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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go", by Wham
It's the greatest! You can watch it over and over and over again and it won't get annoying or old!! It's so upbeat it makes you just want to dance and be happy with them! I love it
Review by: Kelly
"Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (aka "Jitterbug")", by Wham
because it's the greatest thing
Review by: kellie laughlin
"The Walk", by the Eurythmics
This is one ballsy video and song. One of the obscure singles off of "Sweet Dreams", this is the highlight of their early video days. Annie dresses in drag as an executive buying up a prostitue (annie, again) and dave is her assistant. This reportedly forced annie to get called up by MTV to confirm her femininity. Still enjoyable because she thumbs her nose at the whole concept of beautiful women, and gives the video an ironic ending. A perfect take on genderbending!
Review by: Adam Schmidt
"Walk Like An Egyptian", by The Bangles
I have always loved the Bangles, and thought that this was a cool video. I especially loved how they have all those people doing the "Egyptian" dance at the end of the video.
Review by: Nick
"Walk The Dinosaur", by Was (Not Was)
It is one of the coolest videos of the 80s
Review by: Aaron Strong
"Walk This Way", by Aerosmith & Run DMC
first off Aerosmith is my favorite band in existence. think about it, this was really the first video that mixed rap and rock (2 very different goneras at the time) and it was the only video that did it for quite some time. i just love how the video starts out with the two groups in rooms right next to one another. Then run dmc starts before aerosmith and Steven Tyler gets mad and breaks through the wall....awesome.
Review by: Tom
"Walking Away", by Information Society
Cheesy, but in a good way.
Review by: BigPete
"Want You For My Girlfriend", by 4 By Four
I thought it was very cute. The lead singer, Steve Gray, had a crush on this beautiful girl. I think she was a model/actress named Kirstie or Krista. The group was performing at high school. Their outfits had 4 on them. I thought the guys were awesome, but they will be missed.
Review by: Mia Dowdy
"Wanted Dead Or Alive", by Bon Jovi
It is one of the best because it shows their frustration backstage and how they hold it all together on stage. the greatest metal band of the 80s.
Review by: Joseph A. Boomhower
"Wanted Dead or Alive", by Bon Jovi
I like this video clip because Jon Bon Jovi looks really hot in it and his hair is so stylish
Review by: Danial Raphael
"Wasted Years", by Iron Maiden
This video is extremely creative, with it's real filming, showing of other videos, showing of singles and albums and even band pictures, it's real great! I don't think anyone else could make a video like it and get away with it rockin'!
Review by: Madonna Dickinson
"The Way You Make Me Feel", by Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson at the beginning is singing to this girl, the goes "Oooh!" Then him and his buddies are after these girls, vying for their affections. The whoel video is Jackson singing for this girl, with him and his friends following the group.
Review by: Allison
"The Way You Make Me Feel", by Michael Jackson
A lot of great dancing and great music. What more could one want?
Review by: Marc
"The Way You Make Me Feel", by Michael Jackson
A lot of great dancing and great music. What more could one want?
Review by: Marc
"We Are The World", by USA For Africa
Because we got to see so many stars all together working for one purpose, not to make money for themselves but for poor people. :O)
Review by: Vada
"We Are The World", by Michael Jackson, Lionel Ritchie & Friends
It's very rare that we see & hear so many ultra-talented artists of different music genres, come together & sing, especially for a great cause like 'USA for Africa'!
Review by: Dianne Roberts
"We Built This City", by Starship
Every time that I see this video, it just SCREAMS 80s to me. It's just so funny how Mickey and Grace are portrayed as these spokespeople for all the teens of the United States. I love the cheesiness of it, such as when Mickey is singing to the Lincoln statue in the Lincoln memorial and Lincoln himself suddenly stands up and sings "We built this city on rock and roooolll...". How hilarious is that?! One part of the video that's especially hilarious is when the crowd is running from the falling dice! That is just sooooo funny! Anyways, awesome video.
Review by: Nick
"We Close Our Eyes", by Go West
Awesome animation!
Review by: Rick
"We Close Our Eyes", by Go West
...in which Richard Drummie bounces numbers off his guitar, Peter Cox (in a dirty wifebeater) dances with a large wrench, and wooden golliwogs dance in stormtrooper fashion. It's just so...eighties, y'know?
