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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"I Believe", by Tears For Fears
A fitting tribute to ex-Soft Machine drummer Robert Wyatt who fell out of hotel room window after he went on a drinking binge.

The liner notes of the Songs From The Big Chair album say "To Robert Wyatt if he's listening."
Review by: Celeste
"I Can Play That Rock And Roll", by Joe Walsh
This really never got much airplay on MTV, But it is really funny.
Review by: Warren
"I Can't Hold Back", by Survivor
The video is how I used to pick up girls in the 80's. This song was my anthem when going to pick up girls!
Review by: Dennis
"I Can't Wait", by Nu Shooz
For me, this video was mesmerizing. Somewhat attractive girl was sitting in what seemed thin air gently rocking left and right, with all the things in her life (I assume) floating around her. Very different.
Review by: Bob Winningham
"I Can't Wait", by Stevie Nicks
It's so hilariously 80's...everything from the frantic dancing to the brick walls that move when Stevie hits them. And the fact that she holds up four fingers when she sings, "Blame it on something at first sight." It's the best 80's video ever!
Review by: Greg
"I Can't Wait", by Stevie Nicks
This is like the best Stevie video, in my opinion. She is rockin' out with the tambourine and gettin' into the cute but small choreography dancing. Her voice was WILD! It's one of my most favorite videos from the 80's...by far.
Review by: Brett
"I Can't Wait", by Nu Shooz
I've never seen the video in a long long time.
Review by: Mike Hack
"I Do'wanna Know", by REO Speedwagon
The video for this is great. Some of the costumes that Kevin Cronin is in are hilarious! And Bruce Hall...GENIUS!!!
Review by: Vance Vickery
"I Don't Want To Live Without You", by Foreigner
"I Don't Want To Live Without You" is a single release and an album cut on the (Inside Information LP) by the group [Foreigner] in 1987. Mick Jones the founding member of the group wrote the song, which also became a stellar MTV staple in the late 80's MTV Video line-up. "I Don't Want To Live Without You" is a great song, but what I find so fascinating are the elements which made-up the video sequence; 'From the start of the video where you get a camera view from space, viewing the earth turning' as the song melody and lyrics begin and progress you are treated to movie clips of men and women flirting/interacting, animals relating, and so forth. The video shows how each living being is drawn to it's own kind and how inseparable they are to each other. A true 'classic' song from the best band ever, and a well-thought-out 'moving' video sequence compliments the song. I would love to find a video copy of the original MTV Video release, as this song video is incredible indeed!
Review by: Michael H. Brandau
"I Got You", by Split Enz
Neat video where Neil Finn sings a song in a room and the rest of the band plays behind him inside a picture on the wall.Very fun time in history of music.My kids:13,11&9 get a kick out of these videos & like the music too!
Review by: M.Soule
"I Hate Myself For Loving You ", by Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
" It is so cool!!! "
Review by: Andrea
"I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight", by Cutting Crew
i heard there were two versions but i mean the "garage" one, especially the black and white part. Nick Van Eede looks outstanding in the trench coat he wears and camera shots taken from the motorcycle makes the song even more powerful. passion desire sensuality lust
Review by: dakota
"I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight", by Cutting Crew
just i love this video kisses!!!
Review by: ili vass
"I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll)", by Nick Lowe
Famous for "Cruel To Be Kind", this was one of his semi-country/oldies rock reinvention songs. Great video, can't find it anywhere now.
Review by: SpaceGhost2K
"I Know What Boys Like", by The Waitresses
It was the first video to copy negatives and color them in with crayons. Also, the video is a good reminder of what could have been had the Waitresses not broken up and lost their vocalist to cancer. Nevertheless, I delight in watching the band perform on top of what looks like a picnic tablecloth.
