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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Had A Dream (Sleeping With The Enemy)", by Roger Hodgson
He used to creep my brother and I out when we were little. All I remember is his scary face and he was running the whole video.
Review by: Lee
"Half a Boy and Half a Man", by Nick Lowe
Famous for "Cruel To Be Kind", this was one of his semi-country/oldies rock reinvention songs. Great video, can't find it anywhere now.
Review by: SpaceGhost2K
"Halloween", by Helloween
A great video with the band rockin' out in the woods with a guy with a pumpkin for a head, an attractive model, and several people in costume. Though a bit odd since the band's name was Helloween. But who cares, it's still a cool video to watch.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Halo", by Depeche Mode
This is just a great song and video. I love the way it is set up... the whole gypsy thing and all.
Review by: Kino Martinez
"Hand On Your Heart", by Kylie Minouge
madonna is beutiful and fab and kylie were fab in the 80's and 90's,but kulie was beiutiful in this video,it's got primary colours.
Review by: zara
"Have U Ever Really Loved A Woman?", by Bryan Adams
THis is a song which really shows the love and passion of a real lover.
Review by: sivasankar
"Hawaiian Sophie", by Jaz
I liked the campy feel with the fake scenery, blue screen, and Hula dancers. A fun video worth watching. Also underrated song from an obscure rapper named Jaz, from 1989. BTW, it featured a cameo of a then-unknown Jay Z.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Hazy Shade Of Winter", by The Bangles
I love this video because it features all of the Bangles rockin out to a kick ass song, they all look so GORGEOUS at the microphones playing their guitars, tossing their long hair around to the beat of the music, what wouldn't you love about the sexy all gril band? It just takes your breath away when you watch it. And let me remind everyone that these girls are back together again with another kick ass album called DOLL REVOLUTION, which isn't officially available in the states as of yet, but you can find the imports. Check it out!!!
Review by: Jovie
"Head Over Heels", by Tears For Fears
The way Roland Orzabal looked at that librarian...I wanted to be her so badly.
Review by: Carmie
"Heart", by Pet Shop Boys
The video is a cool abbreviation of Dracula. I love it because of the ending where Neil becomes as hard as stone(or something). BTW it's the ONLY PSB song with a basic theme.
Review by: Vince
"Heart & Soul", by T'Pau
This video showed the beautiful side of Carol Decker (lead singer) and it was "flashy" and not too many videos blended together so well like this one did. The song is sooo awesome and so is the video!
Review by: Kris
"Heaven", by Bryan Adams
This video was awesome. The crowd was a mass of television screens... And so was the band! Except for Bryan Adams of course... It happened to be a dream of course... And you had to giggle silently to yourself when he woke up... I mean... The telly was right in front of him... He just stares at it and turns it off-then goes back to sleep.
Review by: Laura
"Heaven Is A Place On Earth", by Belinda Carlile
i just love the song so much,that the video grabs you and makes you want to be her in the video
Review by: melissa dodson
"Heaven Is A Place on Earth", by Belinda Carlisle
I love this video because this is one of the greatest songs ever made. I watch it often since i have it on tape. I love how she spins around and I like all the globes. She is a perfect role model and that is why she is my rolemodel. This music video was number 25 on the top 100 music videos of 1987 and it was directed by Diane Keaton( Father of the bride). I think it is cool that a actress directed a music video. Great directing Diane!
Review by: Alicia
"Here Comes The Rain Again", by Eurythmics
Its very satisfying to see David Stewart play the white pervert that he looks like. Otherwise, Annie said it best: " It was five o'clock in the morning on a Welsh beach and I am in my night clothes. Oh, we suffer for our art!"
Review by: Mr. Media
"Here I Go Again", by Whitesnake
I like everything about it. The words,the beat,and the video.
Review by: Nancy
"Here I Go Again", by Whitesnake
Although the video was interesting, the song had a very real message. I call it the story of my life. You gotta keep moving on no matter what.
Review by: Mike
"Here I Go Again", by Whitesnake
Was there any male MTV viewer that didn't feel a bulge in his pants when David Coverdale's future ex-wife Tawny Kitaen did the splits on that car?
Review by: rocky
"Here I go Again", by Whitesnake
Review by: jonny
"Hey Mickey", by Toni Basil
I really like this video because im a senior and i have been a cheerleader every chance i got...plus i really dig the song!