Review by: alf
"We Could Be Together", by Debbie Gibson
A fun video that featured Debbie Gibson and a bunch of people having fun. It also featured her band & actual family members.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"We Didn't Start The Fire", by Billy Joel
It goes through the years (50s to '89). A fire slowly sets in during the video, as the years go by. By the end, its a full-blown coflagaration. Then, it goes backwards. Best parts of the song: "Psycho" knife weilding and "JFK--Blown away, what else do I have to say?"
Review by: Allison
"We Got The Beat", by Go'go's
First album I ever bought. It was fun and catchy tune that never failed to put me a great mood. I listened to the song over and over till I wore the record out.
Review by: lynne Martin
"We're Not Gonna Take It", by Twisted Sister
because its totally 80s and bring a lot of good memories
Review by: roberto vega
"We're Not Gonna Take It", by Twisted Sister
This is a good video. A teenage Twisted Sister Fan is playing along with their song I Wanna Rock when the boys dad comes in and yells and tells him to clean up the mess that the dad made. The dad asks " WHAT DO YOU WANNA DO WITH YOUR LIFE?!" The teen boy responds " I WANNA ROCK" plays a chord on his guitar and sends the dad smashing throught the window. The teen then becomes lead singer Dee Snider and transforms the other kids in the house into members of Twisted Sister and tortures the dad...at the end the dad is laying on the ground and the mom (who kinda looks like michael jackson lol ) is just staring at him.
Review by: Nathan
"Welcome To The Jungle", by Guns N' Roses
I LOVE this video because it shows how wild Axl and all the guys can be and everything. And plus all the ORIGINAL GN'R guys look HOT in this video!!! (Dude, Axl, why'd you let 'em go?)
Review by: Sheila
"Welcome To The Jungle", by Guns 'N' Roses
The most fun I've had watching an 80's clip! Axl and the gang are so full of energy (and quite the lookers too)! 10/10!! I like the beginning, how axl gets off the bus and looks at the TV's. (If you look closely, Slash is lying under the TV's with his trusty bottle of booze... hehe).
Review by: Kaz
"Welcome To The Jungle", by Guns 'n' Roses
This Video Kicks And Rocks,they Rocked,axl Rose Is Good-looking With A Bad Boy Image,slash Hair May Be Poofy But Great Guiterist Man! Women Are In This Vid,perfect 80's Heavy-metal Vid.
Review by: ZARA
"West End Girls", by Pet Shop Boys
mtv played this video all the time,but this video was brilliant,it shows great views of london,and specail effects,and their first no.1,it's absoloutely 80's.a catchy tune and synth-pop new wave sound,great lyrics.
Review by: lisa baines
"West End Girls", by Pet Shop Boys
because i believe it is the best
Review by: anthonia Josephat
"What About Me", by Moving Pictures
Great Song And Video This Group Only Hit From Australia
Review by: Roberto Alatorre
"What He Dont Know", by Heart
this is an answer to a post already posted on the front page...the 4th song down the post is as follows: "" by I am trying to remember the video of an 80s girl band in which the lead singer has a one-night stand with a guy and sees him like a year later and he "looks into his own eyes" at her baby. Please help me its driving me crazy--I'm thinking it must have been 1989-90 Review by: Sue
Review by: GnT
"What I Like About You", by The Romantics
Are you kidding? What I Like Is the greatest song of the 80s and the guys rock out in their black leather with incrtedible energy. Great song, great video. I don't know why it wasn't aired more.
Review by: Gary
"What Is Love?", by Howard Jones
fantastic video. The way that everything howard does, happens to others was faantastic. All howard jones videos were wonderful
Review by: marc perreault
"What You Don't Know", by Expose
I like the video and the group. If you don't know the concept about it, let me briefly tell you. The video opens up at a nearby studio, where Expose's band starts to practice. Meanwhile, the ladies, Jeanette, Ann and Gioia were at Jeanette's house with their guys, getting ready to watch a baseball game on TV. When Jeanette looks at the clock, it reads 3:04 PM or something, and the females sneak out to get to the studio, leaving the guys alone. After they changed clothes and sang and danced, the girls returned to their guys. However Ann nearly blew their cover by not taking off her earring when they changed back to the normal ladies. While the other ladies were embarresed, Ann winked and smiled at the viewer(s), ending the funny video. One of three brilliant Expose' videos.
