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I started a page on the best cheesy videos of the eighties, and trust me there are plenty, but I don't have a page to list your favorite videos (regardless of the chesse value). So feel free to send me your favorite videos, please don't send a list of more than 10 videos though.

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"Easter", by Marillion
1989 (just made it- for the 80's videos) This is a beautiful song written for Ireland. (the band is from England too). The video is actually in two parts. the 1st part is constantly showing pretty parts of Ireland, people, animals, landscapes, etc..., the 2nd part is more the band at that Giants Causway (northern tip of Ireland with the awsome rock formations (i was there!)) the song and video are great on their own- but try to see both. one of those songs that most everyone likes.
Review by: Eric
"Easy Lover", by Phil Collins & Phil Bailey
A video, of a video, of a video....if that is not enough there is Phil Baileys Pink shirt or Phill collins shaking his body trying to be funny. Oh yeah and a helicopter.
Review by: PJ
"Easy Lover", by Philip Bailey & Phil Collins
I like how Philip Bailey travels in a helicopter to get to London so he can meet Phil Collins to sing the song.
Review by: Cody Finke
"Eat It", by Weird Al Yankovic
How could you forget one of the funniest video's of all time? It is hilarious!
Review by: Stephen
"Electric Dreams", by Giorgio Moroder
Definitely one of the best works of Giorgio Moroder.
Review by: Boomerang
"Electric Youth", by Debbie Gibson
This video screams "1989"! The fashion, visual effects, and camp value. Though it's not one of her best songs, the video is still fun to watch. MTV ranked this as one of their worst videos of all time in 1999, but I consider most music videos from today's rappers & pop acts worse than "Electric Youth" since I can't stand Lolita pop acts like Linsday Lohan.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Electric Youth", by Debbie Gibson
As a child of the 80's, I've just recently seen the "Electric Youth" video, but I've been a long time fan of Deborah. This video is a great testament to a talented artist. The video if very "Debbie", in that she infuses it with a sense of intelligence(the pre-cursor to the video is Deborah explaining the EY mentality) then transitions into a very flashy, slick, dance oriented performance piece. The choreography, at that time, rivals the choreography of a certain pregnant pop princess of today. Debbie manages to be herself, in cut of denim shorts and vest, while dancing and performing in a sleek, lazer filled set that makes this video fun.
Review by: Eric
"Electric Youth", by Debbie Gibson
This was such a cool video! It was one of those from the 80's that was really "loud", or stood out. I still remember how she has that intro where she's talking about what Electic Youth means. I can actually do that dance they do in the video.
Review by: Nick
"Eminence Front", by The Who
The song is one of my all time favorites and the video was very exciting. I loved the way the band members sort of jogged out, jumped up on stage and started into the song.
Review by: Donna Pack
"Emmenence Front", by The Who
Great "In Concert" Video. From a time when I was in middle school and dreamed of being a rock star. How cool was it when they all pulled in seperatly for the sound check in their limos and then jammed on stage for the rest of the video.
Review by: Tom K
"Endicott", by Kid Creole and the Coconuts
I never saw this on MTV or any of the Casey Kasem style shows, but there was one tv show that came on in the afternoon that showed this. I never got it taped and never saw it again. I've found the song, but I can't find the video anywhere.
Review by: SpaceGhost2K
"Enjoy The Silence", by Depeche Mode
I think this is one of the best videos with Depeche Mode. It's really peaceful and Dave is dressed like a king, making the video look even better.
Review by: Lymi
"Enjoy The Silence", by Depeche Mode
I dont know why Depeche mode is so underrated in charts, they are The best band from the 80s and 90s. Enjoy the silence is the best video ever, with all the landscapes and Dave walking arround dressed like a king. I think a lot of people don't understand the meaning of this masterpiece video.
Review by: Doug Leon
"Escobar Galvan", by Radio Head Y Beastie Boys
me gustan sus bideos
Review by: luis alberto
"Especially For You", by Kylie Minogue And Jason Donovan
Ex co-stars of the popular Australian soap opera Neighbours got off-screen chemistry with this nostalgic,heart wrenching tune which topped the Uk charts in 1988
Review by: jack
"Eternal Flame", by Bangles
Susanna Hoffs is sooo cute in this video. Not overly made-up. The rest of the band members are pretty hot too. The bonfire on the beach setting fits well with this romantic theme.
Review by: Jeff K
"Eternal Flame", by Bangles
Susanna Hoffs walks along the beach singing this song. The video is so dramatic and beautiful!
Review by: Allison
"Europe", by The Final Countdown
I Simply Love This Video,the Hair,the Make-up,evreything,it's So 80's Rock Video,i Like The Countdown In The End,cool Effects,cool Stage, The Lead Singer Has A Great Voice,he Loooks Great,great Song.
Review by: lisa baines
"Every Breath You Take", by The Police
Great song. But the one thing I don't like is that at the beginning and the end there is an ash try, first with one cigarette and at the end, about a dozen. Why would they put something so negative into a music video for such a great song? And by the way, it's not because "Sting smokes" because he defiantly doesn't.
