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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Easy Lover", by Philip Bailey & Phil Collins
I like how Philip Bailey travels in a helicopter to get to London so he can meet Phil Collins to sing the song.
Review by: Cody Finke
"Computer Games", by Yellow Magic Orchestra
I want to buy the video!
Review by: Eddie
"It's Raining Again", by Supertramp
The part in the end where they all had black umbrellas and one was red was really cool!
Review by: Anita Coats
"Everybody Have Fun Tonight", by Wang Chung
The song is great, but this video was just cheesy! The movements and the illusions are totally strange!
Review by: Swaroop Madduri
"What's He Got?", by The Producers
I was a HUGE fan of these guys when I was in college back in the early 80s. This one, along with "She Sheila" and "What She Does To Me" were college radio staples back then. Any list of obscure 80s music MUST include these songs.
Review by: Dave Verbanac
"These Dreams", by Heart
Ann had the prettiest voice, and colorful video.
Review by: Olivia Smith
"Your Love", by The Outfield
Very simplistic, one band surrounded by paintings.
Review by: Olivia Smith
"I Believe", by Tears For Fears
A fitting tribute to ex-Soft Machine drummer Robert Wyatt who fell out of hotel room window after he went on a drinking binge.

The liner notes of the Songs From The Big Chair album say "To Robert Wyatt if he's listening."
Review by: Celeste
"Mary's Prayer", by Danny Wilson
Really Lovely Song!
Review by: Fabio
"Mad World", by Tears For Fears
I loved watching this video when I was a kid even though I didn't quite understand the song. There was something about Roland Orzabal's free style dancing in the middle of this video that made me happy to see it.
Review by: Celeste
"Out Of The Darkness", by Little Steven And The Disiples Of soul
Little Steven and his song "Out Of The Darkness", means a lot for me. In a period of my life after i was separated from me sons mom, i was addicted to drugs and thinking a lot at suicide. But when i not could see any light in the end of the tunnel, i listing at his song time after time. So at many ways i feel this song have help through the hardest period of my life. If any that read this and that have or know others that have the video of this song, i had be very grateful if someone could send it to me. My msn adress is: deja_vu_de_la_angel@msn.com and my yahoo adress is: haraldjohansen@yahoo.no . Anyway,Thanks to Little Steven.
Review by: Harald Johansen
"Allentown", by Billy Joel
A very heartfelt song that depicts the demise of the steel industries (and their respective towns) particularly in Pennsylvania. Joel is seen playing a guitar and singing amongst the remains of an abandoned town with inter-cuts of simulated mining scenes and other events that took place. One cannot watch the video and feel some of the pain that the people in these places had to endure. This is one of Joel's best.
Review by: GeneratorX
"Shout", by Tears For Fears
This song was the first one that I heard on AC radio when I was growing up in Toronto. Roland and Curt both have such magnificent voices and I had such a crush on Roland that it wasn't even funny.
Review by: Celeste
"Shout", by Tears For Fears
It's just a visually stunning music video. Someone told me that part of the video was filmed in the Isle of Wight. Roland and Curt chose the perfect background to film their music video.
Review by: Celeste
"Mad About You", by Belinda Carlisle
I like her dancing and singing her song at the beach.
Review by: Cody Finke
"Show Must Go On", by Queen
A heart wrenching reminiscence of past videos and performances of queen -featuring Freddie Mercury. This video is done in memorial style -posthumously honoring Mercury. The powerful song and sentimental lyrics serve as a memorable if not tearful reminder of what could have been.
Review by: GeneratorX
"I'll Be Over You", by Toto
A very sentimental love song sets the tone for a video featuring the band and Michael McDonald on a building rooftop. By the song's end the beautiful sunset is replaced by a downpour of rain that has the band running for cover -including the late Jeff Porcaro using his high hat as an umbrella.
Review by: GeneratorX
"Wild Side", by Motley Crue
Shows Motley at its best...and I love it when Nikki Sixx smiles at the camera ;) so cute!
Review by: Brook
"Straight up", by Paula Abdul
Excited for this song
Review by: Jessica
"Every Breath You Take", by The Police
Great song. But the one thing I don't like is that at the beginning and the end there is an ash try, first with one cigarette and at the end, about a dozen. Why would they put something so negative into a music video for such a great song? And by the way, it's not because "Sting smokes" because he defiantly doesn't.
Review by: Mike

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