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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Jamie", by Crumbacher
This Christian video show how a teenage girl falls into the seedy Hollywood lifestyle and how Jesus helps her to get out. Poignent, heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time.
Review by: j.c.
"Jane's Getting serious", by Jon Astley
It was ok. It was used in a Heinz Commercial
Review by: Ben
"Janie's Got A Gun", by Aerosmith
A very serious video for a very serious song. It's about incest, and in the end, the daughter shoots the dad in his office. There are all kinds of helicopters and detectives looking for clues to figure out the murder. It's a very gruesome tale but it was played out very well in the video. One of the first serious videos with a plot that I remember seeing. Not your average concert, band-only video. This video reminded me a lot of a prequel to GN'R's epic "Estranged". Both feature dark scenes with flashlights and cops and stuff.
Review by: Aerosmith
"Jealous Guy", by Roxy Music
Bryan Ferry is the one of the coolest guy.
Review by: Admir
"Jeanny", by Falco
This video is like a real movie and Falco is a really good actor! The song is also one of the 80's best.
Review by: Sylviane
"Jenny/867-5309", by Tommy Tutone
although there really is nothing to special about the video, who in the USA doesn't know that number!
Review by: 80'sChrisCross
"Jessie's Girl", by Rick Springfield
I really don't know, it's just completely cheesy. Especially when Rick's onstage playing his guitar! I do have one question though, was Steve Antin from The Last American Virgin & Inside Monkey Zetterland in the video as the rival for Jessie's affections? Bill Wyman's Je Suis Un Rock Star also has one of the most unintentionally funny videos I have ever seen in my whole life!
Review by: Yvette Kulcsar
"Jesus He Loves Me", by Genesis
Phil Collins as a televangilist preacher wih his "followers." He wears a god-awful toupee. Oh the humanity!
Review by: Allison
"Jet Set", by Alphaville
This song is brilliant! And this video brilliant as well! And I think these guys are awesome!
Review by: Joseph
"Jocko Homo", by Devo
I Know this isnt compleatly 80's (1979), but Devo was one of the pioneering bands of the 80's, and this is my favorite video of theirs. My favorite part was when General Boy gave his speech about de-evolution ant the begining of the video, and Booji Boy interrupts with my favorite line, "Oh dad, we're ALL Devo!"
Review by: Matt
"Jocko Homo", by DeVo
Its the weirdest F'in video I've ever seen. Its got a guy with a rubber mask on delivering some report from a "chinaman" to some army guy. Also the singer wears swimming goggles and does the most nerdiest dance ever caught on film. Not to mention the guys wearing brightly colored pantyhose over their heads. WE ARE all DeVoLVED!
Review by: Cornelius
"Johnfarnham ", by Two Strong Hearts
two strong heart because i love it john farnham best one thankyoufelissacoombes from aussie newcastle
Review by: felissacoombes
"Jump", by Van Halen
I always liked this video, not only because it shows some of the best musicians of their time doing what they do best, but also the fact is that they actually filmed it themselves, without all the glamour and production, and kept it simple. It sticks with Eddie's motto of less is more. Rock on guys!
Review by: Rheal Bastarache
"Jump", by Van Halen
this video is an instant classic... how can u go wrong with van halen and the best lead singer of all time ....DAVID LEE ROTH...this video shows the band playing and just having an absolutly great time..it goes from david lee's wild stage antics to showing eddie rip out the solo..it fits the song perfecty...just a bunch of guys having a blast
Review by: steve
"Jump", by Van Halen
Tenia 8 aņos cuando vi este video que lo tenia mi hermana mayor y quise ser eddie van halen y david lee roth. Mi video y banda favorita hasta ahora que tengo 27 aņos.
Review by: Douglas Saab
"Jump Start", by Natalie Cole
This is a good video because it is very energized and it was Natalie's comeback hit. It also had a great digital-dance-soul sound which really matched the vibe of the 80s.
Review by: DeMarcus
"Just Can't Get Enough", by Depeche Mode
Just watching a very young Dave, Andrew, Martin, and Vince perform in this 1981 low budget video, makes you wanna laugh out loud. The song is very bubble-gummy, but catchy. Those guys have come a long way since then, making better music and videoes.
Review by: Joe
"Just Got Paid", by Johnny Kemp
I like this video because it's a good video and i like the setting and style.It's a cool song the dancing is cool and for real. I think he wanted this video to be about how hip hop was all about.
Review by: Monique
"Just Like Heaven", by The Cure
because its the best song in the world man
Review by: arthur
"Just Like Heaven", by The Cure
I love this video sooooo much! It's so beautiful and dream-like, and Robert dances with an angel...who is actually his wife Mary! Also, everyone looks great in the video!
Review by: Jillian Canode

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