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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"California Girls", by David Lee Roth
80's at its best. Super cheesy and Diamond Dave at his best. Very funny video. Loved that one.
Review by: Steve Perez
"Call Me", by Go West
By the concept, the images and obvious the music
Review by: Anna Marie
"Call Me Al", by Paul Simon
I love this video because this song was playing at a favorite pub the night my husband proposed to me. A group of girls was singing it and doing the steps like the video. I always remember it as being very funny.
Review by: Meggan Gallagher
"Cambodia", by Kim Wilde
A brilliant video from 1982 from the sultry Kim Wilde. The video is a mix of a war film and a typical early '80's video. My favorite scene is towards the end where Kim Wild has body paint on her arms & face. Not to mention that she looked HOT!!!
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Can You Feel It", by Jacksons
"Can You Feel It" is an amazing song by The Jacksons and the video is fantastic. I think it is good where Michael and his brothers are really big in the video and there are children and other people looking up at them, giving power to the world trying to make it a better place.
Review by: kimberly hicks
"Can You Stand The Rain", by New Edition
This is one of my favorite songs from New Edition. The video is great.
Review by: Kate
"Cardiac Arrest", by Madness
Without question one of the funniest and just downright happy videos I've ever seen. This poor guy stressing about work, and all the people on the crowded and running-late bus can do is just turn around, with big smiles, and singing jaunty tunes while playing a xylophone. Wicked!!!!
Review by: Peter
"Careless Whisper", by Wham
This was by far one of the best 80's videos - the song was breathtaking and the video itself was wonderful - I loved George Michael and regardless of what he does in his personal life, he is a great singer and musician. Please post this message. Thank you.
Review by: Roberta Patrick
"Careless Whisper", by Wham
Brilliant video, amazing voice, a perfect tune for the turny round slowly dance at the school or youth club disco.
Review by: Jay
"Cars", by Gary Numan
I love this video! To me it captures the new wave era effect. Plus I think Gary Numan is just cool!!!
Review by: Cindy M (Numanoid)
"Catapillar Girl", by The Cure
Review by: Robert Smith has such a cute personality! A fun, upbeat video from the band.
"Catch Me I'm Falling", by Pretty Poison
This one-hit wonder was a great one. It's from the movie soundtrack "Hiding Out" starring Jon Cryer (Duckie from Pretty in Pink). It's about a 30-year-old business man who has a run-in with the mob, so he calls up his cousin and changes his entire appearance to look like a 17-year-old high school student, then attends his cousin's school. He enters a math contest and wins and gets his picture in the newspaper. That's when the mob finds out where he's been "hiding out..."
Review by: Saira
"Catch My Fall", by Billy Idol
Wow. One of my favorite videos since I saw it on VH1 Classic earlier in 2005. And the shower scene is to die for. The song is great and the ace of spades landing on his back, the canteen getting shot and Steve Stevens guitar is so cool. Neon pink, orange and yellow. It totally stands out of the dark video. And the change from Billy's "room" to like the "forest" w/ the band playing w/ fire in the background is so cool!
Review by: Mary
"Centerfold", by J. Geils Band
I love the way the girl simply take the skimpy nighties and slip off to dawn them,, some of the girls were quite hot ( even with the dated dews) and love the way they frolicked.. learned later them vid was shot at an elementary school in the wee hours of the AM.
Review by: Gary
"Centipede", by Rebbie Jackson
I love the video because of the effect that she has on men. How devious and sassy she is! The video is just wonderful!
Review by: Jamye Peterson
"The Chauffeur", by Duran Duran
The whole thing is great in this video! O'kay, it's full of...u-h-m-m-m-m...cheap and pretencious romance, but, well, its so amazing!
Review by: oleg
"Cherish", by Madonna
Grrrrrrrr!!!! Madonna probably the hottest she ever was. You can view the clip at her homeage (madonna.com) very VERY nice.
Review by: Rcihard
"Cherry Pie", by Warrant
"Cherry Pie" is one of the most humorous, entertaining, as well as catchy songs that I have ever heard from an 80's band.
Review by: Nick
"Cherry Pie", by Warrant
This video is soooooo 80's, it's insane. Greatest hair band video ever. Plus, that is one hot girl.
Review by: Ray
"China Girl", by David Bowie
David Bowie is very sexy in the end of this video where he is butt naked on the beach, and it is a great song too which reminds me of my teenage years.
