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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Genius Of Love", by Tom Tom Club
Well i remember this video when i was young. It was probably the first animated video that i`ve ever seen. Not too many animated videos back in those days! And the song is cool too, it takes me back everytime i hear it.
Review by: jorge navarr0
"Get Off", by Prince
I love the sexual innuendos and the jealousy between "Diamond" and "Pearl." The girls are gorgeous, know how to shake it, and the video just kicks a**...entertainment from every angle.
Review by: Ashley M.
"Get Out Of My Dreams Get Into My Car", by Billy Ocean
Because it's so 80s! All the dancing cartoon people are groovy man
Review by: Timothy Westwood
"Ghost Town", by The Specials
Fun video to a more serious song.Unique sound from the guys who pioneered ska.Good stuff!
Review by: MJS
"Ghostbusters", by Ray Parker, Jr.
Love the movie, love the video. Unlike today's videos-from-a-movie, this one actually made me want to go see the film! 1984 was the best year of the 80s!
Review by: Chuck Warren
"Ghostbusters", by Ray Parker Jr.
So much neon, so Cheesy, and great movie.
Review by: Ryan Takatsuka
"Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland", by B-52's
This video is mesmerizing. Cool special effects and great to watch. You can't keep your eyes off it. One of the lesser known songs of the B-52's, but the song (and the video), in my opinion, is a great example of those old 80's sounds and effects. Recommend the video and the song very highly.
Review by: Myra
"Girl U Want", by Devo
One of Devo's funniest videos that takes on a typical teen idol performance with screaming teenyboppers. Plus, two back-up dancers moving like robots and a boy spilling a milk shake on an exercising machine.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"A Girl With A Problem", by The Northern Pikes
Probably one of my favourite videos of all time. It's too bad they broke up. :(
Review by: Celeste Keenan
"Girlfriend", by Pebbles
I live the 80's hair, style, and my music, and Pebbles. She has a pretty voice, and her style is so lady-like. I love her. I wish she would return back to the music industry, but it has to be christian related since Pebbles is a minister now. I love you (Pebbles)Perri!!!
Review by: Feliciano Roman
"Girls Girls Girls", by Motley Crue
No one rocked as hard as the Crue. And judging by this video and their biography "The Dirt" no one got as many girls as these guys.
Review by: The Motley Kid
"Girls Just Want To Have Fun", by Cyndi Lauper
I am the biggest Cyndi fan; this is THE best song of the 80's. Cyndi's hair and clothes are so cool, not to mention she has an awesome voice. I love the scene where Cyndi pins Captain Lou Albano (the wrestler) against the wall.
Review by: Blake Roberts
"Girls Just Want To Have Fun", by Cyndi Lauper
This is one of the best 80's video around; probably should be one of the Top 5. Cyndi and her very eye-catchy videos had introduced competition to Madonna as we all remember. You've got to admit the Girls Just Want To Have Fun video was genius and had admitingly had heavy support from MTV. I love Cyndi's dancing, clothes and icon hairstyle. Owwwww!Guuuuuurllllls!
Review by: Chelc
"Girls Just Want To Have Fun", by Cyndi Lauper
I love this video because it's very funny . And this video shows how girls are ignored. This video it's geat, you should watch it. A fact about this video is that it won a vma in 1984, for best female video.
Review by: Daniel Ortiz
"Girls Just Want To Have Fun", by Cyndi Lauper
Even though the dad's character in the video is a little creepy, the song is one that a lot of girls can relate to. Very catchy!
Review by: caroline smith
"Girls On Film", by Duran, Duran
Heck, I just loved to hear the song and see the girls getting their pictures taken! Also a great song!
Review by: Mani
"Girls on Film", by Duran Duran
The undisputed kings of early MTV, and not half bad looking to boot. Lights, Camera ....Models! Mud wrestling! Champagne poured over naked breasts! Models in Sumo gear! Or how about see through plastic bikini bottoms! Shaving cream and barbers poles (with half naked models writhing all over!), naughty nurses! Implied lesbian themes! My god this one just has it all, every cheesy male fantasy rolled into one, what's not to love! They were the masters.
