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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Babooshka", by Kate Bush
Very dark video sees Kate posing as a widow doing a dramatic dance with a cello then looking stunning as a sexy warrior in a silver bikini brandishing a sword
Review by: paulie
"Babooshka", by Kate Bush
Great clip...I love the she-warrior part!!
Review by: Maima
"Bad", by Michael Jackson
Michael brought his originality a notch higher when he created the Bad video. His slick dance moves and 'bad' clothes made him an icon. Everyone wanted to be bad like Michael Jackon.
Review by: Elias
"Baggy Trousers", by Madness
As someone once said... Madness took the medium of video and turned it into an art! Classic nutty stuff which defined the 80s as the decade where video REALLY came strong and Madness were at the forefront of it all
Review by: Paul Muscat
"Ballad Of Youth", by Richie Sambora
I absolutely loved this video clip from Richie Sambora (guitarist from Bon Jovi). It was his very first solo and I love the song...even though it wasn't popular.
Review by: Ingrid
"Ballerina Girl", by Lionel Ritchie
My god, this takes me back to my dancing days. I was a dancer from 1987-2001 (Age 4-18), and studied combination for three years (1987-1990) Jazz for 11 years (1990-2001) and Ballet for 2 years (1999-2001). Those littlest ballerinas looked like me when I was that young. The song is so beautiful--adorable girls dancing at the ballet barre while their parents watch. So sad when the chinese girl doesn't see her parents watching her. I was mesmorized by the song--it had such meaning to it, and probably does for dancers who hear it. Quite possibly the best ballet song around.
Review by: Allison
"Bang A Gong", by Power Station
Robert Palmer body language, the overly mdade-up blond soilling the coffee, the surreal surroundings, the incredible guitar riff. A very tough one to find but well worth the effort.
Review by: Jeff
"Be Free With Your Love", by Spandau Ballet
It was filmed at my home, and I also came out in it.
Review by: alma martinez
"Be Good Johnny", by Men At Work
F-U-N-N-Y!!!! These are the exact words that spell the video and the song. Beautiful, and humourous!
Review by: Men At Work Fan
"Be Near Me", by Abc
es uno de los videos que mas vi durante mi adolscencia y cuando escucho la cancion me recuerda buenas cosas
Review by: abiel gonzalez
"Beat Box", by Art Of Noise
I officially became an Anglophile after seeing this video. It exemplified early 80's London with its scenes of street life, punks, theatre, bobbies and odd shoppes. I have yet to make it to London.
Review by: liz
"Beat It", by Michael Jackson
I love this video very much because Michael dances and sings very cool!!!
Review by: Carman
"Beat It", by Michael Jackson
MJ fighting the tough guys, pre-freak surgery. It was funny when he walked down the dark hallway out of the room, and does that silly step, since my brother sometimes does that when he walks down the hall. The fight scene was really cool, with the knife and the circling. His best friend even attempted to re-create the fight scene for a Literature class project that he used this song for. That was 2 years ago!
Review by: Allison
"Beat It", by Michael Jackson
This video is awesome! It's got a bunch of street hudlums gathering for the big showdown (a lot like West Side Story) and Michael Jackson running around in the middle in a neon pink jacket. It just doesn't get any better.
Review by: Ray
"Beat It", by Michael Jackson
This video just makes me wanna get up and dance!.......
Review by: Brandon
"Beat It (1982)", by Michael Jackson
It's shows Michael's bad side with 2 LA gangs in the dark.
Review by: Mickey
"Bed of Roses", by Bon Jovi
They're awesome, and when Jon closes his eyes in the video, you can feel it. It's a lonely video. And poor Richie stands out there on the mountain all by himself. But it still rocks!
Review by: Erica
"Beethoven", by Eurythmics
A really funny and dynamic video, it cleverly sports Lennox as the bored housewife at the start, reciting lyrics to the camera while knitting angrily. Then we see her cleaning frantically and preparing a meal while a blonde-wigged little girl, probably the central character's inner child, runs around and upsets it all. This is no ordinary housewife. She longs to break out of her repression, and so she does with the manic and perfectly timed chopping of a carrot or two. She rushes to the bedroom mirror,and as she transforms, the music goes sinisterly classical sampling good old Beethoven himself. An androgynous figure looms in the background, sneers oddly at the camera. And then the Lennox party girl is born. The housewife has accepted her true self and now is the type that will perform songs in smokey seedy bars sporting a make-up job so bold that it makes her look like a man impersonating a woman. Brilliant!