Review by: Mr. Media
"I Love It Loud", by Kiss
One of the few Kiss videos that featured them wearing their signature make up. Not to mention the the reaction of the kid's parents when the fridge & tea cup explodes and other special effects. Though they looked bored in most scenes, it's still a great video to watch.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"I Love L.A.", by Randy Newman
Recorded in his Post- "Short People", Pre- "Toy Story" phase, this video really shows off this guy's sense of humor. The knocks against New York and Chicago (shot at night in black and white)in the prelude give way to a sunny,bright and loud Technicolor 80s Los Angeles. I still smile just thinking about that video
Review by: Heretic
"I Love Rock 'N' Roll", by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
B&W Music Video, with a group of people dancing, showing a jukebox.
Review by: Cody Finke
"I Melt With You", by Modern English
I love it because it makes me think about the fun and good times I have had in the past.
Review by: Liz
"I Miss You", by Aaron Hall
It shows how a woman will give up her life so her new born can live.
Review by: Alfred Clark
"I Need Love", by LL Cool J
Its emotional,honest and lovely. I ve been searching for it for a long time. I watched it in 87 the last time. Recently i ve got the mp3-now i long for the clip! I saw the video the time i had my first relation-after hearing the song again for many years i miss to see the videoclip!Its so cute and i love to see those kind of emotional videos. Can u help? Thanks a lot! Byby...Andee:-)
Review by: Andee Eberhardt
"I Need Love", by LL Cool J
The message behind the song is intense; it's something we all want and need. The video is deep!
Review by: Leona
"I Only Wanted You", by Marie Osmond
I love all of the different outfits that she wears while singing in different parts of the video. Everything from glittering dresses to casual jeans and a button-down shirt. She wears a beautiful dress with long, puffy sleeves while she and her husband are having a candlelit dinner. I also have always loved that giant teddy bear that she was hugging at one point in the video.
Review by: Nicole
"I Ran", by A Flock Of Seagulls
I am so into 80's music and videos!! I reallly like this one because of the whole futuristic look to it. Mainly, you just see the one guy playing the keyboard while rotating, and trying to escape from two girls with flashy eyes and hypnotic stares. It's so 80s and so cool. This video is one of my favorites!!!
Review by: Peter Born
"I Ran", by A Flock of Seagulls
I remember watching this video when I was 12,and I thought it was so stupid.Now,I love that video.With the funky hairdos and the new wave sound,its makes for a memorable 80s video.Like Gary Numan,it was ahead of its time
Review by: Dave Reely
"I Ran", by A Flock of Seagulls
The music is cool, the hair is unforgettable, and the thing with the mirrors was crazy. The whole thing is awesome and I will watch that over anything from today anytime.
Review by: Zach Johnson
"I Ran", by Flock of Seagulls
My thirteen year old son loves this song and I'm trying to find the video so that he can see it. I'm sure he'll like the band and song even more.
Review by: Maria Rivas
"I Ran (So Far Away)", by A Flock Of Seagulls
Why do I love this video? The real question there is why DON'T I like the video. I mean look at the gnarly hair and the rad video!
Review by: Mike
"I Ran (So Far Away)", by Flock Of Seagulls
It is just so cool when they spin with the video, plus I really like the guitar solo and the drum solo. Plus they are just so cool!!!!!!!!
Review by: Felicia Denny
"I Ran (So Far Away)", by Flock Of Seagulls
because its cool and i was raised with that song to shut me up along with U2,duran duran,The Smiths,The Cure, and last but not least Morrissey and is still liten to them and i am the number one fan of all of these bands and every time i hear these songs it has to be silent well thats all LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............................
Review by: Crazy Psycho
"I Remember You", by Skidrow
I love this video because of the lead singer! When I watched this video, I remember thinking, ummmm, if I ever got my hands in all that long hair, they would NEVER get us untangled! Yum.
Review by: Laura Cram
"I Rock Myself To Sleep", by April Wine
The girl in this video is such a hottie, nuff said.
Review by: David Vann
"I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus", by John Melloncamp And His Daughter
my daughter has tried to find this for a long time
Review by: reynoldspandora@aol.com
"I Thought You Were On Mij Site", by Cock Robin
A verry nice song and a great clip for that time
Review by: Jurgen Vriezekolk
"I Touch Myself", by Divinyls
this song just says it all!