Review by: Mike
"Every Breath You Take", by The Police
I like the black and white contrast, and the tense mood of the video to a lovely but tragic song. The flash of Sting's face, it's classic! Simple, unique, classy, one of the best video ever made!
Review by: Lin
"Every Breath You Take", by The Police
This song ruled the summer of 83 and I remember catching on to it and never getting it out of my head. The video itself is nothing short of classic art with the shadows and b/w color. It was directed by Godley and Creme who were former members of 10cc. Even today when I hear this song, I listen to it to the very end. It's hypnotic, catchy and one of the true 80's classic songs.
Review by: Dc
"Every Breath You Take", by The Police
I love this music video in B&W. It concludes with an ashtray with a man putting a cigarette (Is it Camel, More, Carlton, or Marlboro?) in the ashtray.
Review by: Cody Finke
"Every Breath You Take", by The Police
Besides Roxanne, this is the definitive Police song. It was a simple video, in black and white, just focusing on the beauty of the song and its lyrics and the incredible musicality in the trio (and Sting's not too bad looking either... especially with his stand up bass!) What's better than a video that gives you such an incredible intimate feeling?!
Review by: Tanya
"Every Little Step", by Bobby Brown
It's a great song and it's got a beat you can dance too.
Review by: Patrick J. Kelley
"Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic", by The Police
The world's most happy video, featuring far too much dancing from the band. Police videos were always a bit cheap and silly, but this one really tops it; Sting and Andy Summers frantically changing hats before dancing on the studio control deck. Constant smiles all round.
Review by: John
"Every Man Has A Woman", by John Lennon
I like this video because the backdrop is a seaside town where I once used to live.
Review by: Jim Gallagher
"Every Rose Has Is Thorn", by Poison
I love this video it brings me back to my childhood.I will liisten to it probally for the rest of my life.
Review by: peggyself
"Everybody Have Fun Tonight", by Wang Chung
The song is great, but this video was just cheesy! The movements and the illusions are totally strange!
Review by: Swaroop Madduri
"Everybody Have Fun Tonight", by Wang Chung
The song was enough to get everyone up and dancing. The group flash in front of a microphone like a flipbook, and the tune is upbeat. The video is corny, but the song certainly makes up for it!
Review by: Allison
"Everybody Have Fun Tonight", by Wang Chung
With all the movements. I haven't seen it for a long time.
Review by: Mike Hack
"Everybody Wants To Rule The World", by Tears For Fears
The video fits the song in my opinion. I really liked those two dancing guys!
Review by: Tom Jenkins
"Everything She Wants", by Wham!
This is the best video I have ever seen. I've felt this way since the first time I saw it many years ago.
Review by: MICHAEL
"Everywhere", by Fleetwood Mac
I think the beginning of the song is beautiful...almost like a fairy tale. I love videos when they show a story to the song. I love the idea of the girl getting kidnapped and her hubby comes and rescues her. It's just really romantic.
Review by: Heather-Lily
"Evey Little Step", by Bobby Brown
One of my favorite Bobby Brown songs and just the fact the video is fun to watch with the popular dance moves of the time and the fashion.
Review by: Music Video Nut
"Express Yourself", by Madonna
This song, along with "Like A Prayer", are my two favorite Madonna songs and videos. On the peak of her Marylin Monroe era, this song was far too sophisticated for it's time. It's hard to believe that this song is actually from the '80s! While everyone else was dressed up in neon and acid-washed, Madonna was sporting her designer suits surrounded by visions of luxury. At this point in her life, Madonna was releasing some of her most innovative work. The video was very exuberant, flashy, entertaining and very expensive! I believe that this video broke the chain for typical low-budget '80s videos, and set the wave for videos the way we see them today. I haven't seen a lot of '80s videos, but this is one of my favorites of all time. It's a real eyepopper.
Review by: Andrew
"Express Yourself", by Madonna
One of the most expensive videos of the decade--and it shows. Madonna took inspiration from Fritz Lang's classic movie "Metropolis," and gave us a masterpiece of stylish art deco. Though some may contend that its preceding video, "Like a Prayer" is superior, I think it's pretty obvious which clip is the bigger piece of art. Here we get David Fincher's unmistakably gorgeous, dark and brooding direction, Madonna looking her absolute best, shirtless hunks working out in the rain, a little wet pussy (cat), and some bondage. What else do you need in a video?? PERFECTO!!!
Review by: Paul Voorhies
"Express Yourself", by Madonna
This was one of my favorite videos in the '80s because of the whole male slave and female lord. One of my favorite parts in the video is Madonna dancing and this is the first video that she grabs her crotch. Remember the end still, the saying? It said: Without the heart, there can be no understanding between the hand and the mind.
Review by: Bryan
"Eye Of The Tiger", by Survivor
You can jump up and move to the beat and workout you feel like Rocky himself.
Review by: Kim

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