Review by: Triantafillos
"Beethoven [I love to listen to]", by Eurythmics
I believe that it is the most impressive video of Eurythmics!Annie Lennox pretends to be a bored tired housewife,who does her usual household chores.Meanwhile,she she starts thinking about the life she has missed the previous years and gradually all her bad thoughts are getting transformed into a form of a little girl,who interrupts Annie's chores and she becomes very annoying ,infuriating her.In the same room,suddenly appears a weird entity,of no sex,wearing a lot of make-up,who follows Annie while she's tidying up the house..The two creatures gradually guide Lennox to her total transformation,which is consisted of a clad-dressed lady,with a funny blond wig,make-up similar of that used by the second creature mentioned..Then she begins to ruin whatever she previously tidied up in the house,making a mess,while the two creatures(the little girl and the ermaphrodite entity)are automatically disappered with Annie's transforming... A weird video directed by Sophie Muller,supporting Eurythmics''Savage' LP,upon which i believe that in 1987 many depressed housewifes recognised on Lennox's role their same life and 'destiny'... I apologise ,if my english isn't expressed so well,that is because i come from Greece! Thank you very much!
Review by: Lakis
"Bette Davis Eyes", by Kim Carnes
Bette Davis Eyes was the story of the year in 1981...it brought back a diva (Bette Davis) and brought attention to diva-in-training Kim Carnes. Who could forget her ONE GLOVED HAND (long before Michael Jackson) or her black, up to the knee, leather boots, or her "slapping" of the crowd countless times? Even her Ray-Bans were displayed in the opening sequence. Awesome TRUE 80's video.
Review by: Dave
"Big In Japan", by Alphaville
I never saw this video until 2002 (that's about 15 years after it came out). The interteresting part is that I never got to see how the guys in Alphaville looked like, and now I know. The song is one of my all-time favorites and the video has excellent oriental touches to it.
Review by: Edgar Goeyens
"Big Kiss", by Thereza Bazar
wonderful outfit
Review by: eleanor
"Big Love", by Fleetwood Mac
This video is one of those "one-of-a-kind surreal" type videos that were typical of the band in the 80s. They slowly pan outward through different surroundings with Lindsey singing, occasionally stopping to see the band. Then they zoom slowly back into the beginning shot (which was the band in front of the "house on the hill", as noted in the song) to a close-up of Lindsey in the end. It gets rather weird when they're zooming in and you can see Lindsey and the girl's faces on either side of the screen doing their moaning. Great video though.
Review by: Nick
"Big Love", by Fleetwood Mac
Really freaky. I love the backwards part at the end where the camera goes in reverse of everything it has passed throughout the video. Way cool. Wasn't it akward listening to the audio only and hearing the heavy breathing without actually seeing Lindsey and the girl?
Review by: Joseph Davolt
"Big Time", by Peter Gabriel
"Sledgehammer" may have been Gabriel's greatest video achievement based on animation, but "Big Time" is one heck of a rival. Just like "Sledgehammer," it uses sublime visuals, claymation effects, and director Stephen R. Johnson's fast-paced imagination to create the rise to fame of Peter Gabriel's character from the song. Everything from disco balls, slot machines, flying money, microphones, limos and other such items fly Gabriel's way and the result is something so giddy and entertaining that it still makes you smile today.
Review by: John
"Billie Don't You Lose My Number", by Phil Collins
Lots of fun, good parodies from Mad MAx, etc.."Great...Great Sandwich"Great video too.
Review by: Robert Martin
"Billie Jean", by Michael Jackson
Great Video!
Review by: Brandon
"Birdhouse In My Soul", by They Might Be Giants
I loved the song. It was just such a mental thing! I love all the stuff spinning round and the guys dorky tanktops. It made me feel happy and I taped the video every time it came on so I could watch it forever. I still love to sing along.
Review by: Allane
"Body Language", by Queen
This video, released in 1982, proves to be one of the most risquè videos Queen has ever made. The video is dark, with many images of sexual action (nothing TOO explicit, mind you). The video was quickly banned in the US, but is still a part of Queen history in my mind. The song is also a step in a different direction, using a dance-inspired beat and synthesizers. It's a good song, and a good video as well.
Review by: Brian Evenson
"Borderline", by Madonna
Cool concept! Not so obvious fashion model gets discovered and fights between her old world and new world. Did I mention it's in black and white?
Review by: Tanya
"Borderline", by Madonna
Oh my - first time we really saw Madonna. Total tough chick, but super girly. She looked like she could kick any guy's a** and have him thank her for it. Great concept, too - Madonna as fashion model. She became my hero, I became a wannabe!
Review by: Justine
"Born To Be My Baby", by Bon Jovi
Its so cool!!! It shows the band trying to get the song just the way they wanted it. I just thought it was so cool!! Plus big bonus its Bon Jovi!!! Love It!!!!