Review by: Crystal Kultgen
"Hip To Be Square", by Huey Lewis & The News
This was a cool video--literally--from all angles. Huey and they guys are jamming to the song in an all-black room while the camera flies in swoops, circles, and switchbacks, giving us views going up a guitar neck, bouncing off a drum, down the flare of a sax, and even one or two pullbacks straight out of Huey's throat as he sings the title! You may get a little dizzy watching it the first time, but the song'll quickly have you dancing!
Review by: C.T. Warren
"Hitler Rap", by Mel Brooks
the dancers!!!!!!
Review by: richard bate
"Hold Me", by Fleetwood Mac
I don't know what it was but I absolutely loved this video, not to mention the song rocked. My favorite part is when that one guy throws the guitar and the desert seemingly shatters, and when it clears away you can see a room standing on the hill. I don't know what it is about that thing but it's so cool.
Review by: Nick
"Hold Me", by Fleetwood Mac
Another self-parody. Lindsay and mick play explorers in the desert who stumble upon fleetwood mac's old clothes and guitars, while being haunted by two very beautiful mirages of christine and stevie. And what about that warped chart of the evolution of man starting out as hippies and ending up as disco jerks? too bad the 80's are just a mirage....
Review by: Mr. Media
"Hold Me", by Fleetwood Mac
Let's face it... it looks weird, has nothing much to do with the song, but have you ever seen so many shards of mirrors in the desert before?
Review by: MINESWEEP
"Hold Me Now", by Thompson Twins
This video was great and defined the 80s fashion.
Review by: Chris Vaughn
"Holding Back The Years", by Simply Red
This video really conveys the tone of regret expressed in the lyrics, with its scenes from what appears to be Ireland or something. That shot of the school teacher daydreaming about sex while the kids raise hell is a classic.
Review by: Shane
"Holding Out For A Hero", by Bonnie Tyler
The first time I ever saw this video was a rainy Sunday afternoon at the Midnight Sun, just off Castro, in San Francisco. The place was packed and very noisy! The DJ was working but I had given up on trying to hear exactly what was playing. Then this video began and I found myself moving to the center of the floor (which was no easy maneuver) so I could see all four screens. Every note and lyric gets everything Bonnie Tyler can put into them. The most moving parts are when she's on top of the mountain and, with one upward sweep of her arms, she summons the thunder and lightning to get the attention of her "hero" wherever he may be! Although I haven't seen the video in quite a long time, my eyes still mist up just listening to the song! During the mid-80's I was a VJ and had seen enough music videos to last a lifetime! No other video has moved me like "Holding Out For A Hero"
Review by: Patrick A. Corboff-Sheffer
"Holiday", by Nazareth
Mama mama please! All those shots of "mama"'s different boyfriends!
Review by: liz
"Holiday Road", by Lindsay Buckingham
You almost forget this song was played at the beginning of "National Lampoon's Vacation" when you see this black-and-white masterpiece. The women dancers are as sexy as the ones Robert Palmer used in his videos.
Review by: movie movie
"Home Sweet Home", by Motley Crue
This is the greatest arena rock video ever made.. The video gets no respect anymore as one of the top 80's videos. i was only 10, but I remember when it was number one on dial mtv for months..its better than anything smashing pumpkins or those nasty grunge bands ever put out...
Review by: billy
"Home Sweet Home", by Motley Crue
Doesnt anyone remember this was the years top video on MTV?
Review by: TINA
"Homosapien", by Pete Shelley
because i remember it at a time of my infancy in 1982 and just being startled by the maxwell smart lookalike and the simplicity of the clip at the time
Review by: Ben Turner
"Hot For Teacher", by Van Halen
Guitar solos, mini member clones, babes, and getting to see Eddie, Dave & the crew dance is what makes this the greatet music video of the '80s....
Review by: Kyle Jackson
"Hot For Teacher", by Van Halen
This HAS GOT TO BE the coolest video of all time, each band member has a kid that looks like him and teachers in there underware, gid what else could you want!!!
Review by: Hannah
"Hot Girls In Love", by Loverboy
A video I've never heard/seen before until I saw it on the VH1 Classic sampler on VH1 and liked it, though I didn't know that Loverboy had more hits. Featuring an attractive woman driving a yellow car and the band performing. They don't make videos like this anymore.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Hour Glass", by Squeeze
This music video is filled with funny optical illusions, & the song is super good too. ;D
Review by: Gr0ovy_D
"House of Fun", by Madness
Brilliant hooks, brilliant lyrics ("I'm up to date and the date's today"). As far as the images are concerned, a horn section coming out of garbage cans, elderly people sittin behind windows looking bored and Suggs desparately trying to buy condoms. Sheer genius.
