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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"O Superman", by Laurie Anderson
This video was so bizarre! It really freaked me out! But I became obsessed with Laurie Anderson and grew to be a big fan after seeing this minimalistic, nine-minute oddity at the tender age of thirteen. That's what I miss about the old MTV: in between the teenybopper crap, they'd play wildly experimental stuff like this.
Review by: Mike
"Obsession", by Animotion
A campy classic from 1985 featuing the band near a fountain. There's many scenes of them wearing fun costumes like a pilot, astronaut, harem, knight, etc. The video is fun to watch. Along with a very catchy song.
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Oh Daddy", by Adrienne
Ok, this video was just unbelievably cheesy!! Adrienne, the little girl singer in the video (can't remember the last name) sings about her father. It's such a corny song, and she runs around and acts cute. Her dad sings the song too (I guess that's her dad). The live-action is also intercut with animated scenes...the cheesy '80s animation type. I saw this on VH1 Classic's show "We Are The '80s," which tends to showcase some pretty obscure '80s bands and songs. I've heard of many of them, but this was new to me!!! All in all, it's a pretty funny video.
Review by: Allison
"Oh Father", by Madonna
In my opinion this a turning point for Madonna, from 80's Madonna to 90's Madonna. Without this she could never have made the next step to Vogue. It's all about her relationship with her father and ex-husband Sean Penn. In the video we can see how she suffered from her mother's early death and how that effected the relationship with her father in a negative way. We can also see about Sean's drinking problems and their abusive relationship. In this very dark video we see her leaving her man and reconsiling with dad at mother's grave in the end. She's come to terms with all the difficulties, she accepts what happened and now they can't hurt her anymore ("You can't make me cry, you once had the power"). And so this enables her to look at the future again, leaving the past to rest, accepting it. I think it is beatiful and brilliant and criminally underrated. Trivia fact : The video was directed by none other than David Fincher (Se7en, Panic Room, Fight Club, The Game, etc...) who also directed some of Madonna's other videos (Vogue and the also criminally underrated Bad Girl)
Review by: Alkymos
"On the Loose", by Saga
This is one of my all time favorites. Cool song, and the video had a cool story. The band is playing a concert and jamming away. The concert footage is intercut with the story about a prisoner who has a beautiful woman visiting him. There are small holes in the window, and the couple put thier hands together symbolically, with the glass seperating them. Apparantly, she slipped him a key. The lead singer is the prisoner, and suddenly he is outside the prison, running while dogs, cops, and lights follow just moments behind him. Suddenly, he is on stage for the last verse of the song, with the beautiful woman in the audience. The cops are looking around, befuddled. This is a classic!
Review by: Curt Olson
"On the Turning Away", by Pink Floyd
Live video from fatty David Gilmour and co. Looks silly cos of his godawful shirt and the way he raises the guitar neck he is holding when he needs to reach the high singing notes. Needed more shots of the spunky black back-up singers!
Review by: paulie
"Once In A Lifetime", by Talking Heads
This video was just plain silly. The tune was catchy but just to watch David Byrne made this video very memorable.
Review by: M. O. Van Bever
"One", by Metallica
I love this video because it is visually disturbing. For those who haven't seen it the band is in a warehouse playing their song, and they used video clips from Dalton Trumbo's movie "Johnny Got His Gun". And if you haven't seen this flick it's about a guy who goes off to war, is in an explosion and is left with no arms, legs, face, voice, sight, etc. A true living vegetable. It just shows small highlights from the movie, but from what I've heard the song was written because of the book and movie. it was funny to see this dark and dreary video and then have MTV jump to a dance or early hip hop video.
Review by: Ron
"One More Colour", by Jane Siberry
Another weird, cool one. Directed by Devo's Bob Casale, and boy, does it show. Jane with the cow puppet is just too much. The movie projector in the breakaway shed, the weird-looking country-folk and Jane walking that cow, it's all so Canadian.
Review by: Mike
"The One Thing", by INXS
The song and video that turned me onto INXS. I was fascinated with the cats walking all over the banquet table while everyone was feasting. Just a cool song, a cool video. I would sit for hours waiting for it to air on MTV. God, how I miss those times!
Review by: Max
"One step up", by Bruce Springsteen
good video. features shots from around the town he lives in.
Review by: BigPete
"Only Human (Second Wind)", by Billy Joel
It begins with a guy climbing on a bridge who drops his I.D. in the water.
Review by: Cody Finke
"Only In My Dreams", by Debbie Gibson
The video (from 1987) that started it all for the original teen queen! It's a very surrealistic video that features Deb on the beach & a carousel. Maybe a bit cheesy by today's standards,but better than watching today's TRL garbage.