Review by: Monique
"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)", by U2
One of my all-time favorite holiday videos & songs from the 1980's. The video looked as if it were done for "Rattle & Hum". Definitely a classic.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Circle In The Sand", by Belinda Carlisle
This was a way excellent video. I loved the way it showed the beach with a picture hanging on a line, which was Belinda singing the song. It was always one of my favorite songs and videos.
Review by: Nick
"Close To Me", by The Cure
This is a great video featuring Robert Smith and his band mates inside a chest on the edge of a cliff. Funny that it wasn't listed on "MTV 100 Greatest Videos of 1985", but in 1999 it was ranked as the 80th greatest video of all time. My favorite part was when the chest fell into the water and the band kept on playing. There's also a video for the remix from 1990 that shows the band in the sea.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Closer (to The Edit)", by The Art Of Noise
I love it because it's the best anti-video, and it trumps anything that Spike Jonz does. They don't even appear in it at all. Instead we are treated to a punk midgit throwing sheet music in the air, followed by a wrecking crew obliterating their instruments as they are played in the song.
Review by: Mr. Media
"Cloudbusting", by Kate Bush
Surely one of the best 80s videos ever. The rain machine was created by the same guy who designed the aliens [from Alien]... H. R. Giger. But the story in the video was wonderful. I also liked Experiment IV from Kate as well... as it was very creepy :)
Review by: Wolfie!
"Cloudbusting", by Kate Bush
Donald Sutherland!Need i say more?????
Review by: Avril
"Cloudbusting", by Kate Bush
Kate is such a versatile and talented artist and this video proves it. It is my all-time favorite. I love it because unlike other 80's videos, it tells a story. Watching it is like watching a 4 minute movie. And also, who else but Kate could convince Donald Sutherland to star in it???
Review by: Julie
"Cold Hearted", by Paula Abdul
This has to be one of the hottest video's of the late 80's. After this video was first shown....Paula mania was inevitable (for a short while obviously) None-the-less the hot dance moves in this particular video are electrifying...and I wish they had made cold hearted part II!
Review by: Stacy
"Coldhearted", by Paula Abdul
A great clip, from 1989, featuring the lovely Paula Abdul & dancers on a dance studio with several critics watching. The video is inspired by Bob Fosse. And Paula Abdul looked hot. She sure could dance her butt off.
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Come Back", by Trees
Here's one of the earliest videos I remember ever seeing on MTV. The song itself was very cool, very catchy synth-pop. Shot on video and with that "blank white background" look that was so popular at the time, the video was totally cheesy and looked as though it cost about $5 to make. I mainly remember the "Blisterine" T-shirt the singer wore in the video. I used to have that shirt!
Review by: Mike
"Come On Eileen", by Dexy's Midnight Runners
Just a brilliant song and a great, romantic and fascinating video. Filmed on the poor streets of Lambeth, with the band dressed as urban gypsies-- dirty, disreputable corner boys.
Review by: Lynda
"Come On Eileen", by Dexy's Midnight Runners
Review by: natasha
"Come Undone", by Duran Duran
the song is beautiful, the guys are great (especially john, he is adorable!) and then the video was really cool, inspired a lot afterwards that started copying the aquarium think and the sharks!duran has always been the leaders in video making! I really love them!!!!
Review by: nicoletta
"Computer Games", by Yellow Magic Orchestra
I want to buy the video!
Review by: Eddie
"Control I'm Here", by Nitzer Ebb
This video is basically the band performing and Douglas McCarthy lip-synching in black and white with probably random color scenes composited over them picture-in picture with all those scenes filmed in some kind of factory rooftop, and the song is kinda cool with the use of beats in this tune.
Review by: AstroRage
"Cool It Now", by New Edition
This was the video that started me to like New Edition. The scenes I like in this video are. First, when the video begins and Ralph is not paying attention to the game only to his girl, and Ronnie passes him the ball and shouts "Yo, Ralph". Second, both of the rap parts, and finally, near the end of the video where the fellas walk back to the park and the others get distracted by their girls while they were singing their lines, and get greeted by them leaving Ralph behind to wait for his girl to greet him. It is my all-time favorite video from N.E., even though I was three years old at the time when it came out, and the song itself was #1 on the R&B Charts in late August of '84.
