painted faces dressed up playing with toys, dollhouses, stuffed animals, etc.
Review by: Mr.J.
"Miracle Man", by Ozzy Osbourne
It's so funny the way he rags on Jimmy Swaggart throughout this video. The story is, televangelist Jimmy sleeps with a prostitute after calling Ozzy an agent of the devil. Then Jimmy confesses his sin on tv. Ozzy thus begins to make the video inside a church full of pigs, and relentless lines like "Now Jimmy he got busted/with his pants down" at which point in the video Ozzy is walking around and his pants fall down and he yanks them back up. There's a lot of pig humping as well. A rather hilarious video...I love it!!
Review by: Charles
"Misled", by Kool And The Gang
Its just thrilling, like a good movie!
Review by: tony sims
"Missed Again", by Phil Collins
This goofy video was launched a recurring theme in PC videos-- Multiple Phils! Against an all-white background, we see seven different versions of Phil in varying outfits, playing instruments that aren't there. It starts with Phil on drums(of course), then two horn section Phils on sax & trumpet, a singing Phil, Phil on keyboard during the chorus, and continual filps to two Phils playing air guitar & bass. The special effects are state-of-the-art for 1981, but it's still a cool video to watch. the Multiple Phil gag was repeated in his clips for "You Can't Hurry Love" and "Two Hearts".
Review by: C.T. Warren
"Missing You", by John Waite
Oh Come On, I love how mushy John Waite gets in this powerful chart topper yeah he slammed the pay phone and injures wrist but thats not why I love this video I love it cause John is showing a fairly softer side rather than his bad boy side when he was with The Babys or Bad English but its So 80s with a touch of West Hollywood PEACE OUT LOVE Rosie
Review by: Rosie H. Weinstein
"Missionary Man", by Eurythmics
Annie looks very sexy in this especially with the red lipstick on and the black cat suit-type thing. Her curves are to die for! That's why I like it. The way she moves and everything!
Review by: Heather-Lily
"Modern Day Love", by Dial M
Kinda dark, gloomy setting but the tune kept you mistified and wondering what the hell is this tune about?!
Review by: Eddie Silva
"Moments In Love", by Art Of Noise
Ice dancing contest, and a singing turtle. At the end, the judges hold up their scores - which spell out DON'T BE AFRAID. I dunno - it seemed like art at the time.
Review by: alf
"Moonlight Desires", by Gowan
The mystic feel of this video makes me wish I could get a video or better yet a DVD of this video. Does anyone know where one could go online to buy a DVD of Gowan's music "Moonlight Desires"? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
Review by: Teresa Spanics
"Moonlight Desires", by Gowan
A great video. Whenever I hear this song, I just want to run right out and dance on a Mayan pyramid. And for Jared Brookes, yes, Larry is front man for Styx on their tour.
Review by: David Loewen
"More Than This", by Roxy Music
Christian imagery, haunting vocals and a slick post modern video look. It was made for agnostic appeal.
Review by: Jim Gause
"More Than This", by Roxy Music
I love this video because i just love the song. Also, Bryan Ferry is one of my idols to look up to.
Review by: K
"Moring Star", by Rechie Blackmoor
styl very fun music
Review by: abdelstar
"Mr. Roboto", by Styx
Man, this video rocked! The only equivalent I've seen nowadays is Bjork's "All full of love." You have to give Styx credit for trying to create a mini-motion picture, with the video to Mr. Roboto. It was a bold and (at the time) very expensive effort. Damn cool song, too (is that a Jupiter 8 I hear?) -- Jared. Hey, what's this about Larry Gowan playing for Styx now? Is that true? Kinda' cool, if it is.
Review by: Jared Brookes
"Musique Non Stop", by Kraftwerk
Amazing video made with computer animation
Review by: Marcelo Figueroa
"My Heart Goes Bang", by Dead Or Alive
It was love at first sight from the moment I first saw Pete Burns in "That's They Way (I Like It)". I adored this song and I thought he looked fantastic in this video with his ripped denims and black leather jacket. I always wanted to be the flower he put in his mouth as he wiggled his ass to this camp, hi-nrg tune. GET ME TO THE DOCTOR!! Cos my heart goes bang, bang, bang, bang when I see Pete Burns!
Review by: Darren
"My Name Is Norman Bates", by Landscape
Mtv played this all the time back in the early days around 1982. Needless to say there was a lot of black-and-white Psycho-esque references. Oh, and I always got a kick out of the title of the album in the lower left hand corner: "From the Tearooms of Mars To The Hellholes Of Uranus".
Review by: liz
"My Own Way", by Duran Duran
The video is a different version than that of the one on the album, "Rio". But it's just as great with its livlier beat, and the guys look fabulous as usual.
Review by: N
"Mysterious Girl", by Peter Aundrey
because his in it and he has a great voice
Review by: hollie

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