Review by: Michael
"What You Need", by INXS
Another great INXS video. "What You Need" features great animation and imagery that goes into the song.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"What's He Got?", by The Producers
I was a HUGE fan of these guys when I was in college back in the early 80s. This one, along with "She Sheila" and "What She Does To Me" were college radio staples back then. Any list of obscure 80s music MUST include these songs.
Review by: Dave Verbanac
"What's Love Got To Do With It", by Tina Turner
Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It" has probably got to be one of the best 80s pop songs. The video displayed Tina in her prime and who could forget those legs! This song definitely reintroduced her back into the music industry which made her the biggest comeback in the 80s. Also this song went to #1 and won a Grammy for Record of the Year! She is SIMPLY THE BEST!
Review by: Gabriel Albert
"When A Lady Smiles", by Golden Earring
This video came hot on the heels of "When the Bullet Hits The Bone". It did not have the same visual effects but was full of the dark imagery of a person going insane. Very underrated.
Review by: Larry Rodriguez
"When Doves Cry", by Prince And The Revolution
I think the idea of the video is AWESOME!!!
Review by: Kim
"When Doves Cry", by Prince
A visually stunning video. At the end they make it look as if Prince is dancing around with a wider behind than normal. It's by far one of my favourite Prince tunes and the song is catchy.
Review by: Celeste Keenan
"When I Looked At Him", by Expose'
I heard the song for the first time when i was 7 years old.And when i heard it it gave me a warm feeling inside.And i searched for that song for 14 years and now that i'm 20 years old i finally found it.But now i want to see the video again but i couldn't find it anywhere.Could you help me?Write back please if you now something?
Review by: melly
"When It's Love", by Van Halen
It's just amazing...the song is great talk about the mos important thing in life...Love.
Review by: Jonathan Quiroga
"When The Children Cry", by White Lion
Today there is a sociological influence that stigmatizes anything is not in our own best intrest. This video should remind all nations that there is more to life than selfish desires. there is much to learn from countries labled as low-tech. This song highlights the compassion of the 80s. I rate this video three thumbs up.
Review by: Eric
"When The Going Gets Tough", by Billy Ocean
Song from a movie... video features Danny Devito playing a sax almost as big as he is.
Review by: Lee
"When The Heart Rules The Mind", by GTR
I remember hearing the intro and watching the band standing on a guitar-shaped stage. It only figures that Steve Howe(YES) and Steve Hackett(GENESIS) were among the best guitar players from the 70's!
Review by: Dennis
"When The Lady Smiles", by Golden Earring
A Dutch, and therefor maybe a bit unknown band, but along with "Vienna" by Ultravox this video was one of the first clips that told a story instead of just showing the singers -um- singing. And what a smiling lady....
Review by: Pinok
"When We Kiss", by Bardeux
I have always thought this was one of the classic 80's dance groups. The dark haired lead singer, Jazz, was particularly sexy and sultry and her voice was excellent. She had an electric stage presence.
Review by: Charlie Aaron
"When We Was Fab", by George Harrison
First, I love the Beatles. Any solo albums from John, Paul, George and Ringo are tops in my book. That said, this video was very captivating for its unique use of special effects and imagery. George Harrison released this song on his 1987 solo album "Cloud Nine." Rounding out my "TOP 3" favorite '80's videos are: #2. "Once In a Lifetime" (The Talking Heads) and #3. "Land of Confusion" (Genesis). Who can forget Ronald Reagan as a Krofft puppet? It's truely an '80's video classic.
Review by: John C. Harrison
"When You Walk In The Room ", by Paul Carrack
This is the most unbelievably funniest video I have ever seen in my life. The song is not meant to be funny but the producer of the has basically taken the p*ss out of the song. An absolute classic - I miss not having seen this video! **If anyone knows where I can buy the video to this song I will give my leftie to you!!***
Review by: Adu
"When the Night Comes", by Joe Cocker
It's a cool video. I did not expect Joe to look scraggly like he did.
