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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Naughty Naughty", by John Parr
This video is truly Awe-some for one reason, there is a cute girl in J.P's car [riding shotgun], he has his right hand on her thigh. She is wearing shiny, yellowish pantyhose (great legs!)- the lyrics then sung are, "I put my hand, on your stockings, & I was moving nice & slow, I let my fingers do the walking..." And the video shows these actions. It is cheezy -yes, but the cute girl in the great outfit- so Awesome! If anyone has this video- CONTACT ME !!
Review by: Eric
"Need You Tonight", by Inxs
michael looks hot,and the music fab,fab video.
Review by: zara
"Need You Tonight/Mediate", by INXS
I have a great memory involving this video...I remember once when I spent the night at my best friend's house, we stayed up like half the night waiting on MTV to play this. We were both in love with Michael Hutchence and neither of one us was going to be able to sleep until we saw his gorgeous face. They did finally play it, and we were so excited we started jumping all around her bedroom, squealing like the 9 year old girls that we were. We woke up her parents and they were super pissed, but it was so worth it. Anyway, it's a really sexy song and video. RIP Michael Hutchence...the world misses your talent.
Review by: LB
"Never Ending Story", by Limahl
I remember watching this video on MTV when I was young. I have a copy of the music video, and I love watching it. It's a way cool music vid. Limahl and Beth Anderson (backing vocals) are shown singing the song, in a setting that looks like an underground sewer area. Beth is dressed in a black leather outfit, and Limahl is wearing is white T-shirt, and is sporting his famous bleached-spiked hairdo. The band that plays the backround music are also featured in the vid. It's a very enjoyable music video, (and even through it's a rare one) it's worth seeing.
Review by: Julie
"Never Gonna Give You Up", by Rick Astley
One of the best songs from the 80s!Cool video, showing Rick singing in a nice place.WATCH IT!
Review by: John Tryfonas
"Never Tear Us Apart", by INXS
It was such a simple, buy beautiful video. INXS, unfortunately, were known to be a very flashy video band, and this video showed their other side. Walking around Prague never looked so appealing until you see Michael in that winter coat.
Review by: Kate Fausti
"Never Too Late", by Kylie Minogue
A fun video with the very lovely Kylie Minogue wearing many outfits ranging from the 1920's to the 1970's. My personal favorite was the '70s disco outfit she wore because, like always, Kylie looks beautiful.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"New Girl Now", by Honeymoon Suite
An obscure video from 1984 I found on a compilation DVD that's really good!!! The girl in the video looks cute too. It's a typical "heartbreak" type video with a guy coping from a bad relationship and now found a new girlfriend...or something like that. The song also rocks!
Review by: Jose Ramos
"New Moon On Monday", by Duran Duran
This is by far one of Duran Duran's greatest videos. The band all appears to be staging some sort of revolution, and the video shows them getting stuff together and passing out flyers and such. In the end, they run through the streets shooting off fireworks and celebrating the victory. You can see all 5 members, and they looked awesome as usual. Great video!
Review by: Nick
"New Moon On Monday", by Duran Duran
I remember that whenever this video appeared on MTV, I'd stop to watch and listen. The song was very catchy, although the lyrics didn't always make sense ("Shake up the picture with the lizard mixture"???) in classic Duran Duran fashion. Yet the images in the video were quite captivating -kind of like watching a short movie of "revolutionaries" spreading the word and kicking out the "establishment" who were riding around on horseback. I think in one scene Simon gets bumped pretty hard by a horse as it runs by. The end made you want to dance in celebration to the "new moon on Monday and a fire dance through the night..." Great, classic 80s video!
Review by: Dave
"New Sensation", by INXS
One of my favorite INXS videos, which features them performing on the balcony of a hotel with neon lines floating around. Though not really as great as "Need You Tonight/Mediate" or "What You Need", but still fun to watch.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"New Year's Day", by U2
This video really captures the U2 spirit...worried about history,war...this shows their involvment,and it's so different from others videos from the 80's...Just 4 singing guys in the snow!!no girls, no sun, 4 lonely guys in the snow!!
Review by: Adeline Lebargy
"Night Moves", by Marilyn Martin
This was a rather unknown video from Martin (better known for her "Separate Lives" duet with Phil Collins) but one of the most haunting I've ever seen. Martin plays a femme fatale who dates all these different men, and there's something sinister about it. Late in the video, a boy playing in the street chases his ball down a stairway to a basement room, and runs off in sudden terror. The police arrive shortly after, and find the basement room cavernous, and filled with dead men hanging from the ceiling. At the very end, a crowd has gathered, and Martin is standing at the edge watching emotionlessly. She turns and pulls her mink coat's hood over her head, and walks off nonchalantly. This is one I'd love to find on video, since MTV stopped airing it after two weeks and probably hasn't aired it since.
Review by: jF
"Night Of The Living Baseheads", by Public Enemy
At the time a lot of rap videos were just showing the main rapper and his way of living. Chuck came out and threw all that aside, putting comedians, other rappers, history, and whatever else he could into his video. The Video starts out with Chuck about to rhyme and once he staes "Here it is, Bam!" the video is snowed out and a news report comes on. Then after Chuck is interupted a few more times a commercial for "Beeper Tie" pops on in the middle of the song. The video was amazing, the song had a VERY strong message, and it changed Rap videos from there on...
Review by: Pr02r
"No More ' I Love You's'", by The Lover Speaks
Their only video from their only album and one of the few videos that has everything to do with the song, even adding a new dimension to it. Directed by the same man who did U2's incredible "With or Without You" video and the video for "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman, it stays true to the album's matte photography and creates a dark mood for the piece. David Freeman sings this song as he watches his ex-love get in bed with another person and slowly gets farther away from her as the video progresses. Very slow shots and close-ups also mark it in contrast to the MTV standard of editing. Overall, a worthwhile addition to a collection, if you can find it.
Review by: Mr. Media
"No More Rhyme", by Debbie Gibson
Another great song/video from the '80's teen queen. This featured a cameo of Danica McKellar of "The Wonder Years", and Deborah looked beautiful in this video.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"No Sleep Till Broklyn", by Beastie Boys
A funny video from 1987 that features The Beastie Boys poking fun of hairband videos. It also featured groupies,a record exec., and a person in a gorilla suit. (Pure comedy) Also a great song.
Review by: Jose Ramos
"No Time To Lose", by Tarney Spencer Band
One of the VERY first videos on MTV in 1981. Scenes of Venice Beach I think? at sunset... great song... probably never played again after 1982. I miss it... and want to see it again
Review by: John
"Nobody's Fool", by Cinderella
Along with "Shake Me", this is one of my favorite Cinderella videos that featured many hairband video cliches like cheesy visual effects, attractive models, and great guitar solos.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Not To Be Seen", by Mel Brooks
I love the satire in it and the way in which is performed
Review by: Wayne Otter
"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now", by Starship
It's an awesome example of really good music, and the video is a collection of clips from the movie this song was featured in.
Review by: Gary G. Ford
"Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now", by Starship
i think its a good video and could yoou send it to me so that i can play it on windows media player?
Review by: tom
"November Rain", by Guns 'N' Roses
b-e-a-utiful!! A gorgeous clip with a magnificent story line. Love the Slash solo out in the desert. The same chapel is in the "I Think We're Alone Now" (Tiffany) film clip.
Review by: Kaz
"November Rain", by Guns N' Roses
It was my best friends favorite song and she was killed in a car crash last year. It brings back good memories of her, when I hear it, and I love the video.
Review by: Tamara Hardie

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