Review by: angeldust
"I Wanna Dance With Somebody ", by Whitney Houston
The video is so energized and loud, while the song is so powerful and fun. It represented the 80s club scene, while the song and video both reflected dance, pop, soul, and even rock.
Review by: Demarcus
"I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)", by Whitney Houston
its just so funky....and whitney tore this song up!
Review by: Anthony
"I Wanna Have Some Fun", by Samantha Fox
I love her outfits...It's a must see for any Samantha Fox fan.
Review by: Denise M.
"I Wanna Rock", by Twisted Sister
Sweet video! An evil teacher (who is the same guy as the dad in We're Not Gonna Take It ) yells at a kid. Teacher: WHAT DO YOU WANNA DO WITH YOUR LIFE!!!! Kid: (song starts playing) I WANNA ROCK The funniest parts are when the teacher is about to launch a grenade but instead of throwing the grenade he throws that tiny metal piece and thinking he launched the grenade but then discovers he still has it in his hands. Another is when he launches the TNT.
Review by: Nathan
"I Want Action & I Won't Forget You", by Poison
Poison is like the ultimate of 80s hair metal. Why wouldn't you have any of their videos on here? Seriously these guys rock! We need Poison!!!! And these are like their best two videos, . . especially the into in I want action. Pleas get them on here!
Review by: Jen
"I Want Candy", by Bow Wow Wow
An early MTV video,from 1982, that takes place on a beach with bright/over exposed colors used as visual effects. It's a fun video from one of the most underated new wave acts from the 1980's.
Review by: Jose Ramos
"I Want To Break Free", by Queen
I live in India so I rarely have the chance to see the music videos of the west.I first saw this song on MTV one night and it immediately became my favourate song.I have been searching on the net for reviews about this song and so I found out this site.I think that the song is really wonderful and it makes me cry to realise that I have not enjoyed the 80's as did the rest of the world,since I am living in India. My salutations to the QUEEN
Review by: nityanand p
"I Want To Break Free", by Queen
Obviously a flamboyant video. Queen is my favorite band of all times; anyway that video shows a decade, the 80's, the happiest days of my life.
Review by: Guillermo Fraijo
"I Want Your Hands (On Me)", by Sinead O'Connor
Yes everybody knows her for the video to "Nothing Compares 2U", but this one is better suited to the song than the former. Sinead sings the up-front lyrics of the song while the director puts footage of people reaching and grabbing things on top of her. Then he does some work with the background. Though the graphics are kitschy by today's standards, the substance prevents it from aging. After the director completed this video a number of artists sought him out to works in a similar style.
Review by: Mr. Media
"I Want to Know What Love Is", by Foreigner
The "Quantum Leap" episode this song played on ("Temptation Eyes"--its from early 1992) chokes me up. THAT would have been the PERFECT music video for it--the montage of scenes this song was played during was enough to choke anyone up. This song playing on the radio makes me think of the episode. I used to take ballet, and I created a dance to this song as a means of exercising. I gave the dance so much passion, I can't even bring myself to smile when I try it out. this is an emotionally gripping song. I remember it getting TONS of airplay on MTV in the 80s.
Review by: Allison
"I Will Always Be There For You", by Anquette
This song was a popular R&B song in 1989. The singing isn't the best, but the lyrics are really sweet, and the video goes hand in hand with the feel of the song...Not to mention there are some great sunsets in the video.
Review by: Denise M.
"I Wish I Had A Girl", by Henry Lee Summer
I think this is one of the best videos of all time. henry lee knows how to rock and roll, one of the forgotten ones.
Review by: shawn
"I Won't Let You Down", by Phd
phd is Jim Diamond & Tony Hymas. This song was one of the early videos to debut on MTV. Despite the attempts by the good-guy to win back the heart of the girl in a series of comical events,The mean guy gets the girl.Cute!
Review by: Mel S.
"I ran (so far away)", by A flock of seagulls
It may have been cool for it's time, but now that we look at the camera tricks they pulled out with the space blanket, it's kind of dumb. But all in all the music is good. I've played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on Playstation and this song is a perfect touch to it.