Review by: BigPete
"Where The Streets Have No Name", by U2
This was U2's coolest video ever. As a tribute to the Beatles's concert on the roof of their record company, U2 leaks it to a radio station that they're playing live on a liquor store rooftop in downtown LA. Even after the city's most heavily armed thugs (a.k.a. the LAPD, pre-Rodney King) show up to end the shoot, U2 does the most rock n'roll thing possible: They keep right on playing!
Review by: C.T. Warren
"Where's My Life?", by Format Project
Steriod popping zombies jumping around singing and twirling batons. Only in the 80s.
Review by: Loushard
"Whip it", by Devo
5 bandmembers of identical height and shoesize wearing skintight black teeshirts, shorts and red flowerpot hats, whipping a restrained girl's clothes off while a cream-whipping housewife looks on. Need I say more?
Review by: Russell
"White Wedding", by Billy Idol
This was one of the first videos on MTV to get a lot of airplay.There were days that they would plays 6 to seven times. I can remember just dropping whatever I was doing to watch it. It's a very dark video that butchers Victorian principles of "Be a virgin till your'e married" shtick. A very grim reminder that we are all capable of falling victim to our most base wants and needs and must suffer the consequences in the end. One noteworthy thing about this video is that when Martha Quinn would put it on, she was always wearing those dorky helicopter earrings! Yay Martha!!!
Review by: el rayBONES
"Who Could It Be Now?", by Men At Work
It is sooo reflective of the paranoia and isolation you sometimes see in society. Not exactly a light subject, but the video was humorous. Your website is great. I sorely miss the days when MTV actually played music videos the majority of the time. Even VH1 has gotten bad. I will always remember The 80s as the best years of my life.
Review by: James
"Who Made Who", by AC/DC
I loved this video because it is the theme song from my favorite movie, MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE and I am a huge AC/DC fan. Ever since I first saw MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE in 1997, there was something about that song that sounded awesome. But the video, WOW! Having Angus Young clones was such a cool idea on the bands part. Those weird robots were cool and erie looking. AC/DC sounded awesome and you could hear all the instruments very clearly, especilly Simon Wright. AC/DC has been my favorite band since 1997, and I DEFINETLY INTEND TO KEEP IT THAT WAY!
Review by: Paul Farvour
"Why Can't I Be You?", by The Cure
what's better than seeing The Cure dressed up like they're trick-or-treating and line dancing?! and was that a gorilla suit Robert Smith was wearing? i laugh every time i see the video; it's my favorite one of their's. The Cure just don't get enough recognition.
Review by: brit
"Why Me", by Planet P
Back in the early 90's, when I came to the realization that MTV wasn't worth a c*** anymore, this was the first video that I started searching for because out of all the eighties videos, this one left the biggest impression in my memory. I actually found a copy of it along the way but a friend of mine told me you can catch it on VH1 classic every now and then. It was a great song, and a really cool video especially with the floating astronaut exploding at the end. It got heavy play on MTV, back when they actually played music video's, and were determined to promote new music such as Planet P. Tony Carey was the mastermind behind the "Planet P Project" and he also did a follow up album called "Pink World". His solo videos were pretty good also, especially "Fine Fine Day".
Review by: Tommy
"Why Me", by Planet P
It's been years since I've seen it. I just remember the space-suit helmet exploding and the blonde lady driving the car, looking in the back seat. Each time she looked there would be something different; a couple of kids, skeleton, the guy in the space suit, and at the end of the video smoke rolled out of the back seat of the car when the space man disappeared. Anyone remember that one?
Review by: Dorian Blues
"Why Me?", by Planet P Project
This was one of the best of the early MTV videos. The first time I saw it, I was not impressed, but the song simply grew on me. Tony Carey had a great voice, and the guitar parts were great! This band was similar to Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons project. I recently ordered the album "Planet P Project" and the reviews are correct...the album is really good.
Review by: Jimmy
"Why Me?", by Planet P
Of all the videos I saw throughout the 80s, this one has really stuck in my memory. The song was great and the video left imagery that haunts me to this day.
Review by: michale
"Wicked Game", by Chris Issac
It was either late 80's or early 90's, but their is something about that black & white video where chris & that model are making out on the beach that I always loved!