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Only The Lonely", by The Motels
It came at a go time
Review by: Jay Galbreath
"Only The Lonely", by The Motels
Martha Davis....Why else
Review by: Chris
"Only Time Will Tell", by Asia
An amazing and unique approach to making a video. The song itself is majestic and soaring. The video takes a simple premise and makes it work. The female gymnist jumping over the televisions worked so well....especially when each band member is shown on seperate tv's. A unique idea that is really cool to see. The 70's band 10cc (Kevin Godley and Lol Cream) were the brainstorm behind this video, in addition to Asia's other video from their 1982 debut album: Heat of the Moment. Very cool, very visual, and most of all very 80's!!!!!
Review by: Art
"Only Time Will Tell", by Asia
I think that everything about this video worked well in complementing the song. The band performing on TV monitors as a gymnast leaps around and does various other gymnast things, it was perfect.
Review by: Andrew Rae
"Open Your Heart", by Madonna
Ok, lemme get this out of the way--I am completely not into Madonna dancing around in the black teddy, but I really thought it was funny how she "seduced" the innocent underage boy in the video, and he runs off with her at the end.
Review by: Allison
"Open Your Heart", by Madonna
Well, I do not "Love" any video, but this music video is my favourite as it has Madonna in a black leotard & black fishnet-Pantyhose. Very good dancing, great great outfit. I really wish videos were as good as this today. Need I say more? (well, i will !) 'Weird Al' Yankovic did a funny talk-over of this video as it was playing, (on his "AL tv" show) I was in 8th grade at the time yet never laughed so hard.
Review by: Eric
"Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)", by Pet Shop Boys
Review by: The effects in this video are incredible... the way they layer it and make it look as if Neil and Chris are duplicated forever and ever, and are handing things to themselves... wow... : )
"Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)", by Enya
The younger sister of Maire Brennan and also a former member of the renowned Celtic group Clannad, Enya peaked on the album Watermark and also with her unique direction of videos and songs. This was one of the first videos I saw to be very spiritual and also the first one to use pixellation for a painted effect. It's not much in terms of plot. Just a simple storytelling video, but the images they use to illustrate the story are incredible. Time-lapse photography, stills, and superimposition set it apart from the cheesy hair bands that dominated the late 1980's. The moon rises in the background as Enya pauses, Spanish Galleons launch when she says "Sail Away", and that cool water that blasts over the camera whenever you hear "crash upon your shore". OH, perfect eye candy!
Review by: Mr. Media
"Out Of The Blue", by Debbie Gibson
It's a fun song/video from 1988 featuring Debbie (now Deborah)Gibson flipping through a photo album. The photo album had "moving" pictures of Deb, her band, Jeff Russo (who later became a member of the '90's alternative pop band Tonic) as her boyfriend, and two of her actual relatives. My favorite part is when she's pillow fighting with Monica & Michelle. (Deb's relatives) This video may look dated now,but it's fun to watch like any other video from the original teen queen. Debbie Gibson looked cute and had a wide range of talent that later she became a Broadway Diva with 2 great/underappreciated albums under her own record label. (Still not enough? She even wrote a musical. I'm not that big a fan of musicals,but it shows talent.)
Review by: Jose Ramos
"Out Of The Darkness", by Little Steven
From Springsteen's sideman's 84 Voice of America. Second best political album, after Lives in the Balance. Anyway, OotD was an 'anthem' video, like Eye of the Tiger, but much more well done.
Review by: Jim Belesky
"Out Of The Darkness", by Little Steven And The Disiples Of soul
Little Steven and his song "Out Of The Darkness", means a lot for me. In a period of my life after i was separated from me sons mom, i was addicted to drugs and thinking a lot at suicide. But when i not could see any light in the end of the tunnel, i listing at his song time after time. So at many ways i feel this song have help through the hardest period of my life. If any that read this and that have or know others that have the video of this song, i had be very grateful if someone could send it to me. My msn adress is: deja_vu_de_la_angel@msn.com and my yahoo adress is: haraldjohansen@yahoo.no . Anyway,Thanks to Little Steven.
Review by: Harald Johansen
"Out Of Touch", by Daryl Hall & John Oates
Its just a classic to me, the way i feel when i here and see the video.
Review by: Chanel
"Out Of Touch", by Hall & Oates
From the fat guy talking funny, to the huge drum crushing them, it makes you think of those days back in school when the only thing you worried about was what you were going to wear, and if you would be home in time to catch Knight Rider, The A team, or an ABC afterschool special.
Review by: Jay
"Owner Of A Lonely Heart", by Yes
It's completely nonsense, what does that eagle mean? And then the worms... Plus the song is great...
Review by: jaime

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