Review by: Stag Johnson
"I'll Be Over You", by Toto
A very sentimental love song sets the tone for a video featuring the band and Michael McDonald on a building rooftop. By the song's end the beautiful sunset is replaced by a downpour of rain that has the band running for cover -including the late Jeff Porcaro using his high hat as an umbrella.
Review by: GeneratorX
"I'm Bad", by LL Cool J
This is a simple, low budget video that I love because it tells a wonderful story and shows you how BAD L.L. really is. I think I fell in love with him because of this one.
Review by: Josette
"I'm Going Slightly Mad", by Queen
This video is both - sad and funny. Well, it's funny because all of the moves that Queen make. And theyr makeup and the way they act. But sad - this video is black and white because Freddie was seriously ill in this time. He just didn't want to let people know about his health. Really sweet moment is, when Freddie (who is black and white) pulls out a colourful linen. Only colourful thing in the video
Review by: Potsataja
"I've Been Losing You", by A-Ha
It's set on stage like a live show or concert, recorded in almost slow-motion with blurred images. The lighting changes colors throughout the video and there are many keyboards on stage with them, as well as guitars and drums.
Review by: synthmode
"I've Been Waiting For You", by Guys Next Door
the video is so funny... it's been a while i don't watch the video and i don't know where to get the video..
Review by: irene ho
"I've Got My Mind Set on You", by George Harrison
Corny but funny. Absolutely dorky--George Harrison starts off singing on a chair, with singing animal heads. He gets up and backflips off the chair, and a squirrel plays the saxophone. My brother and I loved this song, and we still think it's funny.
Review by: Allison
"Ice Ice Baby", by Vanilla Ice
because when the love of my life became a couple we were flirting by prouring cups of ice on each other and we just think that song is a cute song and when i hear it i think about that day that i meet my true love
Review by: Jayme Sparks
"If Anyone Falls", by Stevie Nicks
This is a real cool video. It has Stevie (who looks REALLY hot, as always) singing in a dark surrounding with pink lights that accent everything. There is a lot of ballet dancing between Stevie, a man, and another woman. Some of the video is in black and white, and there is a fog machine throughout. There is a really pretty shot of Stevie and her friends riding on a carousel. And check out her necklace! It's huge! Great video for an awesome song.
Review by: Tom
"If I Could Turn Back Time", by Cher
i love this vidio cos cher sings it and she looks great in it and you can see her butt and the song is catchy
Review by: michael reid
"If I Could Turn Back Time", by Cher
When Cher walked the navu battle ship in a 'body-thong' and a bikers jacket belting our her top 10 hit If I Could Turn Back Time it turned a few heads! It was even pushed to night rotation where MTV thought viewers could deal with Cher 'at her most bare!' This video rocks and deserves a spot on the list!
Review by: Jeremy
"If I Ever Fall In Love", by Somewhere Over England
Because the lead singer is my English teacher and its funny to watch him!!!
Review by: Simone
"If It Isn't Love", by New Edition
It reminds me when i was a kid and how i use to feel
Review by: luis chacon
"If This Is It", by Huey Lewis And The News
This is the typical 80s video. It has a little story to tell, Huey Lewis does a lot of lip-sync and there are funny scenes with the whole band in the beach. The song is very good, but is good seeing the video.
Review by: Juan Bermudez
"In Between Days", by The Cure
A great song with a fun video featuring visual effects like the colored socks appearing for no apparent reason.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"In The Air Tonight ", by Phil Collins
Okay,Granted,this is a rather obvious choice.And the song is freekin' Done to Death.But I just LOOOOVE the way it was shot.Starkness and Simplicity have never worked to such a degree as they did in this classic clip from 1981.I dig the way,for much of the video,how we see the closeup of Phil's face come slowly into focus,revealing a live-action simulation of the front cover photo to the "Face Value" album.And the scene where he is seen walking in and out of doors in the hallway of what looks to be an abandoned building is years ahead of its time.Even though,as was common in the day,it was shot on video tape rather than film,It still holds up some 22 years after its original airing.