Review by: Shell
"Wild Boys", by Duran Duran
the 80's were a glorious decade,also the sexist,had the sexcist artists like duran duran,this video was wieard,but that what made them populer it's itellegent,creative,colourful,the 90's couldn't manage videos like that,the 80's rocked.
Review by: LISA
"Wild Boys", by Duran Duran
I love this video!!! It is kinda creepy but so awesome! Simon Lebon is so sexy when he is on the windmill!!! It was the most expensive video when it first came out!
Review by: Lindsey Weitzen
"Wild Boys", by Duran Duran
I think DD used to be a sexyest band on Earth! (Of course, they still are ;)) And I love that video! Hey, do you remember that "monster" in the water. The one who had a "rough" battle with Simon? That was EXTREMELY funny!
Review by: Potsataja
"Wild Side", by Motley Crue
Shows Motley at its best...and I love it when Nikki Sixx smiles at the camera ;) so cute!
Review by: Brook
"Wild, Wild Life", by Talking Heads
It's actually from the movie "True Stories"...and it's a funny music video. All these people are lip synching to it, and David Byrne cracks me up. It'so funny...anything David Byrne cracks me up.
Review by: Krissy
"Winds Of Change", by Scorpions
Still Loving You was a damn good ballad and when Scorpions came out with Winds Of Change they out did theirselves. If i remember right it was a live concert version and it was awesome (acckk a 80s word) I am getting too old :)
Review by: Tina Marie
"Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)", by A Flock Of Seagulls
I saw this video on VH1 Classic a while back and I thought it was pretty high tech looking for 1983 with themes of space, computers, and the future, plus the song itself is has a great melody. The original version was about five minutes long but they also recorded an extended version which was almost ten minutes long. A Flock Of Seagulls don't get much credibility because of the strange hairstyle lead singer Mike Score had, anyway great band one of the more overlooked bands of the new wave genre.
Review by: Brian
"With Every Beat Of My Heart", by Taylor Dayne
Taylor Dayne looked hot in the video. Sort of like an older/mature version of Debbie Gibson with big hair, a leather jacket, and tight pants. I recently found her video collection at a thrift shop and loved most of the videos, including this one. It featured Taylor dancing in an apartment wearing a sexy dress and another scene with a tank top & tight fitting pants. Music videos aren't the way they used to be.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"With Or Without You", by U2
The song is haunting and reminds me of the summer of 1987 - a very important year in my life.
Review by: Freddy Koikaran
"With or Without You", by U2
This is a timeless U2 video with Bono at his best. It shows U2 in concert and shows the mystery and romance behind the song.
Review by: Patrick Phelan
"Words", by Missing Persons
I loved this whole video especially Dale Bozzio's barely there outfits. She looked like another space aged Barbarella.
Review by: maureen
"World Of Fantasy", by Triumph
Actually, I love all of Triumph's late 70s/early 80s videos, but this song is cool and the video had cheesy 80s "special" effects. The band flying on top of the triangular platform is 80s cheese at it's BEST! Damn, I miss the 80s!!
Review by: Brian Deuel
"Would I Lie To You?", by Eurythmics
It starts off with Dave complaining about Annie being late for the shows they're supposed to be doing. Anyway, it then cuts to Annie's so-called boyfriend dropping her off backstage on his motorbike. Annie gets to show off her very good acting skills in this video.
Review by: Heather-Lily
"Wouldn't It Be Good", by Nik Kershaw
twilight zone revisited
Review by: stuart grove
"Wouldn't It Be Good", by Nik Kershaw
I was 10 when I saw it for my 1st time. In recent years I found out that the weird suit Nik Kershaw was wearing was the one of Marlon Brando on the Superman Movie. The video was produced by the MTV
Review by: Fer
"Wrapped Around Your Finger", by The Police
I like it because it was a video from the Police was played a lot on MTV back in its early days. The Police was probably the most popular MTV band in those days and this was probably their most popular video at the time. Even though it is a bunch of candles and the lead singer dressed in white and perhaps not that technically amazing, one should not forget its popularity with viewers back in those days. Or anything else from the Police. They were popular.
Review by: Brian

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