Review by: Jovi Girls
"Boys Don't Cry", by The Cure
This music video is good stuff! The Cure has kids act like they're the ones who are performing while the The Cure band members' shadows are behind them. Also, you can see Robert Smith's shadow dancing in the background.I LOVE IT! And of course the song rocks.
Review by: Claudia
"Boys Don't Cry", by The Cure
I have seen this seconded elsewhere on the web site: The Cure have a very good sense of humor. And they show it on this video as some kids who resemble the band play their instruments, while The Cure perform, in silhouette and shielded by a tarpolin, behind them. Furthermore, the director introduces the impersonators as "The Cure ???" Just goofy fun and no high concepts.
Review by: Mr. Media
"Boys Of Summer", by Don Henley
Some songs can take you back through the decades and make you feel exactly the way you felt when you first heard them. "Boys of Summer" is one of those for me. I can feel the same emotions, same fears, same insecurities, same longings that this song expressed for me nearly twenty years ago. I love the line "..saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac sayin' 'Don't look back, you can never look back." Everytime I heard that line I would turn look over my shoulder, then I saw the video and Don and the kid did exactly the same thing. Too cool!!!
Review by: James
"Boys Of Summer", by Don Henley
Coolest video and song of the 80's! Boys of Summer has an incredible "feel" both as a song *and* as a video... very intense and emotive.
Review by: Kate
"Boys-Summertime Love", by Sabrina Salerno
Sabrina Salerno was and is the most special singer in Europe, she is really show-woman,funny,excellent voice....and I love her stile, always is Super-Sexy, Brava Sabrina!!!!!
Review by: ALEXIS
"Boyz Are Gonna Rock", by Vinnie Vincent Invasion
Vinnie doing what he does best, then trashing everything, and a man on fire.
Review by: Connie Fixx
"Brand New Lover", by Dead Or Alive
I love this video because it's so bizzarre. The lead singer looks just like a woman. He's so white he looks like an albino. The video takes place in a barn and there are all these strange camera angles. It's totally psycho!!
Review by: J H
"Brass in Pocket", by The Pretenders
This takes place in a restaurant and those people are showing their 'SPECIAL' on their sheets on which they ordered a special on the menu every time the backup singers say "Special".
Review by: Cody Finke
"Breaking The Law", by Judas Priest
The mother of all heavy metal videos from the 80's. The priests, armed with guitars, are robbing the bank to get the golden record. The security guard starts to dig their music and the band can take off by car.
Review by: Genocide
"Breakout", by Swing Out Sister
its one you never see. also the song is great. and the video itself is a superhot 80's style.
Review by: darin medley
"Broken Wings", by Mr. Mister
Where to start? The video has some of the best scenes that I have ever seen to make you say "WOW." From the band playing, to the church scene where the sun hits him and the eagle lands next to him... the fades and closeups are to remember. And the best part is where he is traveling with the top down, in a classic Buick. This has to be one of the best "for the road" songs that I have ever heard, not to mention be a positive infulence for life. When you're down, turn this on and it picks you up right away.
Review by: Jay
"Broken Wings", by Mr Mister
I love all the video. I must have the video tapes to mr mister Yes i love them.
Review by: Toyni Wahlstrøm
"Broken Wings", by Mr. Mister
This song reminds me of my father. When I was real little, my dad used to take me to his job where he pulls bleechers, and that song used to pop up in my head everytime. I would like to have this song so I could remember how it felt when I went to my father's job the first time.
Review by: Ricky Tompkins
"Broken Wings", by Mr. Mister
This is a simple video that has the guys in the band singing and driving around with the car top down and the wind blowing through their hair. This is a traveling song of the most true kind.
Review by: Celeste Keenan
"Brothers In Arms", by Dire straits
Great song great video I spent 9 years in the military and it probably means more to me than most but it was a very smooth fantastic song with an unusually visually stimulating video considering the graphics were in pencil.
Review by: Jim Dagg
"Burning Down The House", by Talking Heads
Probably my favorite music video/song of the early eighties. Great song...and David Byrns face floating down the street is an image I'll never forget.
Review by: Tommy
"Burning Down The House", by Talking Heads
Is there any video cooler than this one? I think not! Stylish, pulsing, and the shot at the end of David Byrne's face being projected on the moving pavement... awesome!
Review by: Shane
"Burning Up", by Madonna
It's a great video and a great song; they go together well.
Review by: glitch
"Bust A Move", by Young MC
One of my favorite old school rap videos with people dancing & having a good time instead of showing off expensive cars & female dancers with very little clothing. Flea, the bassist from Red Hot Chili Peppers, also has a cameo in this video. Not to mention that it's a fun video.
Review by: Music Video Nut

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