Review by: Alan Elam
"In The Army Now", by Status Quo
its simply the song i grew up listening to since i was a chld....very inspiring
Review by: faisal quraishi
"In Your Eyes", by Peter Gabriel
Not only is this song beautiful, but the video is so cool!
Review by: Jennifer
"In Your Room", by The Bangles
This was a nice video. Each room reflected the personalities of those lovely ladies. Of course Susanna was the sexiest, loviest, most talented member of this quartet. The others were hot too, and still are. Long live The Bangles!
Review by: Michael
"Infatuation", by Rod Stewart
Videos based on old movies were pretty common in the 80's, but this sendup of Hitchcock's thriller "Rear Window", is particularly cool. Interspersed with clips of him dancing, Rod plays a photographer obsessed with what's going on with his across-the-way neighbors, especially a bikini-clad girl being wooed, by an unseen(and not always welcome) admirer. Near the end of the clip, Rod follows the girl to an amusement park, and while stuck on the carousel, watches as the girl rides off with her lover. Everyone probably sees that the girl looks a little like Rachel Hunter, who Rod didn't meet & marry until the 90's, but not all notice that the 'secret admirer' revealed at the end is Rod with his hair slicked down!
Review by: C.T. Warren
"Invincible", by Pat Benatar
This video rocked! I love how, in the beginning, Pat and the band come walking through the tunnel with the light streaming in behind them, i always thought that looked so cool. Not to mention Pat's look: those earrings, that makeup, that totally awesome jacket! I love this video so much.
Review by: Nick
"Invincible", by Pat Benatar
This music video is off the heezy-bajizi with Pat's new hairstyle and flamming persona. A great alternative from "We Belong.."
Review by: James
"Is There Something I Should Know", by Duran Duran
This video captured simon and the boys showing others, how to make a pop video. The song was catchy and the boys looked cool in those bright blue shirts and white ties. Roger, Nick and Andy were hilarious as foreign legion soldiers, singing the famous verse 'You're as bout as easy as a nucleur war' . Simon Le Bon shows others how to perform in front of the camera. Oh and the song went to number 1.
Review by: Matthew Barnard
"Is This Love", by Whitesnake
i love the 80s so much,i love evreything and evreyone about that decade,this song is so smooth and such a powerful balled.david and tawny look hot,love the 80s videos.
Review by: zara
"Is This Love", by Whitesnake
Great video!!! And Tawny at her best in it. Man I love the woman. I saw the video 100 times and I can't get enough. And great song also.
Review by: Mat
"Is This Love", by WhiteSnake
I saw for first time the cola less or lady trousers
Review by: Dante Palma
"It's A Beautiful World We Live In", by Devo
I thought it was a unique song and video.
Review by: Del
"It's My Life", by Talk Talk
I have no idea what attracted me to this video, which appears to be stock nature clips of animals mixed with scenes of TT front man Mark Hollis in a zoo. Hollis isn't particularly appealing in the video, and then there's the irritating doodles that appear (one appears to be racing with a running animal, one draws lines across Hollis's mouth, etc.) Lucid? Heck no. But memorable? Yep. And a great song from an outstanding, underappreciated band.
Review by: James David Reyome
"It's My Life", by Talk Talk
I loved the images of animals running in slow motion. The music was very different. It is one of the videos from the 80's that I remember vividly because of the animal scenes; particulary ostridges running in slow motion through water. I also loved the "It's my Life!" part.
Review by: Jayne
"It's Not Love", by Dokken
This video featured Dokken performing on a truck riding around Los Angeles. It reminds me of that U2 "Where The Streets Have No Name" video, but looked staged. Though still a great song & a fun video.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"It's Raining Again", by Supertramp
The part in the end where they all had black umbrellas and one was red was really cool!
Review by: Anita Coats
"It's Tricky", by Run DMC
A classic Run DMC clip that featured Penn & Teller as two swindling street performers. The funniest part is when Run DMC went to Japan and found out that Penn & Teller stole their gig. They don't make hip hop videos like this anymore.
Review by: Music Video Nut

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