Review by: Chris Foster
"Cool Places", by Sparks & Jane Wiedlin
A fun video from 1983 from Sparks & Jane Wiedlin (from The Go Go's) The video featured them dancing/fooling around a "blue screen" with moutains, a room, etc. Typical cliches from ealy '80's videos are also seen. My favorite scene is when one of the members of Sparks did a "sword" trick with Jane Wiedlin. 100% Good Quality Cheese. Not to mention Jane Weidlin looked cute in the video.
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Countdown", by Rush
Cool video about the first launch of the space shuttle. It uses actual recordings of mission controllers and the astronauts. Especially poignant due to the recent loss of the shuttle Columbia which was featured in the video.
Review by: Larry Rodriguez
"Cradle of Love", by Billy Idol
Not sure if this is 80s as I believed it debuted in 1990, but still one of my favorites. The song is sultry and inviting. I enjoyed the 80s decor of the interior to include the Nagel(esque) wall-hangings. And oh yeah, not sure if she was 'really' a minor (i hope she wasn't) but she was 3 shades of hot. Her dancing, her expressions ... everything
Review by: Trace
"Crazy", by Aerosmith
I love 80s music and I especially love aerosmith! This video is great because it has his daughter liv tyler and alesha silverstone in it.
Review by: Blaine Gilliam
"Crazy", by Aerosmith
i love this video because of alicia's beatiful face
Review by: abner baliw
"Crazy About Her", by Rod Stewart
I just crack up everytime I see this video. I guess it's supposed to take place in the 50's--it's shot in black and white in a bar, and Rod's hair is slicked back! Shows him singing intercut with sexy shots of the woman he's "crazy" about. One of my favorite Rod videos.
Review by: David Lyons
"Crazy Train", by Ozzy Osbourne
This video is one of the greatest to remember, especially for Randy Rhoads fans. It was made as a tribute to Randy after he died, and the effects of real clips and photos of Randy make it even better!
Review by: Madonna Dickinson
"Crazy Train", by Ozzy Osbourne
Cause I liked his clothing,and the guitars
Review by: andrew gomez
"A Criminal Mind", by Gowan
Review by: Although this is a little known song and video, I think it is a real classic. I lived the animation throughout the whole video.
"Cruel Summer", by Bananarama
Back in the mid 80's, say 1985 I was listening to my old boom box and heard this wonderful sounding female British band singing about how cruel summer was, it had a nice beat and the female singers voices were to die for! Approx. that same month my Father took me out to the movies, we saw The Karate Kid. During this movie about 25-30 minutes into it, this song came on, the same one that I fell in love with on my boom box. Due to the fact that I loved the movie and also that song, it left a very strong impression with me, that to me was what the 80's, at that point in time was all about. In real life with the same clothing styles and big hair and bubble gum songs that the movie had, to me was what it was all about! I so much love the 80's. With all of it's cutting edge TV shows like Miami Vice, that kind of set the benchmark for TV shows of today! Sports jackets and levi blue jeans, Rebock high top shoes with the laces hanging off of them, skinny black thin ties, men wearing ear rings in their left ears, women wearing dark black eye shadow, rubber bracelets and the words "dude" being used every other word. I miss the 80's, it was a simple time, full of hope and promise of better things to come. I am now 33 years old, born in 1970, I don't really recall the 70's stuff, but when 1980 hit, boy let me tell you I was totally into it! Thank you for your time and you have yourself one wonderful site here...thanks for sharing! Aaron Grace
Review by: Aaron Grace
"Crush On You", by The Jets
I LOVE this song. The video isn't all that great, but I love it 'cause it brings back memories of when I first saw it back in '86...God I miss the 80's.
Review by: Denise M.
"Cry", by Godley & Creme
A very neat and innovative song and video from the duo that also directed "Every Breath You Take" by The Police. A B/W video with several morphing faces on it. I always liked how Cry was sung.
Review by: Woody
"Cum On Feel The Noize", by Quiet Riot
I like the way that the kid's room comes alive when he plays the song, and that it's impossible for him to turn it off. As well, I like the idea of how he arrives at a Quiet Riot concert after he is able to unplug the stereo. Kevin DuBrow is so cheesy in the video, I would be extremely embarrassed to be him!
Review by: Madonna Dickinson
"Curiosity Killed The Cat", by Ordinary Day
What A Video!it's So 80's,it's Ridiclously Funny!it'sb About People Living In An Odinary House,having Fun Realy.but It's Cool,it's A Great Song As Well,it's One Of My Favourite Videos Of All Time,absloutly Catchy!
Review by: zara

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