Review by: Robert-Jan Breeman
"How To Be A Millionaire", by ABC
Truely the first cartoon animated video I remember MTV playing, this video matched the band's cartoon image of the period, especially fun when the band shrinks and is overpowered by their material wealth.
Review by: Robert Martin
"How To Be A Millionaire", by ABC
This video looks like a very funny comic strip. All band members appear as caricatures - for this time (1985) it must have been very costly to produce and they spare no efforts on it. The best one ever from ABC!
Review by: Thomas
"How Will I Know", by Whitney Houston
cause it's on fire
Review by: chynna
"Human", by The Human League
Kind of a simplistic theme: great big puddles of water are shown with drops splashing down (I'm assuming a representation of crying) as Phil and the girls sing their parts of the song. Great video for a great song.
Review by: Nick
"Hungery Like The Wolf", by Duran Duran
they were very hot and sexy,the sexist in the 80's,in this video they weren't realy dressed up,but they look amazing,stunning,and good-looking it was powerful,colourful and shot in a exotic location,the story is cool it's about the guys looking for simon,and then simon looks for and hunts the girl,the guys kiss girls,and they ask a cute boy then the boy helps them,then simon wrestles,he comes out dry,then she straches,in the end he is found,i would say hundrend-millions of information about this video,but this is a true 80's classic,it will be always remered,a true 80's phomnomeon,very successful in the 80's.
Review by: lisa baines
"Hungry Eyes", by Eric Carmen
I think this music video is great. I especially like some of the symbols of the 80's, from the suit, to the saxophone that the high skirted chick has on. This is one of those videos that you can't forget.
Review by: Bob
"Hungry Like The Wolf", by Duran Duran
The video is simply awesome. I love videos that make you want to be a part of it and 'Hungry like the Wolf' did exactly that. The girls, the exotic places, just everything...it was fun. The song and video are simply awesome!
Review by: Jesse Gomez
"Hungry Like The Wolf", by Duran Duran
WOW! I love Duran Duran and this video popularized them. "Hungry Like the Wolf" was #11 on the turn of the century MTV "100 Greatest Videos Ever Made" List and #31 on the "VH1: 100 Greatest Videos". MTV also named it the fifteenth of their most-played videos of all time. JT's bare chest and Simon's running around was HEAVEN!
Review by: Charlotte
"Hungry Like The Wolf", by Duran Duran
I love the lady in the video whos all painted and stuff what a cool video.
Review by: Rena
"Hungry Like The Wolf", by Duran Duran
Their albums were constantly played in our house. I remember that my brother and I loved this video because it was exactly like Indiana Jones, and we played that film to death! Plus - we always pretended to be Simon & John!
Review by: Ley
"Hungry Like the Wolf", by Duran Duran
I love this video because I found it neat when the video shows Simon getting scratched by the girl and at the table in the restaraunt.
Review by: Jessica Leeder
"Hunting High And Low", by A-ha
Did I dream this video or did it really exist? I haven't seen it since 1986 but I am sure it was all very profound with Morten turning into a whale, then eagle, then Lion. A hunter was trying to kill him, but the girl that loved him saved him .... (well I assume she loved him! - who wouldn't with those cheekbones to die for)
Review by: Violet
"Hunting High And Low", by a-ha
You didn't dream it, Violet. Heh. I have a laserdisc copy of a-ha videos made all the way into the nineties. Seventeen total. HHAL is one of them, and a beauty. This is a terrific band that's still making music today.
Review by: T.C.
"Hyperactive", by Thomas Dolby
The reason I remember this video so well is because every time it came on, both my sister and I would absolutely laugh our heads off through the whole thing. The series of images projected through the video and the way they related to the words of the song was very funny. This wasn't one of Dolby's best-known songs, but it was always one of my faves....and the video always brought a smile to my face.
Review by: Lesley
"Hypnotize", by Scritti Politti
I was introduced to the band by Dawn, a fabulous chick who worked at The Express--the epitome of 80's fashion at the time. I still remember seeing the video for the first time -- Green Gartside (gasp) in all his elegant beauty, his long hair, his earrings, his jaquard vest. I was instantly jealous of the girl beside him. Because this was my first glimpse of Green singing my favorite 80's song of all time, this is my favorite 80's video of all time.
Review by: TOE

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