Review by: Tina
"Give To Live", by Sammy Hagar
This video is the greatest, in message of peace, and the imagery is breathtaking. Sammy is climbing a mountain, singing at the top, and climbing the rose bowl to the top. The song is so prophetic, applying to 2004 USA, for describing the timeless value of getting along. Another visual is Sammy singing in a large, darkened room with three seperate backgrounds showing space, shooting stars... Very cool.
Review by: joe schmo
"Glamour Boys", by Living Colour
The plastic concept of this video is really cool. Guys that have Ken's (Barbie's boyfriend) head. They even which head theyl ewear on the morning.
Review by: Emilio Barriga
"Glittering Prize", by Simple Minds
the 80's rockers,it's a fantasising video,the just see this gold coverd with gold,brilliant video
Review by: zara
"Gloria", by U2
After seeing this video and "I will follow" I became an instant fan. I was 15 when we got MTV and cable and one of the first videos on was 'Gloria". The band was outdoors on a barge and the camera closes in on them while they are playing. The crowd of locals are around them lie a religious revival meeting. I was hooked. Anyone know where that was filmed? Great song and video.
Review by: Paul Edgar
"Glory Of Love", by Peter Cetera
I love the song and I love Peter Cetera's music. In this music video he made you feel the emotion that took place during the music video.
Review by: Daniel Nave
"Going Back To Caili", by L.L. Cool J
A classy, black & white video from 1987 featuring L.L. Cool J driving around Los Angelas. It also features hot female dancers on the side walk and on top of phone booths. The song actually fit well into the video. Including the sax in the beginning with the opening scene of a diner.
Review by: Jose Ramos
"The Gonnies R Good Enough", by Cyndi Lauper
this was sooo cool way back then (1985) its soo eighties I love it and the movie
Review by: rocco
"Goodbye Stranger", by Pepsi & Shirlie
I loved this video because because I thought they looked really gorgeous in there pink outfits.
Review by: Caroline Rose
"Goodbye To You ", by Scandal ft. Patti Smyth
Patti runs around the room in neon clothing, while occasionally stopping with a band member. Rather simplistic, but with all the neon it couldn't be more 80s.
Review by: Nick
"Goody Two Shoes", by Adam Ant
I liked the song, and Punk was in, and Adam Ant was androginously cute!
Review by: Mary Close
"Goonies 'R' Good Enough", by Cyndi Lauper
This video is outstanding!!! Two parts to this video (I've only recently seen the second part). As usual with Cyndi's early videos, colourful and full of fun. Lots of funnies, an appearance by a quite young (and always animated) Rowdy Roddy Piper and of course, a great song!
Review by: Peter
"Goonies Are Good Enough", by Cyndi Lauper
This video had a different concept to it than most and had some crazy characters, not to mention a great song. Even now, whenever I hear this song, I think of, "Free cookies with gas!" lol
Review by: Bethany
"Got My Mind Set On You", by George Harrison
This video is the epitome of cheesy, but nevertheless is too much fun. George Harrison sits in a chair singing the lyrics, with animal heads singing around him. During a instrumental part, Harrison gets up, stands on the chair, and does a backflip. LOL!! This video has been one of my favorites since 1987, and is classic, especially with the sax-playing squirrel!!!
Review by: Allison
"Got My Mind Set on You", by George Harrison
Dancing furniture and a forty-something George Harrison doing a somersault. What more can you ask for?
Review by: Raymond
"Gypsy", by Fleetwood Mac
Once in a million years, a lady like her rises... This is Stevie Nicks at her Rhiannon's best. Fleetwood had done some videos before this but none showcased their biggest, brightest star like this. Voice, drama, hair, chiffon, dreams, twirls and full tilt Stevie Mo'fo Nicks, period.
Review by: Michael
"Gypsy", by Fleetwood Mac
The first time I saw this video, I thought it was one of the most beautiful videos I'd ever seen. Between Stevie's voice, the great black and white (and sepia at first) scenes, and the fairy land where Steve does that awesome dance, it just blends together beautifully. And the song is wonderful too. You couldn't ask for more.
Review by: Nick
"Gypsy", by Fleetwood Mac
The video was certain one of the more different and classic pieces of it's time. The timepiece period of Stevie doing her Grabo dance and dress was completely stunning and beautiful. Not to mentio Stevie's most prolific voice at it's best. Truly a classic of any age.
Review by: John Michaelson

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